10 Best Clawfoot Tubs (Reviews of 2020)

If you are modernizing your bathroom and looking for the best clawfoot tub, this is the perfect guide for you! We have covered all the features you need to look at and the top products as well.

There are many tub styles that you can choose from, but you can’t go wrong with clawfoot tubs. You should purchase the right tub to get all the benefits.

You will discover that a clawfoot tub can change the way your bathroom looks ultimately. It will include a classic touch to your background with a lot of functional advantages.

These tubs tend to go well in almost any type of bathroom, which makes them even more popular.

Keep reading to find the high-quality clawfoot tub that will fit perfectly in your bathroom! You will know the best models as well as what to look for in either one of them are.

Top 10 Best Clawfoot Tubs in 2020 Reviews:

1. WOODBRIDGE Slipper Clawfoot Bathtub

Highlighted Features:

  • It is made of fiberglass, high gloss acrylic, and Ashland resin.
  • The design of this tub is spacious enough to accommodate you during a relaxing bath.
  • It is resistant to stains, and you will not struggle to clean it.
  • White color that will fit any type of bathroom.
  • The feet are made of polished chrome material, sturdy, and with an attractive design.
  • It comes with all the instructions to install this tub with no hassle.
  • Five years limited warranty.

This slipper clawfoot tub is just what you need to add some class to your bathroom. It has a beautiful design, and it is made of very sturdy materials. You can count on it for bearing a weight of 1000 lbs. It is the type of clawfoot tub that will offer you space to relax and enjoy your bath time.

The shiny surface of this tub is easy to clean, and you don’t have to worry about stains. The only downside of this tub is that you don’t have other colors to choose from.

However, this beautiful tub will be perfect for any type of background. You will receive it in an individual carton box that works great for transporting tubs. So, you can be sure that it will reach your location intact and with no hassle.

Most of the customers are happy using this most comfortable clawfoot tub. As for installation, you shouldn’t have to worry about it as it comes with all the instructions. You can do it yourself without any type of professional help.


  • Very resistant and also of a high-quality
  • Comes with the parts you need to setup it
  • Shiny surface covered in acrylic
  • Dual walled strengthen design
  • Five years warranty on the bathtub
  • One year warranty on plumbing parts
  • Safe transportation in an individual carton box
  • Long lifespan as long as you maintain it properly


  • There are not more colors to choose from when you purchase this tub

2. Claw Foot 61" Cast Iron Slipper Bathtub

Highlighted Features:

  • It can hold up to 46 gallons of water, which is plenty for relaxing bath time.
  • The iron material makes this tub resistant, while the porcelain layer gives it the shine you love.
  • Porcelain finish as well since it gives you a smooth comfort.
  • The feet are a brushed Nickel material that is very resistant but also very aesthetic.
  • You get to choose between three different shades.
  • 7-inch faucet, drain and overflow separately or as part of a package.
  • Easy to wipe clean as it is stain-resistant and maintains a beautiful shade of color.
  • Vintage style

You will love this clawfoot tub, thanks to its attractive design. It matches both minimalist and elegant backgrounds.

Moreover, this tub is made of a resistant cast iron material with brushed nickel feet. It is a nice looking cast iron clawfoot tub that will enrich your bathroom as soon as you install it. And your baths will become a lot more comfortable and relaxing.

You will have to invest in the plumbing accessories to complete the installation. But you can simply find them at the same manufacturer and order them at the same time.

The installation procedure itself is not complicated at all, either. You could do it yourself if you follow the instructions that come with the product. Moreover, this tub is stylish and it will be suitable for you.

The fact that you can select between three different models makes this tub even more attractive. You will be capable of getting the perfect one for your background!

The manufacturer also offers excellent customer service. You can contact them every time you have a question about a product they sell. If you are looking for the perfect clawfoot tub, this model should get on your shortlist.


