Top 10 Best Black Kitchen Faucet Reviews in 2021

If you want to add some dramatic style to your kitchen, looking for the best black kitchen faucet should be a priority. Though it offers the superior functionality of any other modern faucet, a matte black finish can add a touch of contrast and unique flair.

Black faucets also are great at disguising small marks like fingerprints and water spots. If you do not like to meticulously wipe down your faucet every single day, a black faucet can help keep things looking tidy.

Like other kitchen spigots, a modern black kitchen faucet provides the convenient functionality of a sprayer and flow control. However, unlike kitchen appliances with stainless steel or brass finishes, a black finish draws attention.

Not all faucets are the same. Some of these types of spouts combine materials for an extra splash of design know-how. Read on for an in-depth guide on what to look for when shopping for a black faucet.

Quick Comparison: Best Black Kitchen Faucets

Top 10 Best Black Kitchen Faucet Reviews:

1. Delta Faucet Trinsic Single-Handle Touch Black Kitchen Faucet

Delta Faucet Trinsic Single-Handle Touch Black Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Graceful arch shape
  • Pull down sprayer
  • Magnetic docking
  • One hole installation
  • Five year warranty

This black kitchen faucet brings modern elegance with plenty of perks. Touch technology enables you to touch anywhere on the spout to turn on the water. That can really come in handy if you have messy hands.

The single lever control also keeps things looking neat and tidy, and it is easy to grasp and turn.

One major advantage of buying a Delta black kitchen faucet is the five year warranty. Because they guarantee their faucets to be made of quality materials, they also offer superior customer service.

This model comes with Diamond Seal technology which eliminates the possibility of most leaks at the joints. An inner construction of brass makes this unit heavy and durable.

Even the sprayer is sturdy. It magnetically locks into place when not in use. The water flow is strong, and the overall look of the faucet is one of contemporary elegance.

The simple arch can make a big statement. Installation is quick and easy, too, since this model comes with full instructions and parts.


  • Uniform black finish has a subtle shine that keeps it looking good
  • Touch technology allows you to turn on water with a touch anywhere on spout
  • Single handle lever controls both water flow and temperature
  • Delta brand name is known in the industry for quality products
  • Has ceramic Diamond Seal technology to prevent leaks and other malfunctions


  • May need additional deck plate for three hole installation
  • May start leaking internally after a few years

2. Delta Faucet Essa Black Kitchen Faucet

Delta Faucet Essa Black Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Deck mount
  • Single handle design
  • Diamond seal technology
  • Substantial height
  • Lifetime limited warranty

If you want traditional elegance with a sleek modern sensibility, this Delta black kitchen faucet could be right up your alley.

This model has an arched neck with subtle curves that set it apart from more severe designs. The result is a softer appearance that can complement almost any surrounding decor.

Another unique style choice is that its shade of black is far more muted and less intense than other models. This could be a plus for those who want a black pull down kitchen faucet but do not want something too dramatic.

The sprayer on this model is magnetically docked in the spout head. Though it does not retract, it does lock into place. The sprayer also has button functions that allow you to control the spray strength.

As with most Delta faucets, this one comes with their patented Diamond Seal technology that ensures minimal rusting or sticking of moving parts.

The price point is reasonable for this faucet. Cleaning is a breeze since you can clean the sprayer holes with the touch of a finger. This model comes with full installation instructions.

Best of all, this unit comes with a lifetime limited warranty, which means you can purchase with peace of mind.


  • Pull down sprayer has flow control button so you can pre-rinse
  • Black coloring is slightly more muted and less intense than jet black models
  • Tulip shape creates a softer design than other models with harsher lines
  • Slightly flared spout makes this a great choice for deeper or larger sinks
  • One of the better priced Delta matte black kitchen faucet units


  • Sprayer does not automatically retract
  • Spray function must be manually changed back to normal mode

3. Moen 7594BL Arbor One-Handle Pulldown Matte Black Kitchen Faucet

Moen 7594BL Arbor One-Handle Pulldown Matte Black Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Single handle design
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • 1.5 gallons per minute
  • 15.5 inches in height
  • Pull down sprayer

This black pull down kitchen faucet has a beautiful transitional style that can fit in with almost any kitchen. The flared handle and subtle curves lend this faucet a sophisticated look that complement the beautiful dark color.

