Top 8 Best Grohe Kitchen Faucet (2020 Reviews)

Top 8 Best Grohe Kitchen Faucet Reviews:

1. Grohe 30295000 Essence Professional Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet

The elegant cylindrical design of the faucet is the first thing that catches eyes when you look at the faucet. Primarily designed for contemporary kitchens, the StarLight finish on these faucets will keep it looking sharp with minimal maintenance. 

Apart from this, the Essence range of faucets comes in 4 other striking finishes to suit a variety of kitchen decor. It’s a pretty heavy-duty faucet, hence requires a solid base. The installation method is delightfully quick and hassle-free. 

The most stand out feature of this faucet is the interchangeable hose spout. You can easily replace the existing hose with any color (there are 10 colors available to buy separately) of GrohFlexx hose spout of your choice to update your faucet’s look. 

Note that the spray head can be a bit stiff before you fully break it in. Even after that, you will need to have strong hands to steadily hold and move the sprayer around. 

The spray arm on this faucet uses EasyDock magnet for easy retraction and docking of the pull-out hose. Its 360 degree rotating high spout makes leaves about 7 3/4" of clearance between the spout and the sink to let you wash and fill large pots. 

The water pressure on this faucet is significantly higher than what Grohe faucets usually offer. You can quickly switch between stream and spray using the push-button control on the spray head. 

If you find the faucet too splashy in the spray mode, which a lot of people do, switch to the regular flow mode. Although the pressure would be notably less, it would minimize the splashing issue. 


  • Convenient magnet hose attachment.
  • You can give your faucet a cool makeover with different colors of interchangeable hose spouts.
  • Slim and elegant shape.
  • High spout allows you to easily fill tall pitchers and large pots.
  • Smooth lever operation.
  • Easy to rid of the limescale buildup from the spray nozzle.
  • Comes in 5 dazzling finishes.


  • The spray head is a bit cumbersome and stiff.

2. Grohe K7 Medium Semi-Pro Single-Handle Standard Kitchen Faucet

The third entry to grace this list of Grohe faucet reviews is unapologetically swanky. Although primarily designed for professional kitchens, installing Grohe K7 in your spacious home kitchen would be a great way to step up your kitchen remodeling game. Using and taking care of this faucet is as effortless as it could possibly get. 

Sporting a shiny and wear-resistant steel finish, medium-high spout which swivels 140 degrees, K7 would be of great value in professional kitchens. The exterior is quite hefty, so rest assured that it will hold up well against abuse. The height of the spout is just about right for cleaning large cookware and bakeware. 

Like all contemporary pro-level kitchen faucets, this one also comes with a pull-out spray head offering 360-degrees swiveling function for easy clean-up. The spray control push button on the spray head lets you switch between gentle flow and powerful jet stream which further adds to the flexibility of the faucet. 

I’d suggest you remove the yellow-colored flow restrictor fitted into the spray head as it prevents the pressure from going high even at the highest setting. It’s easy to remove and spray works a lot better without it. 

My only major gripe with this model is that the hose length is a bit short for large dual-basin kitchen sinks, for which I’ll have to knock off a point. 

Moving on, K7’s thick and sturdy all-metal handle doesn’t get too hot to the touch from the hot water, which also speaks volumes of the faucet’s build quality. It also has a Chrome finish variety. While it scores very high in the aesthetic department, it’s not as rugged as the SuperSteel model, hence will be better suited for home kitchens. 

Speaking of the handle, it is a quintessential Grohe faucet handle that moves smoothly for precise flow control. It cannot be installed on the left side, though, if that’s what you’re after. The lever for heat adjustment has 2 ⅝” of travel when fully extended to the “hot” range " range, so it's highly unlikely that it will hit the backsplash. 


  • Heavy-duty and wear-resistant steel finish.
  • Provides enough backsplash clearance when the lever is fully extended to the towards the backsplash.
  • Doesn’t get uncomfortable to touch even when the water temperature is turned all the way up.
  • Easy to get rid of the limescale buildup.
  • Is a breeze to install.
  • 360-degree rotating spray head.
  • The water pressure is excellent once you remove the flow restrictor.


  • Hose length is too short for large sinks.
  • The spray head loosens up after a while and needs to be hand-tightened from time to time to keep it from leaking.