  • Covered in a porcelain layer
  • Very comfortable
  • Brushed nickel feet
  • Very simple to setup
  • Made of cast iron
  • Vintage design
  • Different designs to choose from
  • Low maintenance


  • The feet might not be as stable if the ground is not even

3. Sinkology TBT-6631CL-OF Heisenberg- Best Copper Clawfoot Bathtub

Highlighted Features:

  • This clawfoot tub has an antique design that is perfect for vintage style bathrooms.
  • It is made of a solid copper material that gives it a unique look and a lot of resistance.
  • Sinkology is one of the best brands when it comes to handmade products.
  • The clawfoot tub doesn’t come with the drain and overflow, but you can always purchase them separately.
  • As long as you use this tub indoors, you will not have to worry about it changing its color.
  • The feet of this tub are made of a bronze material so you can count on them for stability.
  • This clawfoot tub will last you a lifetime with minimum maintenance and will not need repairs.
  • It is designed to work specially with Sinkology copper bathtub

Sinkology offers you a lovely clawfoot tub. If you like antique designs and copper items, this is the tub for you. Besides the vintage line of this tub, you will fall in love with the bronze feet too. They look truly impressive, and they almost take you back in time.

You will need to purchase the plumbing accessories, such as the drain and overflow, to install this tub. But you can simply look for them among the products of the same brand.

You can find them as a package, so you purchase them quickly. Once you have all you need, installation should not be a problem. Customer service is also available if you have any other questions or extra concerns regarding this product.

Maintenance is not a problem with this copper tub. Simply wipe it clean with water and soap. It will not turn green or change color in any way over time.

You should use it only indoors to maintain its features intact as it is not a perfect idea to expose it to direct sunlight. This tub should last you a lifetime with no concern. So, it is a well-made investment for sure! It is the best copper clawfoot tub you can consider to get.


  • Bronze feet
  • Impressive antique design
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Brushed nickel overflow and drain let the tub's shape take center stage
  • Will not change color
  • Durable drain hose and assembly included in package
  • Handmade clawfoot tub


  • You have to purchase plumbing supplies separately

4. 59" Hotel Collection Single Slipper Clawfoot Bath Tub

Highlighted Features:

  • Single clawfoot tub size, perfect for a medium size person.
  • The design is a slipper clawfoot tub that accommodates all your needs.
  • Classic white color, ideal for all types of bathrooms, but there are no other shades to choose from.
  • It is a clawfoot tub with shower, so you use it in more ways to increases its functionality to save money.
  • Inside the package, you find the faucet kit and all the plumbing accessories you need.
  • The dimensions are perfect and it will be fit for your bathroom.
  • The feet are made of resistant cast iron, and you can rely on them for a long time and rely on their stability.
  • Empty, this tub weights 133 lbs. And you can install it in any type of bathroom with no hassle.

This Hotel Collection clawfoot tub is ideal for any minimalist bathroom. You will simply love the plain design that also has an elegant line to it.

The white shade is perfect for any type of background, as well. It respects the vintage style while still being compatible with other designs.

There are many clawfoot tub sizes, but this one is ideal for one person. If you want to combine a luxury item with any type of bathroom, this is the tub for you. All your friends and family members will be impressed by your taste.

A significant aspect of this bathtub is that it comes with a shower and everything you need to install it right away. You will not have to purchase the faucet or other accessories separately. And all the instructions you need to install this tub are right in the package. 

It is comfortable and follows the anatomy of the human body. So you don’t have to be anxious about comfort at all! You will love to take long baths every time.

The tub keeps the temperature of the hot water longer than other tubs. Thanks to this thermal feature, you can enjoy more extended baths and relax better.


  • Perfect for all types of bathrooms
  • Made of resistant materials
  • Cast iron feet
  • Faucet and other plumbing accessories come with the tub
  • Easy to install without professional help
  • It comes with a shower
  • Universal white shade
  • Keeps water warmer for a longer time


  • You can’t choose between different designs

5. 61" Cast Iron Slipper Bathtub with Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • This clawfoot tub has a slipper design with a dimension of 30" x 61" and 14’’ overflow.
  • It has a pure white shade that will accommodate your bathroom design nicely.
  • You will have to purchase the 7’’ spread faucet separately, or you can get it with this tub as a package.
  • Besides the faucet, you will also need to buy other plumbing supplies such as the overflow, drain, and others.
  • The interior of this clawfoot tub is covered in porcelain so that it will be shiny and resistant.
  • Cleaning this tub will not be a problem either as it is resistant to stains.
  • This product weighs 300 pounds and it is not too heavy.
  • This tub has a cast-iron structure, so it will last you a long time if you maintain it correctly.