Made from a combination of materials, the final matte finish is easy to clean and resists fingerprints or stains.

Unlike a black kitchen faucet with side spray, this model has a sprayer that can be pulled down from the head of the spout. The hose is retractable, and the head magnetically locks into place. Another great feature of this faucet is its patented Power Boost spray.

When you press this button, the stream intensifies so that you can pre-rinse dishes or scour pots and pans in seconds. With an already powerful 1.5 GPM flowrate, the Power Boost can save you time on kitchen chores.

In addition, the spout swivels from side to side so you can push it out of the way when washing or preparing large items in the sink.

The Moen lifetime limited warranty guarantees that you are getting a quality product. One of the few drawbacks on this model is the long-term durability of the sprayer hose. However, Moen's customer service is superior and they are willing to help.


  • Transitional style of the faucet and handle can complement any style
  • Power Boost technology allows you to rinse dishes quickly and easily
  • Comes with escutcheon and other mounting hardware for easy installation
  • Sprayer retracts into the spigot so you don't have to worry about it dangling
  • Spout swivels from side to side so you can tuck it away for larger tasks


  • Flex hose may leak after a few years and cause a mess
  • Handle may leak and need frequent tightening

4. Kraus KPF-1610MB Bolden 18-Inch Commercial Black Kitchen Faucet

Kraus KPF-1610MB Bolden 18-Inch Commercial Black Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Coil design neck
  • Bridge type faucet
  • Single handle
  • Tall height
  • Full installation hardware

Kraus is one of the best names in the faucet business for good reason. This faucet can provide an amazing and modern look to any kitchen.

Though its functionality was designed for commercial kitchens, it has been adapted for home use with more stylish upgrades. The exposed coil neck is a dramatic design touch, and the sprayer is easy to grasp and use while looking elegant.

Made from brass, this faucet is heavy and durable. Kraus offers a limited lifetime guarantee along with great customer service, so you can buy with confidence.

Lead-free materials and rust-free ceramic cartridges make this model more friendly to the environment. At a tall 18.5 inch height, this faucet can serve pretty much all functions, especially if you have a large or deep sink.

The single lever handle is simple to use and can save you space. Installation can be quick and easy since this model comes with full instructions and mounting hardware.

The water lines that accompany it are generously sized so you won't ever have to worry about reaching all areas of your sink with your sprayer.


  • Striking appearance can add a flair of drama to any kitchen
  • Commercial durability makes this faucet one that will stand the test of time
  • Retractable sprayer not only looks good, it also provides extra spray strength
  • Lead-free materials and ceramic cartridges means this faucet is environment friendly
  • Can fit underneath most standard kitchen cabinets despite soaring height


  • This model is on the more expensive side
  • Handle may swivel even after tightened and attached

5. GICASA Solid Brass Lead Free Black Kitchen Faucet

GICASA Solid Brass Lead Free Black Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Strong 1.8 GPM
  • Dual stream action
  • Sprayer cradle
  • Brass and zinc alloy construction
  • Affordable price

Adapted for home use, this commercial style faucet provides the power and durability that a professional kitchen demands. With a soaring 23 inches in height, this faucet delivers on dramatic style.

The neck is a sturdy brass construction that has an exposed coil look for a modern appearance. One major advantage of this model is that it comes with a pot filler faucet too.

The pot filler can rapidly fill a sink or pot with water with minimal splashing. Both of these spigots swivel from side to side. That means you can use both at the same time if you need to.

The brass construction means that this faucet is heavy duty and can stand the test of time. The handle is made from zinc alloy and is the single lever type. Full installation materials are provided.

With all of these features, this unit still maintains a reasonable price. Though this model does not come with a warranty, Gicasa does offer five years of customer service that is fast and reliable.

When not docked in the cradle, the sprayer and spigot head keep their shape. The sprayer also has an attractive handle that is easier to grip and use for longer periods.