3. Grohe 32665001 Concetto Single-Handle Pull-Down High Arc Kitchen Faucet

The classic one handle pull-down kitchen faucets seem to be Grohe’s forte, the case in point being model 32665001. Specifically designed for large and deep kitchen sinks, Concetto comes with a 15 1/16-inch high arc spout to help you easily fill large pots and pans.

The faucet’s operating radius is equally impressive which would allow you to maximize the extra room on the sink. It’s stylish full 360-swivel single handle has an aerator hardwired into it that lets you reduce water waste by limiting the water flow to 1.75 GPM. The swiveling function also gives you the freedom to mount the lever on the left or right side, whichever feels more convenient.

With one simple push of a button, you can seamlessly switch from regular water flow to powerful jet spray as you see fit. Grohe’s iconic single handle design with SilkMove technology allows a terrific control over water volume and temperature. Instead of going all typical with plastic discs, the discs of the cartridge inside the handle are sculpted from ceramic to extend the lifespan of the faucet handle.

Speaking of being impressive, the gorgeous Starlight Chrome finish on its all-brass body shields the faucet against the damaging effects of scale buildup, scratches, water stains, dents, and corrosion. Finally, as the icing on the cake, Grohe has integrated SpeedClean technology to keep scale and grime build-up at bay.

For a thorough cleanup, all you have to do is wipe the spray face with your fingertips. To sum up, this Grohe pull down kitchen faucet is a shining example of Grohe’s extreme attention to detail and functionality. It’s tailor-made for massive and deep sinks and is incredibly easy to maintain.


  • Push-button lock spray at the back of the spray nozzle lets you switch between water stream or strong spray.
  • 15 1/16-inch high arc spout is ideal for large kitchen sinks.
  • Starlight finish acts as a barrier against corrosion, scratches, and dents.
  • SpeedClean tech for easy scale build-up removal.
  • Smooth water temperature and volume adjustment.
  • Breathtakingly beautiful.
  • Fuss-free installation.
  • Fantastic water flow despite the 1.75 GPM limitation.


  • Takes a while to get used to turning the lever for precise flow and temp adjustment.
  • Doesn’t come with a deck plate for the sinkhole.

4. Grohe Eurodisc Single-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

The sleek and luxe Eurodisc is counted among the top rated Grohe faucets in terms of design and build quality. Falling in the premium range of the cost spectrum, this pull-out model comes in both stainless steel and chrome finish.

The chrome version tends to be more popular due to being cheaper of the two. It looks fantastic but if you want your faucet to both look good and last for at least 15 years, choose the stainless steel model.

I’m reviewing the stainless steel version here which is about 7-3/16” tall and will easily fit underneath the window of your kitchen without restricting the movement of the window. The size is perfect for standard-sized sinks.

As for the installation, anyone with moderate handyman skills and a helper can set the faucet by following the instructions on the box to the T. Depending on your skill set, it can take anywhere between 1-3 hours to set up the whole thing. I know it’s time-consuming but given the stellar performance and durability, it will be worth the effort. 

Here’s a pro installation tip that you won’t find in the manual: feed the hose through the faucet before hardwiring the faucet to the counter. Otherwise, it will be pretty hard to run the hose past the faucet hold-down nut. The water is pressure is obviously a bit on the lower side due to the built-in flow restrictor.

If you don’t want to the restrictor, just remove the spray head from the base and clean the aerator. More often than not, it’s the sediment buildup on the aerator and flow restrictor that drastically reduces the water flow.

Overall, despite having a tricky installation process, this faucet boasts of unquestionable quality. The operation remains smooth as ever after rigorous use. The pull-out hose feature works just as it’s supposed to on a high-end faucet.


  • Gorgeous finish.
  • Smooth pull-out hose function.
  • Swivels nicely.
  • Low maintenance.
  • The stainless steel version can easily hold up for decades if taken care of well.


  • Difficult installation process.

5. Grohe 32665DC1 Concetto Single-Handle Pull-Down High Arc Kitchen Faucet

Easily the most aesthetically-pleasing mid-range faucet by Grohe, 32665DC1 Concetto is worth rooting for if you are after a minimalistic contemporary design. The combination of pull-down sprayer and single-handed operation is what makes Concetto faucets well worth the investment.