The last but not the least clawfoot tub that you will love to have in your bathroom is this Chariton model. It has an antique design and a beautiful, shiny surface.

You can count on its cast-iron structure with no concern for years to come. According to the customer reviews, this tub is nice looking and long lasting.

As far as the installation goes, keep in mind that you will have to purchase plumbing supplies for it. You can find this tub as part of a package with faucet, drain, and overflow if this is easier. Either way, finding the accessories you need to complete the installation is not complicated.

Maintenance is not a problem with this clawfoot tub either. You can simply wipe it with a cloth or use water and soap. It will not be at risk for stains thanks to the porcelain surface. And if you maintain it clean, it will look like new for a long time.


  • Beautiful white color
  • Covered in a layer of porcelain
  • Cast iron structure
  • Easy to clean
  • Long lifespan
  • Antique design
  • Stable feet
  • Plumbing accessories are easy to find


  • You will have to purchase the faucet, overflow, drain, and other plumbing supplies separately

6. Baths of Distinction All-Inclusive Package 59" Clawfoot Bathtub

Highlighted Features:

  • It comes in a beautiful white color that will match any type of bathroom.
  • This clawfoot tub is a 59" one in size, generous enough to help you relax during your baths.
  • Along with the tub, you get a faucet made of solid brass, shower, drain as well as the overflow and the plumbing supplies you need.
  • It is easy to install this clawfoot tub as it comes with all the instructions.
  • It has an aluminum barrier for the heat that is built in the structure of the tub.
  • The clawfoot tub also has a double layer of acrylic to make it comfortable and shiny.
  • You can wipe this tub clean every time you need to do that by only using water and soap.
  • The ball is made of resistant cast iron, and the feet are made of a durable chrome material that you can count on for a long time.

You will find this clawfoot bathtub from Baths of Distinction very cozy and easy to use.

It has a classic look to it but also a line that will help you feel comfortable at all times. Don’t be surprised if you will like long baths with this tub. It can hold the heat longer than other baths, and it is easy to install.

Inside the package, you'll find all the accessories you need to set this clawfoot tub yourself. You don’t need to invest in any other products, and the instructions are visible.

This clawfoot tub has a very modern look to it, which means you will never get tired of the old design, and it will always remain in style.

The acrylic layer that covers this clawfoot bathtub will give it an elegant look and make it more efficient as well. You can clean it by simply use a wet cloth, and there is no need to worry about stains.

The material is durable and stain-resistant. The feet are a chrome material that adds to the sleek design of the entire tub.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes with faucet, shower, drain and other accessories
  • Beautiful white color
  • Acrylic layer on top of the tub
  • Chromed feet
  • Easy to clean
  • Shiny surface
  • Detailed instructions included


  • You might need some extra tools to finish the installation properly

7. Luxury 60-inch Clawfoot Tub

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes all the accessories that any right clawfoot tub must have
  • Perfectly fits and blends in all bathrooms
  • Comes with all accessories, so you won't have to make an extra effort
  • A delicate blend of both function and design
  • Has an excellent finish that makes it look high quality 
  • Perfect for long and hot showers 
  • It is finely shaped to fit your body 
  • Made with premium quality materials to facilitate the user in the right way.

This beautiful and well-designed clawfoot is one of the best and the most reliable clawfoot to buy in 2020. It has the most fantastic body.

This clawfoot tub comes in a package that includes a variety of features such as white clawfoot tub, brushed nickel ball, claw feet, and overflow. This clawfoot tub also comes with a 5-year warranty. If you are ever not satisfied with this product, you can return it within the time frame.

It has a 48-gallon capacity to store water. This clawfoot tub has pe specially designed to fit into any spot. It does not matter what kind of bathroom you have designed.

This clawfoot tub will make its way. You can install this tub in any place that you find suitable, which is a significant advantage because most people don't have huge bathrooms.

There have been loads of innovations that have been made in this clawfoot tub such as the acrylics. It is made up of durable acrylic that has been specially reinforced with a much more hard material. And also, fiberglass is generally a lightweight product but on the same hand, is durable. Some customers consider this tub as the luxury clawfoot bathtub.

The other great innovation that has taken place is the Enduraclean; this feature helps us easily clean the clawfoot tub. It is extremely easy to maintain as most tubs have this issue of being hard to maintain.