The main spigot comes down farther than other models, which might be an issue if you regularly maneuver larger items in and out of your sink.


  • Commercial capability with high flowrate and swiveling spouts
  • Comes with additional pot filler faucet that can do double duty
  • The black pull down kitchen faucet comes with an exposed neck
  • Tall height can accommodate large and deep sinks with ease
  • Sprayer comes with convenient handle for easy gripping and spraying


  • No warranty is included on this model
  • Flow rate may be too strong for some users

6. Kraus KPF-1673SFSMB Nolen Dual Function Pull Black Kitchen Faucets

Kraus KPF-1673SFSMB Nolen Dual Function Pull Black Kitchen Faucets

Highlighted Features:

  • Retractable spray hose
  • Generous spout reach
  • Dual action sprayer
  • Sleek black finish
  • Lifetime warranty

If you want something that will add drama to your kitchen, this black stainless steel kitchen faucet may fit the bill. With its attractive two-tone look and sleek overall design, this faucet brings a touch of class to any kitchen.

The sprayer head is stainless steel, while the body of the faucet is brass. The handle matches the sprayer head and is a single lever design.

Adding to its style is its height and spout reach, which are generous. The sprayer head retracts but does not magnetically dock into place.

However, the sprayer does offer two spraying modes that can help you with virtually any dishwashing or other household task. The Kraus lifetime warranty is sure to put your mind at ease when purchasing.

The installation is easy for DIYers and professionals alike, since all the pieces click into place with no tightening required.

This spout can also swivel back and forth, which comes in handy when dealing with large or bulky items. Despite its great height, it can still fit under the standard kitchen cabinets.

One of the only drawbacks is that the hose may leak over time. However, Kraus provides excellent customer service.


  • Two-tone look is unique and eye-catching in any kitchen
  • Installation is extra easy with Kraus's Quick Connect technology
  • Single handle is a lever style and simple to operate and grasp
  • Can fit under kitchen cabinets that are regulation height
  • This black stainless steel kitchen faucet is made from durable materials


  • Sprayer head does not magnetically dock and may dangle
  • Hoses may spring leaks after a few months

7. Pfister Arkitek Kitchen Faucet With Pull Out Spray Head, Matte Black

Pfister Arkitek Kitchen Faucet With Pull Out Spray Head, Matte Black

Highlighted Features:

  • Large single handle
  • 1.8 GPM flow rate
  • ADA compliant
  • Unique modern style
  • Eco-friendly efficiency

This model's one-of-a-kind style and superb functionality make this faucet stand out from the crowd. Its right angles and bulky construction make a true style statement that is thoroughly modern and unique.

The sprayer magnetizes to the spout head and integrates seamlessly with the rest of the faucet.

For those looking for a true matte black finish, this faucet will tick that box. The finish on this model has zero shine or polish and is a deep inky black.

Beyond its style, this faucet also is compliant with ADA regulations and the California water efficiency rules. The single lever handle is large and easy to grip. The handle also only works when pulled forward.

This feature makes this unit ideal for smaller or tighter kitchens without much room between the sink and backsplash.

The limited lifetime warranty that comes with this faucet can put your mind at rest. Though this faucet is reasonably priced, you may have to purchase additional hoses or other hardware for installation.


  • Limited lifetime warranty guarantees performance and durability
  • Striking visual impact can make this faucet stand out
  • True matte black finish with minimal shine or polish
  • Ceramic cartridges ensure easy use and prevent leaks
  • Forward-only handle design is great for close backsplashes


  • Finish may be blotchy upon close inspection
  • Additional hoses may be needed upon installation

8. KINGO HOME Antique Black Lead Free Stainless Steel Single Lever Handle Pull Down Sprayer Black Kitchen Faucet

KINGO HOME Antique Black Lead Free Stainless Steel Single Lever Handle Pull Down Sprayer Black Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Deck plate
  • Pull down sprayer
  • Brass construction
  • Antique finish
  • 90 day returns

One of the more versatile black stainless steel kitchen faucet options on this list, this model gives you the best of modern styling and traditional accents.