The stylish faucet is made from solid brass which is coated with a SuperSteel Infinity finish for long-term protection against denting, wear and tear. This elegant little piece of art is clearly made to last for years.

Coming to the ergonomics, Grohe nailed it once again. Its 360-swivel spout lets you position the handle even on the left side due to spacing issues on your sink. Like my previous entry, this one too features a built-in aerator for a constantly powerful stream of water.

It has a button at the back of the faucet to switch between stream and spray mode for extra convenience. Adjusting the temperature and flow of water by turning the lever is a breeze on this breeze, thanks to the SilkMove cartridges placed at the handle’s core.

To take the chore out of daily cleanup and keep the faucet running smoothly, the unit employs the SpeedClean Anti-lime system. As already evident from the name, this mechanism doesn’t let limescale buildup ruin the beauty and performance of the faucet.

One fluid sweep of your fingertips spray face and your pull-down sprayer will be good as new. Rinse the spray head with vinegar once in a while if your locally supplied water has high mineral content.

While the installation might seem pretty straightforward for an experienced DIY-er, I’d still suggest calling a professional plumber to get the job done. You see, fitting the pull-out hose into the neck can be tricky. One tiny slip-up and the hose could get hung up.

If you still want to install it all by yourself, go ahead by all means. There are a couple of really helpful YouTube tutorials to troubleshoot this specific issue.


  • Elegant and ergonomic design.
  • Wear and tear-resistant coating.
  • High arc spout to let you easily fill tall pots and pitches.
  • Strong and steady water flow.
  • Smooth water temperature and flow adjustment.
  • Prevents limescale buildup. 
  • Flow rate limiter to prevent splashing and water waste.


  • Doesn’t come with a hose weight.
  • Accommodating the hose into the neck can be a bit difficult for an amateur. 

6. Eurocube Single-Handle Pull-Down Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet

Packed with professional kitchen faucet-grade form, features, and functionality, Eurocube is a prime example of Grohe’s superior craftsmanship. If you’re looking for a highly functional faucet that’ll also act as a centerpiece of your kitchen and budget isn’t a big issue, Eurocube won’t let you down.

This premium utilitarian faucet is equipped with a nifty cubic spray head that has soft edges for a firm grip. To justify the premium price tag, the pull-out spray head is all-metal on this model.

It’s heavy-duty and won’t stop working anytime soon even if you retract it several times a day, rendering it ideal for bulk cleaning and food prepping. It obviously features a flow control button to let you seamlessly toggle between regular flow for rinsing or high-pressure spray mode for thorough cleaning.

The water pressure is fantastic and the lever functionals flawlessly even after several uses. It has a built-in aerator as well to minimize splashing without affecting the pressure.

I loved the hardware quality and simplicity of installation too. Although the faucet is slightly bigger and decidedly heavier than standard faucets, you won’t have a hard time fitting it in tight areas.


  • Statement-piece worthy design.
  • Effortless installation.
  • Aerated to reduce splashing issue.
  • Excellent water force.
  • Heavy-duty pull-out sprayer.
  • The pull-down arm rotates to 360 degrees for easy clean-up.


  • Pull-out hose length could have been longer.

7. Grohe 30300000 Minta Single-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

Like every other top-tier Grohe faucet, this one too combines the best of engineering and aesthetics. Minta belongs to Grohe’s mid-range high arc faucets and is available in both pull-out and pull-down variations. The pull-down variant would be ideal for deep sinks as the high-arc spout will ensure a lot of clearance.

In this segment, I am reviewing the more compact and slim pull-out sprayer version which is better suited for cramped sink areas. Mind you that the newest Minta models come with a laminar flow control instead of an aerator, so the water pressure will be really high. Whether it’s a positive or negative will depend on how deep your basin is. 

If your sink bowl is minimum 8” deep, you won’t have to worry about splashes. But unfortunately, it will splash everywhere on shallow basins, something to keep in mind before finalizing your purchase. However, you can fix the splash issue on shallow sinks by simply installing an aerator available to purchase separately.

The Minta faucet spout provides 360-degree swivel support to help with the clean-up. Brownie scores for the pull-out sprayer that extends far into the basin and the flow regulator button allows you to instantly switch back and forth between normal flow mode and gutsy jet spray.