This clawfoot tub is stain resistant, so you won't have to worry about getting a few stains here and there.


  • Durable and goes a long way
  • Best value for the money 
  • Made with extremely durable materials 
  • Enhances the bathroom look 
  • Perfectly blends in any space
  • Comfortable and spacious 
  • Lightweight 
  • Great quality


  • There is no other way to anchor it on the floor other than to glue it.

​​​​​​​​8. Luxury 54 inch Small Vintage Clawfoot Tub Review

Highlighted Features:

  • Compact and can effortlessly fit in any space
  • A perfect design which enhances the look of any bathroom
  • Made with excellent build materials which makes it durable
  • Reliable quality clawfoot tub
  • Comes in just the right size
  • Lightweight and you can easily adjust it
  • Polished nickel feet complement the look
  • Available with elegant Chrome feet plus drain

Usually, Clawfoot tub reviews say that these tubs are old fashioned, but these days Claw-foot tubs are coming back in style, and people want them more and more.

This is another great design that you can consider getting for yourself. It provides you with the comfort and relaxation that we all need after a long day. If you are searching for a tub just to relax and enjoy some time to yourself, then this is it.

This clawfoot tub also comes with a full package that includes different types of features. This tub also comes with a 5-year warranty.

So you can use your tub freely in case you are not satisfied with your tub, and you can always be refunded. The warranty is provided to give you a sense of security that you will get your money worth and won't lose any.

This tub can contain 45 gallons of water. It has a relatively smaller design so you can fit this tub into any corner of your bathroom. Most people do have much space in the bathroom, so this one is suitable for them.

This tub also comes with unique chrome feet and drain, but that choice is up to the consumer if they would prefer it or not.

This design also has the tub faucet installed. It has a wide and deep structure; you can submerge yourself in it completely. It also comes with a comfortable backrest so you can enjoy yourself in complete relaxation.

This tub is made up of a special kind of material that gives it a glossy look and keeps it from getting any type of stains or scratches.


  • Good for small space
  • Simple to clean
  • Heavy-duty and affordable in price
  • Has a good looking design
  • High quality and very well made
  • The best option in this price range
  • It stays clean all the time
  • Nonporous surface


  • Comfortable for only one person

​​​​​​​​9. Hotel Collection HLSL57FPK 57" Clawfoot Bathtub

Highlighted Features:

  • Edwardian tub faucets with supply lines, drain, and hand-held shower
  • Features high-gloss bright white heavy-duty double wall core acrylic
  • Single slipper Clawfoot tub and faucet pack
  • Suitable for any bathroom, just the accurate size plus looks great
  • Approved by cUPC, Massachusetts code, and IAPMO
  • Standard hardware finish is chrome
  • Available finish includes oiled rubbed bronze and brushed bronze
  • Strong and solid cast iron claw feet

A product of Hotel collection, the HLSL57FPK 57" Heavy Duty Clawfoot Bath Tub is designed to fit small and large areas for deep shape and reclining long soaks.

The product comes in a wrapped bubble with accessories placed carefully inside the tub. The acrylic design is clean and smooth, and the floor comes with little texture to prevent slips when standing on it.

Weighing 150 lbs, the tub is not too heavy and is not too light. However, it weighs just enough to sit on your floor comfortably. The back slope allows comfortable soaking experience, although we recommend that you check with your height before making an order.

The claw feet are also heavy and solid, plus they come detached for a little installation fun.

Like the feet, the faucet and attachments come detached; however, they are easy to assemble. Bear in mind that the assembly manual is not the best, but with a little brain power, you will figure it out.

Another exciting feature of the product is the oil rubbed bronze and brushed nickel finish. This way, if you are unsatisfied with your finish, you can always call for a new one and have your desired finish smacked across your new tub. Premium material also ensures that water stays hot for more extended periods.

This is possible through an integrated heat loss barrier that prevents heat loss during usage. Plus, the initial test revealed that the product could retain a water heat of 60 for about 30 minutes higher than cast iron tubs.

With a minimum thickness of ¾-inches, the tub can fit a 5ft plus person and doesn’t bulge too much to take more space. Chief of its features is the certification by IAPMO, cUPC, and Massachusetts code.