The antique bronze finish gives an old-world charm to this unit while the overall look of it is thoroughly contemporary. There is also a detail of stainless steel near the sprayer head that adds some pop to the black finish.

Made from brass, this faucet is sure to stand heavy daily use. The lever is a single handle design and uses ceramic cartridges for easy turning and minimal leaking. Kingo offers a 90 day return window as well as a lifetime free replacement guarantee. These perks let you know that you are getting a quality product the manufacturer stands behind.

A deck plate for easy mounting is included in the package. The sprayer locks into place within the spout via a magnet. The sprayer also has two modes of spraying for ultimate versatility.


  • Lifetime replacement guarantee can reassure you when purchasing
  • Single lever design makes for easy grasping when turning water on and off
  • Modern design is complemented with the rubbed bronze finish
  • Stainless steel detail adds some contrast to the otherwise black faucet
  • Sprayer has two modes for convenience when washing or rinsing items


  • No warranty on parts is included with this unit
  • Finish may peel off if not cared for properly

9. KOHLER K-596-BL Simplice Matte Black Kitchen Faucet

KOHLER K-596-BL Simplice Matte Black Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Three mode sprayer
  • Transitional design
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Easy installation
  • Ceramic valves

This Kohler matte black kitchen faucet can seamlessly blend with any kitchen or sink style. Its simple design is both sleek and attractive while not being too harsh or striking. The sprayer magnetically attaches to the spout and will not dangle or come loose.

One great bonus of this model is its three-way sprayer functions. There are buttons for normal mode, Power Boost for strong pre-rinsing capability and a wide sweep spray. The sweep spray can easily reach all corners of your sink.

Installation can be a breeze since this faucet comes partly pre-assembled. Other parts like hoses and mounting hardware are also included. Kohler is a reliable name in the faucet industry, and this model comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

Ceramic valves and brass construction ensure that this model won't leak or rust any time soon. The single handle design has a slight flare to it that looks elegant and understated. At a more reasonable price, this model may be just what you are looking for.


  • Magnetic docking system keeps sprayer in place
  • Flared single handle design is beautiful yet minimalist
  • Power Boost technology and sweep spray add value and functionality
  • Kohler brand name reliability cannot be beat
  • Spout swivels 360 degrees for your convenience


  • Spout may drip if not installed properly
  • This Kohler matte black kitchen faucet may leak over time

10. Pfister FWKP701B Shelton 1-Handle Pull-Out Matte Black Kitchen Faucet

Pfister FWKP701B Shelton 1-Handle Pull-Out Matte Black Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Utilitarian style
  • Lever type handle
  • Soap dispenser included
  • ADA compliant
  • Lighter weight

This Pfister black kitchen faucet with soap dispenser has all the bells and whistles while looking compact and modern.

Constructed from sturdy materials, this faucet is sure to stand heavy daily use. It complies with ADA regulations as well as water efficiency and safety rules in several states.

Unlike some other faucets on this list, this model does not have a high arch shape. However, its straight spout has fewer points of failure due to its durable design.

The lighter weight of this faucet can make it easier to use for those with arthritic or smaller hands. The sprayer is designed to be easy to grip and use, and it retracts into place. Even the hot and cold water positions are marked on the single lever handle.

A soap dispenser is included to complete the look for your kitchen. The dispenser is separate from the rest of the faucet but is also matte black.

These things together can give your sink area a coordinated style. Pfister provides a warranty that covers the faucet's function and finish for life, so you can purchase this item with confidence.


  • Can be easier to use for those with disabilities than other models
  • Fewer leaking points mean a product that may last longer
  • Uniform black finish lends a striking and modern look
  • One of the top rated black kitchen faucet units for regulation compliance
  • Lead-free and easy to install with DIY or professional help


  • Lack of high arch may reduce space within sink
  • Black finish may wear off in some spots

Best Black Faucet Buying Guide


The overall shape of your faucet can make all the difference in the style you want to achieve. A tall, graceful arch can be beautiful and majestic without a lot of fuss.

For more modern and minimalist styles, you may prefer faucets that have right angles and sharp corners. Traditional designs often have fluting details and more complicated curves. Since a black faucet is meant to make a visual impact, the shape is an important element to think about.