Moreover, the 20” long hose provides greater flexibility and convenience while you're juggling with cleaning dishes and food prepping on your sink at the same time. You can also fill a pan or pitcher directly from the counter with this pull-out spray. The retraction and docking mechanisms are delightfully smooth as well.

The temperature adjustment valve on this faucet moves very smoothly, making it easy to precisely control water temperature. However, I would like to point out that the spray head is not the same sturdy material as the tap.

It’s lightweight and sort of plasticky, meaning easy handling but a slightly questionable durability. But it’s a small price to pay for such a solid, well-built faucet, so I can get past this one minor downside.


  • Beautifully designed and built to last.
  • Buttery-smooth operation allows for precise control of water temperature and flow.
  • Comes with long hoses for easy under-counter installation.
  • Glossy StarLight finish doesn’t let water spots sit on the surface.
  • The spout effortlessly rotates 360 degrees.
  • Long pull-out hose for optimal convenience.


  • Very splashy unless you have a deep kitchen sink.

8. Grohe 33759SD0 Zedra Single-Handle Pull-Out Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

Available in bold steel black, RealSteel, and the all-time favorite stainless steel finishes, Ladylux Plus sports a unique design that can instantly be the statement piece in your kitchen. This one has a very simple and straightforward installation process.

There are many helpful video tutorials available to help you set this bad boy up under 30 minutes. It’s compact, 11 7/8-in.-tall structure makes it ideal for installing in tight spaces.

With 9-1/8 in. tall 360-degrees swiveling spout, doing the dishes should be less of a chore as long as your basin is deep enough for the tall spout. Like all popular Grohe kitchen faucets, the spray head on this model also has a button that lets you toggle between regular stream to powerful spray.

The pull-out hose extends to about a foot which should be enough for standard-sized sinks. It’s a pretty solid hose which should easily last you for a couple of years.

The replacement Grohe hose is also easily available online. The company has a terrific post-purchase customer service. If the hose fails within the warranty period, give Grohe customer support a call and they will replace the hose for free.

I also liked the fact that the handle doesn’t have a lot of travel when moved to the hot setting (in the clockwise direction) from an upright position. Even if you mount the faucet just 2” away from the wall, you will still be able to fully extend the lever to the hot water limit.

The earlier Lady Lux models allowed for easy left side mounting but on the newer models, you will have to turn the level 90 degrees down for cold water. So unless you have a lot of clearance from the back of the faucet to the wall, left-hand mounting won’t be an option.


  • Quick installation process.
  • Comes in 3 different finishes.
  • Smooth movement of the faucet lever, thanks to the SilkMove technology.
  • Attractive design and robust build quality.
  • Easy to find replacement hose.
  • Smooth transition from a gentle water flow to spray.


  • Cannot be installed on the left side unless you have a lot of space in the back.
  • The pull-out hose doesn’t extend far enough, hence not the best option of large sinks.

Best Grohe Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide

A good kitchen faucet can make your day-to-day dishwashing and meal prepping operations feel seamless and enjoyable. A faucet is not a piece of cheap earphone that you can just replace in a jiffy. 

So make sure to take your time and do some serious digging before buying a brand new faucet in your kitchen. Here are a few pointers to take note of if you’re not sure how to get started with the whole faucet hunting process:  

Spout Height

High arc spout faucets are quite a trend these days. They go best with deep kitchen sinks as they provide ample clearance for filling large pots and pans while keeping the splashing to a minimum. 

However, tall spouts will cause splashing everywhere with shallow sinks, so determine the height of the spout you’ll need accordingly. You can also opt for a faucet with a pull-out hose sprayer option for full sink coverage and convenient clean-up.

Ease of Installation

Most faucets are designed to be mounted directly onto the sink but if you want a variation, you can even get a deck-mounted or even a wall-mounted faucet. Do check for the amount of space you have available between the faucet and wall or backsplash. 

For most Grohe faucets, you will need a clearance of only 2.5” from the wall/window/backsplash to be able to fully extend the lever to the end from the point of rotation. 


The durability of your faucet has a lot to do with the material it’s made from. All-metal, especially stainless steel faucets handle prolonged exposure to wear and tear better than other faucet materials. 

However, brushed nickel and chrome finished faucets have lately gained massive popularity due to their elegant designs and affordable pricing. 