  • High-gloss exterior and interior shell
  • Slip-resistant floor
  • Heavy-duty facets
  • Strong cast iron feet
  • Integrated heat loss barrier
  • Chrome finish
  • Different finish styles
  • Works for small spaces


  • Some buyers find the installation instructions a bit difficult

10. Cast Iron Double Ended Slipper Tub

Highlighted Features:

  • 44-gallons of water capacity tub
  • Smooth easy to clean porcelain interior
  • Dual end contour comfortably fits two persons
  • Relaxing and romantic appearance
  • 6-inch end hideaway for leisure soak
  • Contemporary stylish design
  • Chrome feet color and chrome lion paw feet with a solid pattern
  • Removable feet aid smooth movement

The 71" Cast Iron Double Ended Slipper Tub is all about comfort, style, and size. Designed for more than one occupant at a time, the tub can conveniently sit more than one person. This is possible through contoured finishing on both ends.

This design comes in handy for couples that are looking to have a relaxed dual bath. This feature is also useful as you don’t have to wait for the next person to finish using the tub since it can sit more than one person, provided that you both have no problem sharing a bathtub at the same time.

To cater to its large size, the product can take up to 44 gallons of water with its deep 14-inches to overflow design. At 450 pounds, the tub is considerably massive, and as a result, requires considerable space for easy placement.

Other than this, the double-ended design means two people can sit in it facing one another. Designed to retain heat, you can soak for a long time on the condition that you can get the water hot enough.

Another essential feature is 7-inches faucet hole drilling. However, you need to purchase the drain assembly and place the faucet on the drilled holes. No assembly packs mean extra cost on assembly purchase. By implication, you require a deck mount that should be mounted on the rim of the rub.

If you desire a wall-mounted faucet, the drilled holes will remain unused.

Clawfoot tub reviews revealed that additional holes could not be drilled into the tub without compromising the integrity of the product. The feet are removable for smooth movement and are not installed on purchase.


  • Cast iron tubs retain heat more than acrylic tubs
  • Large body for more water retention
  • Deck-mount faucet
  • Chrome feet cast iron design
  • Charming contoured ends
  • Trouble-free to clean
  • Comfortably fits two
  • Removable chrome lion paw feet


  • You can’t drill more holes without risking the integrity of the tub

Best Clawfoot Tub Buying Guide


One of the essential features to consider before choosing a clawfoot tub is the material. This includes acrylic and cast iron. Acrylic tubs scratch easily.

However, the scratches don’t often stay as they are easy to polish and sand away. Also known as fiberglass, acrylic tubs are lighter than but not as durable as cast iron tubs.

Although it can withstand daily use, it doesn’t last as long as cast iron. Although they are available in different colors, acrylic tubs are mostly white. On the other hand, cast iron tubs are made from cast iron and are durable with long life.


Clawfoot tub comes in different styles. For example, we have the classic roll-top tubs, double-ended tubs, double slipper tubs, and slipper tubs, each with a distinct design.

The perfect roll-top tubs come in oval shape but are square and rounded on each end, respectively. As a result, it cradles your head, back, and neck. You can use it with wall-mounted, mounted, or free-standing faucets.

Double-ended tubs are rounded on either end and can accommodate up to two bathers depending on its size. Such tubs also have a side-mounting faucet and drain configuration.

A deck-mounted faucet can also be paired with a double-ended tub. The double-slipper tubs are comfortable and are known for high-back construction.

Finally, the slipper tubs like the double slipper tubs are known for their high-back construction that ensures a comfortable seating pose. You can plumb and lounge on either side of the tub with enough support.


Since there are a variety of faucets to choose from, knowing which type you need comes in handy. As a rule, you have to determine if you want the faucet to be attached to the tub, or you prefer a wall-mounted faucet.

Other options include oil rubbed bronze bathroom faucets and antique brass faucets. Regardless of the style of faucets and configuration you choose, ensure that it complements the design of the bathtub.

Feet and color

You have to decide what type of feet you want your tub to have. This includes nickel, antique, chrome, bronze, brushed, brass, white or black, and so much more.

Besides, most clawfoot tubs come in white color. However, the bathtub market has seen the introduction of new colors over the years. We recommend that you choose a style and color that complement’s your bathroom design with a bold shade.