Sprayer Configuration

Sometimes the arrangement of the sprayer can factor in to your particular preferences and daily usage. For example, a black kitchen faucet with side spray may be preferable if you like to keep all elements separate.

On the other hand, a sprayer that is built into the spigot can be handy if you want to save space on your counter top. A pull-down sprayer is super convenient, but if it ever needs a repair, you will have to change out the entire spigot unit.

Handle Type

A modern black kitchen faucet should not only look beautiful, it should be functional too. Most ADA compliant faucets come with a two handle configuration for easy grasping and turning.

With two handles, you never have to think much about which is hot or cold. One handle models, however, can be useful for modern designs that streamline the faucet. A third option is a touchless type with motion sensors. These can be perfect if you have messy hands or do not wish to touch the unit before you wash up.

Soap Dispenser Add-on

When using your kitchen sink and faucet, you want to have everything within reach. A black kitchen faucet with soap dispenser might be just the thing you're looking for to have that full experience.

Whether it is attached to the faucet deck plate or installed separately, a soap dispenser can complete the look of the faucet. It can be the ultimate add-on for convenience and matching good looks.

Construction Materials

The typical black pull down kitchen faucet is made from either brass, stainless steel, plastic or a combination of these materials. All of them are commonly found in kitchen faucets and are durable materials.

Brass will last a long time, whereas stainless steel is unlikely to rust. Plastic may not be as durable, but it is less expensive and will never corrode.

Price Point

The price tag of a unit is probably one of the first things to think about. When purchasing a black faucet, though, consider what you are paying for.

Some things that make a higher price worth it include a warranty, included installation instructions and parts, brand-name reliability, quality materials and superior style. Sometimes it is worth paying a little extra so you can be secure in the knowledge you have a decent product.

Benefits Of Having a Black Kitchen Faucet

Easy Cleaning

  • Disguises water spots and fingerprints to make cleaning easier
  • Can extend time between cleanings or wipe-downs
  • Darker finishes can incur less noticeable damage over time

Unique look

  • Can be a real conversation starter when other people observe it in your kitchen
  • Sets you apart from the typical faucets that sport a metal finish
  • The matte black look draws the eye and calls attention to the sink area

Simple Update

  • A modern black kitchen faucet can update the entire look of a room
  • Replacing an old faucet with a black one can freshen a sink area for less expense
  • The striking appearance can contrast or blend with the surrounding decor

Warm Yet Modern

  • A black finish looks warmer than high polish finishes
  • Maintains a contemporary appearance with sleek design touches
  • The darker color can update a traditional shape or temper an ultra-modern design

Makes Daily Tasks a Breeze

  • A black kitchen faucet with side spray or docking sprayer head makes chores easier
  • A soap dispenser or touchless on/off functions can add value and save you time
  • Strong water flow and controls help you complete tasks like washing dishes faster

Are Black Faucets Hard to Keep Clean?

One of the advantages of having a modern black kitchen faucet in your kitchen is its good looks. Since it is so eye-catching, keeping it clean and maintained is a natural point of concern.

The good news is that because of their dark color, faucets of this type generally do not need to be wiped down after every single use.

While some matte finishes can increase the instances of fingerprints or water spots, most of the time black faucets can disguise these imperfections until a more thorough cleaning can be done.

Using a mild detergent and soft cloth are always safe bets when dealing with higher-end appliances. Always check the factory instructions on what materials are safe to use when wiping down your faucet.

Some models may have extra items to clean, such as a black kitchen faucet with soap dispenser or a black kitchen faucet with side spray. These additional accoutrements are usually simple to clean with minimal fuss. Overall, a darker faucet can make cleanup quick and easy.

So, What’s the Top Rated Black Kitchen Faucet?

After looking at all the options, it's clear to us that Delta Trinsic Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer is the best black kitchen faucet out there.

Not only is this item reasonably priced, its simple elegant style can fit with almost any kitchen decor. The pull down sprayer locks tight when not in use.

Another great feature is that it can be touched anywhere on the spout to trigger waterflow. That can come in handy if you have messy hands.

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