Water Flow Rate and Temperature Controls

Faucets with built-in water heaters and flow limiters, like the ones Grohe makes, provide great value for money. If space is at a premium in your kitchen then I’d suggest going for a model with a single lever control for water temperature and flow. 

However, dual lever models allow for a more precise temperature control. Having a separate locking button to switch between normal water flow mode and spray mode will only further add to the convenience. 


Faucets are a long-time investment, so you would want to make sure that your faucet comes with a long warranty period. Top-of-the-line brands like Grohe, Hansgrohe, and Delta offer a limited lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects of all moving parts and finishes. 

About Grohe Brand

Grohe is a Germany-based luxury faucet manufacturer founded in 1963 that accounts for 8% share of the worldwide market, that’s huge! Headquartered in Dusseldorf, this brand has a presence in over 130 countries right now. 

They have won several awards for their innovative designs and superlative engineering over the years, including the prestigious Red Dot “Design Team of the Year” award in 2012.

Today, this family-owned German company is a subsidiary of a huge multi-industry Japanese conglomerate that builds Grohe faucets for the US in their Mexico, China, and Thailand-based production sites. 

Why Grohe Faucets?

Brands like Grohe manage to survive the blow of cut-throat competition from newer brands for many reasons. For one, these folks really know the nerves of their potential buyers, thanks to their decades of experience in their respective fields. 

Two, the ability to strike the sweet spot between value and performance. If you have already done some digging before coming across this article, you might have already noticed that Grohe arguably has the most eclectic variety of kitchen faucets. 

More variety means more freedom of choice. Rest assured, the masterminds behind Grohe kitchen fittings have something in store for everyone. Even their most value-priced models are made from the finest materials and have a simple user-friendly installation process. 

So to sum up, impressive design? Check. Great durability? Check. Fuss-free installation? Check. Massive collection of faucets? Check. Reasonable pricing? Double-check. 

You won’t have to scout the web too deep to find fancier faucets with even fancier price tags from several other brands. I’m not saying they are not worth your money, that would be too presumptuous of me. If you don’t mind splurging on a gleaming piece of kitchen faucet, look beyond Grohe, by all means.

However, not every person out there is loaded and even though some are, spending mega bucks on a kitchen faucet might not be the plan. 

I guess what truly gives Grohe an edge over other brands is their unflinching dedication to providing quality products at an affordable price, that too consistently for nearly seven decades. If that’s not worth all the hype they get, I’m not sure what is. 

What Makes Grohe Kitchen Faucets Different?

Grohe puts a great deal of attention to the build quality of their faucets. Each of their products is made from the finest quality material and go through rigorous testing in independent laboratories before hitting the market. There’s an adjustable flow rate limiter which limits the flow to 1.75 GPM to prevent water waste. 

All Grohe faucets are made from solid brass and come in different finishes such as stainless steel, chrome, RealSteel, and so on. Grohe stainless steel kitchen faucets are usually costlier than their sparkling chrome counterparts but the former has a more professional look and remarkable resistance to denting, stains, corrosion, and scratching. 

Grohe’s exclusive StarLight finish on all of their fittings not only gives them a magnificent shine but also protect the faucets against unpleasant water spots and other signs of wear and tear. 

A unique feature common to all Grohe faucet levers is the SilkMove technology. In layman’s terms, every lever houses ceramic discs in the cartridges which keep the handle moving smoothly after several uses and allows you to precisely control the water temperature and pressure. 

SpeedClean technology is another Grohe exclusive feature which allows the users to get rid of the nasty limescale and calcium buildup on the faucet nozzle with a simple wipe. 

No need to soak or scrub off the gunk with vinegar, soap water, or those off-the-shelf cleaners which not only gives you a maintenance-free experience but also adds to the longevity of the fittings. 

Grohe Faucet Warranty

All Grohe faucets are backed by “limited lifetime warranty” which guarantees against manufacturing defects in all mechanical parts. In practice, this “lifetime” guarantee lasts for 20 years as, according to Grohe, any product that lasts for 20 years cannot possibly have any manufacturing defect. That does make sense, doesn’t it?

