Best Pedestal Sinks to Make a Bathroom Visually Pleasing in 2021

If you want to add historical charm to your bathroom, finding the best pedestal sink is must. Pedestal sinks were in vogue during the early 20th century shortly after modern plumbing became the norm.

They can be perfect for smaller bathrooms or half-baths. Unlike bulkier vanities that have many cupboards or drawers, a pedestal sink gives you modern simplicity. Though the bowl is partially supported by the column, the sink itself is also mounted to a wall.

Quick Comparison: Best Pedestal Sinks


Product Name



Fine Fixtures Roosevelt White Pedestal Sink

Fine Fixtures Roosevelt White Pedestal Sink


Swiss Madison Glossy White Well Made Forever SM-PS307 Monaco Pedestal Sink

Swiss Madison Glossy White Well Made Forever SM-PS307 Monaco Pedestal Sink


Portsmouth 22 Inch Corner Pedestal Bathroom Sink

Portsmouth 22 Inch Corner Pedestal Bathroom Sink


KOHLER K-2362-1-0 Cimarron Pedestal Bathroom Sink

KOHLER K-2362-1-0 Cimarron Pedestal Bathroom Sink

Vitreous china

Fine Fixtures Corner Pedestal Sink

Fine Fixtures Corner Pedestal Sink


Top 9 Best Pedestal Sink Reviews:

1. Fine Fixtures Roosevelt White Pedestal Sink

Fine Fixtures Roosevelt White Pedestal Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Traditional pedestal sink style
  • Squared-off edges
  • Bright white color
  • Ceramic construction
  • Three-hole faucet setup
  • Small splash guard

With a spacious flat area along the upper rim, this sink has more storage space than the standard pedestal sink. Unlike some other models, you can store toothbrushes or other things right where you need them. Even so, this sink is compact and will still free up space in your bathroom.

Made for a two-handled faucet, this sink comes with pre-drilled holes. An overflow is also included. The elegant oval bowl pleasantly contrasts with the rectangular shapes that this model boasts. The fluting around the edges also gives this sink an attractive vintage appeal.

A small lip at the back makes for a nice splash guard that can prevent splotches on the wall behind. Though this model may take a little extra handling while installing, the price is right for all the features included.

The durable ceramic is a true white that can match virtually any other bathroom fixtures you have. Not too big but not too small, this sink may be just right for your bathroom.


  • Plenty of storage space for bathroom items and bottles
  • Understated style contrast of oval basin and squared edges
  • Vintage look that can blend well with old or new styles
  • Overflow drain is oblong and is great at keeping messes at bay
  • Vitreous china is extremely durable and will not chip or crack
  • Subtle but distinctive shiny finish makes cleaning up a breeze


  • Does not come with the necessary hanging brackets
  • Installation may require more time and care

2. Swiss Madison Glossy White Well Made Forever SM-PS307 Monaco Pedestal Sink

Swiss Madison Glossy White Well Made Forever SM-PS307 Monaco Pedestal Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Unique shape
  • High shine finish
  • One year limited warranty
  • Wall mount sink
  • Single faucet mount
  • Pure white color

One of the top pedestal sinks for small bathrooms on the market today, this Swiss Madison model is chic and stylish. Its thoroughly modern design provides the illusion of one smooth piece, which is easy on the eyes. If clean lines are your thing, this sink delivers.

In addition to its style, this pedestal sink also comes with a reliable one year limited warranty. Its shape makes it easier to install than the usual pedestal sink.

No bulky basin needs to be balanced on a smaller pedestal. Instead, the spacious basin sits inside the column. Installation can be quick, and this is a sink meant to be mounted to a wall.

Its shiny white finish is smooth and eye-catching, and the absence of fluting or fancy details in this model makes cleaning easy. Made of strong ceramic and featuring a single-hole faucet setup, this sink is bound to last a long time. It also has an overflow drain with a finished edge to complete its sophisticated look.


  • Truly modern styling sets this sink apart from the crowd
  • Overflow drain is included to prevent water from rising too high
  • Conical shape makes for easy and quick installation with no balancing
  • Deep pedestal sink basin has lots of practical use for everyday tasks
  • Glossy glaze keeps this sink looking fresh and new for years
  • Thick ceramic construction is sturdy and won’t break or crack over time


  • A little pricier than other available models on the market
  • Heavier than typical pedestal sinks and may require two people to install

3. Portsmouth 22 Inch Corner Bathroom Pedestal Sink

Portsmouth 22 Inch Corner Pedestal Bathroom Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Hollow pedestal
  • Three faucet holes
  • Circular overflow
  • Modern styling
  • Narrow pedestal sink
  • Easy to clean

With its rounded edges and no-frills attitude, this sink has a slightly funky mid-century modern flair. However, because of its clean and simple shape, this sink can also fit into traditional decor with ease.

Perfect for super small or narrow spaces, this sink has a smaller basin that gets the job done. It comes with an overflow that echoes its rounded shapes.

Because the pedestal is hollow, it is much more lightweight than the average pedestal sink. That can be a good thing for anyone doing a DIY installation. This model does not come with mounting brackets, so they will have to be purchased separately.

Despite its small size, the basin is deep and spacious. Though storage space is limited, there are still places for items like a toothbrush to be stored. This model has a three hole setup, so a two-handled faucet will be required.

The shiny finish and smooth edges will make this sink super easy to clean. It should stay looking great for a long time.