Tub size

The decision of what size your tub should depend on the placement, the height of users, and how many users you want to have at a go.

While most tubs are just about 5 feet long, there are other options for taller people or people who desire enough space. Also, if you wish to use it in a small bathroom, we advise shorting on the size.

What Is Clawfoot Tub?

Clawfoot tubs reached the market in the 19th century. Back then, they were a sort of luxury item as the primary materials of a clawfoot tub were iron and a layer of porcelain.

Nowadays, these tubs are made of more conventional materials such as fiberglass and acrylic.

These tubs stand individually without having to be connected to the wall in your bathroom. They are also more extensive, and they have a more irregular shape than other types of tubs.

According to the shape they have, clawfoot tubs come in different types. You will also find these tubs in different materials and with various features.

Features of the Clawfoot Bathtubs

If you never used a clawfoot tub, you might wonder what the features that make these tubs so special are. Some crucial features that you should look forward to in these tubs!

They can retain heat better thanks to the materials they are made of and the shape they have. You can count on these tubs to enjoy a long bath and relax for as much as you want.

Clawfoot tubs are not called clawfoot for anything. They have feet that look like claws. Nowadays, you can find more designs available.

These tubs can be made of different materials. You will find them made of iron, copper as well as fiberglass, and acrylics.

The shape of a clawfoot tub is usually oval. However, you can find them in more specific shapes and choose the one that will fit your bathroom the best.

These tubs are easy to install. You will observe that you don’t have to struggle with the installation process as they have a more straightforward design.

Types of Clawfoot Tub

The past the clawfoot tubs have been known to be a luxury item, and only the top and high-end families would own such things.

These days in modern technology, search tubs are not that expensive, and anyone can easily offer the clawfoot bathtub for themselves. They are made up of fiberglass and acrylic coatings, such as materials that are incredibly cheap and durable.

Flat Rim Claw-Foot Tub: These are the most common tubs that you will find. It consists of a faucet and an optional shower system. It has a curled rim on the edges.

Double Ended Claw-Foot Tub: This design is just like the Flat rim clawfoot tub, but the difference is it has a double-ended clawfoot. That has a smooth edge and around lip to it as well. The main difference is the location of the faucet and the showerhead.

Single Slipper Claw-Foot Tub: This tub is shaped like a slipper where one side is a bit higher than the other.

Double Slipper Claw-Foot Tub: This is a combination of having both the end a bit higher. Just like a single slipper. It provides you with more area to rest your back on for the ultimate comfort.

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How to Refinish a Clawfoot Bathtub

Step 01:

Strip the tub of any paint if it has been painted before. You do this by applying a deep coat of paint to the part that you want to strip. Scrape off the paint with a razor or knife after the stripper softens. We recommend that you wear a respirator while at it.

Step 02:

Apply a thin coat of solid hydrofluoric acid on the interior surface so that the new epoxy finish will bond with the surface. Use dental picks, sandpaper, and files to get rid of the grime and pain. Scrub the interior with paper towels and water. Grind away black stains and wipe away the dust.

Step 03:

Fill the chipped area with filler and let it harden. Sandpaper the surface and apply three coats of perfect epoxy primer to the exterior and interior surface of the tub. Let it dry and apply an epoxy topcoat to the surfaces. Let it cure and install the necessary hardware.

How to Restore a Clawfoot Bathtub

Step 01:

Prepare the work area with plastic tarpon on the floor to reduce scratches to the tub. Also, ensure proper ventilation and remove any attachment to the tub. Get rid of old paint and rust by using a grinder or a drill. You can also use a paint remover to speed the process.

Step 02:

Use warm water and sponge to clean the surface area of the tub to remove dust and debris. You should also repair cracks and scratches with body filler. Apply it to the damaged area and let it dry. Sandpaper the area once it is dry.