Benefits of Using Grohe Faucets:

  • SilkMove technology that integrates ceramics discs in the faucet cartridges allow smooth and precise control of water temperature and flow with one hand. 
  • SpeedClean Anti-lime technology allows you to clean off the mineral buildup from the nozzle with one quick wipe of a cloth. 
  • A wide array of faucet styles and finishes to complement your kitchen decor. 
  • All-metal faucet body coated with a protective, long-lasting StarLight or SuperSteel Infinity finish which adds an extra layer of protection against the ravages of time. 
  • Extractable spray head with dual flow control button for better coverage in large sinks. It also helps with washing and prepping without cluttering up your workstation which further adds to the versatility and functionality of Grohe faucets. 
  • Limited lifetime warranty on all moving parts of the faucet and excellent customer service. 

Why Do Professionals Choose Grohe Faucets?

A number of mid-range and high-end Grohe faucets come with the convenience and features of a professional kitchen faucet, minus the installation complications.

Their pull-down and pull-out high arc faucets are perfect for deep double-bowl professional kitchen sinks where chefs have to frequently fill large pots and pans.

The 360 degrees swiveling spout coupled with a long pull-out hose in their pro-range faucets provide good coverage in large kitchen sinks to help with bulk cleanup and food prepping.

In short, Grohe kitchen faucets provide all the essential features and functionality of high-quality professional kitchens at a reasonable price, so no wonder a lot of professionals vouch for their faucets.

How Much Do Grohe Faucets Cost?

Right now, Grohe kitchen faucet prices range between $129 to $902. Stainless steel finishes and professional-range faucets usually cost more than chrome models. You will find plenty of great options in the $2900-$350 range if you want a sharp-looking, durable faucet with some semi-professional features to make your kitchen chores easier. 


1. Is Grohe a good faucet?

Ans. Grohe combines fine German engineering with trendy contemporary designs to create faucets that are highly functional and also act as centerpieces. They are usually pretty easy to put together and not exorbitantly priced. So yes, Grohe faucets are of great quality and have a lot of utility for both home and professional kitchens. 

2. Which is better quality Grohe or Hansgrohe?

Ans. Both are giant German water system fixtures and fittings. Hansgrohe was the original company founded in 1901 by Hans Grohe. In 1963, his second son started his own company under the name of Grohe due to a family dispute. 

Often considered arch-rivals, both companies have rolled out some revolutionary products that have cemented their positions at the very top of the industry. The quality and sustainability of Hansgrohe premium-range faucets are nearly impossible to match. 

However, if you don’t want to fork out a huge amount of money for a quality kitchen faucet kitted out with industrial-grade features like pull-out spray, precise water flow rate, and temperature control, Grohe, to me, emerges as the clear winner here. 

3. Is Kohler or Grohe Better?

Ans. Kohler is the first name that pops up in many of our minds when we talk about luxury kitchen and bathroom fixtures and accessories. Having thoroughly researched the leading products from both manufacturers, I would say Kohler’s strength lies in their bathroom fittings while Grohe’s strong suit are their kitchen faucets. So it all boils down to your purpose of purchase. 

4. Is Grohe better than Delta?

Ans. Delta faucets are made in the USA if that’s a matter of consideration for you. They are well-known for their magnetic docking mechanism which is present only in premium-range Grohe models. 

But in general, both manufactures produce almost similar quality products and it all comes down to your personal preference and budget. Those who have owned Grohe faucets swear by it and then there are Delta loyalists. So it would be impossible to give a definitive answer to which brand is better without bias. 

5. Is Grohe Made in China?

Ans. Grohe is a German company which is currently a subsidiary of LIXIL group corporation, a Japanese multinational conglomerate. The faucets manufactured for North American customers are currently assembled in 3 countries which includes Mexico and Thailand along with China.

What Is the Best Grohe Kitchen Faucet?

In practice, there’s no such thing as the best kitchen faucet for everyone. It’s all about your individual preference and requirements. You'll also need to factor in the size of the sink you have while selecting a faucet. 

However, if you need to know which Grohe faucet provides the best bargain for the money without making any engineering compromise, I’d go with Grohe 32665001 Concetto. It’s affordably priced, looks fantastic, and provides a flawless operation for years without any hiccups.

If you want to give your old kitchen sink a sleek and stylish update without blowing your renovation budget, Concetto grohe faucet would be the best to go.

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