Step 03:

Apply paint or primer on the surface with a spray gun. Apply a second coat of paint after it dries. Add two coats of glaze finish to the Clawfoot bathtub to make it shine. Use either a perfect foam brush or a paint sprayer.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Clawfoot Tub

  • Remove rugs and protect the floor with newspaper or plastic sheets
  • Clean the interior with warm water and a small quantity of liquid bleach.
  • Let the bleach sit in for about 30 minutes.
  • Allow it to drain and inspect for stains. You can use bleach power to get rid of the stubborn stains and wipe clean with a damp sponge.
  • Let this process continue until you are satisfied. Alternatively, you can apply baking soda and hydrogen peroxide on the stain.
  • Let it stay for up to 15 minutes and scrub with a plastic scrubber.
  • Use a sponge and powdered bleach to clean the exterior, paying serious attention to stubborn stains. Use water and powdered bleach to get rid of stains in the feet and crevices, and scrub with a toothbrush for about 5 minutes.
  • Rinse and repeat the process until you are satisfied. Address stains immediately they occur.

Tips on the Installation of Clawfoot Tub:

Step 1:

You will have to rewrite the supply lines first; you will need to turn off the water from the pipes. Now you will need to clean the fittings and add flux to the ends.

Fit it into the supply line, and then insert it into the elbow of the existing pipe. Set the drain line to its new location. Add an angle and build the P trap. Add the vertical pipe that will connect the hole onto the extension.

Step 2:

Place the new tube in the new location. Now add the new drain to the tub. Tighten the flush with the tub surface with plumbers’ putty.

Step 3:

Connect the overflow assembly. Tighten the retained but as well. Now you need to install the assembly to the tub and the lower drain extension. Attach the drain extension into the drain.

Step 4:

Attach the T bracket for the exposed supply. The ends are to be wrapped with a plumbers tape. Attach the flanges over the hole in the tile.

The flanges are to be placed in the holes in the tiles. Tighten the flanges with a plumber’s putty. Adjust the screws in the pipes and flanges to keep it in place.

Best Material for Clawfoot Tubs:

As we mentioned, you could find clawfoot tubs of different materials from copper to cast iron, porcelain, acrylic, and fiberglass. But the best ones are a combination of cast iron and acrylic or porcelain.

The acrylic or the porcelain is typically on the surface of the tub. These top layers give it the shine you might be looking for and also makes them easy to clean.

The cast-iron structure makes the tub resistant over time and sturdy enough to support high weights.

But keep in mind that you can find beautiful, resistant, and easy to maintain clawfoot tubs made of copper. One of these tubs is on the list above.

What you should look at when you investigate the material of a tub is its resistance as well as its maintenance. If it lasts you a long time while you can easily keep it clean, you can’t fail.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How Much Does a Clawfoot Bathtub Weigh?

An empty cast iron weighs about 200-400 pounds. Add water, and you will have 500-900 pounds of stable weight. Note that this does not include your weight. Hence, before installation, make sure that your floor can withstand up to 1000 pounds of share weight.

2. What size Clawfoot tub should I buy?

The size of your Clawfoot is determined by factors like space, number of users, and height of the user. Although there is no inflexible rule to it, however, buy a Clawfoot tub that fits your space, height, and can accommodate you comfortably.

3. Are Clawfoot tubs practical?

Impracticability is if you are looking for a Clawfoot tub that will fit into a cramped space and would be comfortable at the same time. This is because it will be hard to clean and just won’t be satisfied. However, if you have enough space and cash, yes, they are practical.

4. What coating is best for cast iron Clawfoot tub feet?

Urethane and oil-based paints come in handy for painting clubfoot tub feet since they bond well. We recommend that you use nylon-based brushes to give the feet more than two coatings. You can also use a urethane-based sealer for a glossy finish and lasting protection.

5. What is the best paint to use for old Clawfoot tubs?

Pre-mixed or mixed acrylic urethane enamel can be used for fiberglass and cast iron tubs. You can also use two-part epoxy paints; however, make sure you coat it more than twice.

So, What is The Best Clawfoot Bathtub?

After looking through the clawfoot tubs above, we have to recommend the WOODBRIDGE Slipper as one of the best you can buy.

Everything from the structure of this tub to its design makes the investment worth it. We love the fact that it combines solid bronze feet with a stylish fiberglass and acrylic tub.

It is also beneficial that this Clawfoot tub comes with all the accessories you need. Thanks to this aspect, you will not have to purchase extra items to install the tub. And speaking of installation, this is also very easy to go through. Just like cleaning the tub and maintaining it will not be any hassle either.

Finally, this tub is certified as following the highest standards in the industry, so you will not regret purchasing it! It is just as reliable as it is modern and yet it manages to keep the classic look too.

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