  • Very lightweight and easy to lift and install
  • Small basin could be great for narrow bathrooms
  • High gloss finish looks clean and fresh
  • White porcelain is durable and will last for years to come
  • Unique shape can be a conversation starter
  • Lower price makes this a more affordable option


  • May not be as solid as other pedestal sinks
  • Does not come with wall mounting brackets

4. KOHLER K-2362-1-0 Cimarron Pedestal Sink

KOHLER K-2362-1-0 Cimarron Pedestal Bathroom Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • One pre-drilled faucet hole
  • Kohler brand name
  • One year limited warranty
  • Reasonable price
  • Vitreous china
  • Smooth lines

Though this isn’t a tiny pedestal sink, it definitely looks sleek and contemporary. With its pared-down lines and elegant style, this sink can go with almost any bathroom decor you have.

The Kohler name brings brand-name reliability to this product. A one year limited warranty can also give you peace of mind when purchasing. This model is also more cost-effective than other Kohler pedestal sinks that are on the market today.

This sink’s smooth white surface is made from a durable vitreous china with a shiny toilet glaze finish. A pre-drilled drain hole and a single hole for a faucet are also included.

This pedestal sink option would work well with a single-handle or all-in-one faucet, which is not included in the package. Despite its compact size, this sink’s basin is spacious and generous. It can accommodate almost any bathroom task.


  • Beautiful shiny glazed finish is easy to clean
  • Elegant styling can blend with almost any style in your bathroom
  • Sturdy construction and shape ensures this sink’s durability
  • Would look and work great with a single-lever faucet
  • Basin interior is generously sized for ample room
  • Rim allows for extra storage on top of sink other models lack


  • No faucet is included with this package
  • May be a tad more expensive than some other models

5. Fine Fixtures Corner Bathroom Pedestal Sink

Fine Fixtures Corner Pedestal Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Corner construction
  • Small dimensions
  • Off-white “biscuit” color
  • Fluted edges
  • Overflow drain
  • Centerset faucet design

For spaces that are truly small, this sink fits the bill. With its space-maximizing corner design, this model can stay out of the way and fit into just about any bathroom. While its bowl is large enough for daily bathroom routines, this sink remains one of the smaller options on this list.

Though it lacks a warranty, the price is right for this small lavatory. It comes packed well in two boxes, so you won’t have to worry about anything breaking. The materials used are porcelain, which is also known as vitreous china. Be aware that this sink is an off-white color. That may be key when matching this sink to your other bathroom amenities.

This sink can be used with a centerset faucet that is not included. All holes come already drilled, and brackets are included inside the box. This sink may be small, but it’s darling fluted design can add a little charm to any bathroom. It is also easy to clean on a daily basis.


  • Compact size makes this a great choice for tight powder rooms
  • Traditional look and styling can dress up a bland bathroom
  • Comes packed well and pedestal and basin are included
  • All holes are pre-drilled for quick and easy installation
  • Can be easily wiped down with mild soap cleanser
  • Oval basin adds charm and unique flair to any bathroom


  • May need additional brackets to complete installation
  • No warranty is listed for this model

6. Fine Fixtures Roosevelt Biscuit Single Hole Pedestal Sink

Fine Fixtures Roosevelt Biscuit Single Hole Pedestal Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Single faucet hole
  • Narrow sink basin
  • Cream white color
  • Traditional pedestal sink style
  • Single overflow drain hole
  • Wide rim

Classy and understated, this small sink can fit almost anywhere. Unlike some other choices on this list, this sink has plenty of storage space near the faucet for brushes and bathroom items. The single-hole faucet also maximizes the shelf area. There is also a small splash guard on the back of this sink to reduce mess.

The biscuit shade of this sink is a slightly darker white than a true white. However, the ceramic material is extremely durable and strong. It is unlikely to dent or scratch over time. A finishing glaze also protects the surface from damage.

An overflow hole comes pre-cut in this model. As the name suggests, this sink has a mid-century vintage feel that remains subtle and eye-catching. The basin is also narrow for those tight spaces. Easy to clean, this sink also has a reduced price that will appeal to any buyer.


  • Porcelain construction is an off-white and goes with any bathroom
  • Plenty of storage space near faucet for brushes or bottles
  • Simple, elegant design complements any bathroom surroundings
  • High shine finishing glaze is easy to clean and won’t scratch
  • 18 inch bowl is great for narrow spaces or bathrooms
  • Subtle splash guard keeps spots and stains from happening


  • No warranty is mentioned for this sink
  • Does not come with faucet accessories

7. Rectangular Gloss Centerset Biscuit Porcelain Bathroom Pedestal Sink

Rectangular Gloss Centerset Biscuit Porcelain Bathroom Pedestal Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Off-white color
  • Extra-wide bowl
  • Three hole construction
  • Ceramic porcelain
  • Round overflow
  • Ornate fluting

A great choice for small, cramped spaces, this sink is compact and versatile. With its vintage styling and glossy finish, this sink delivers easy care and good looks in one product. At a shorter height than other models, this lavatory would also be a good choice for bathrooms in unusual places, like beneath staircases or in areas with pitched ceilings. It could also be ideal in a child’s bathroom.

Its off-white bone color presents a unique choice among other pedestal sinks. Be aware that this color may not match existing fixtures that are true white. Installation is made easy with mounting brackets that are included in the package.

Another asset of this sink is its wider bowl. This extra space provides much-needed elbow room. This sink also has a fair amount of flat space near the faucet handles where items can be conveniently stored. Overall, this sink is a good choice for smaller powder rooms.


  • Extra design touches gives this sink historic flair
  • The large pedestal sink basin provides ample room
  • Reno-gloss finish resists scratches and stains over time
  • Easy to mount to the wall and comes with brackets
  • Arrives in two packages for safe shipping and quick assembly
  • Great for small spaces or for areas with low ceilings


  • Shorter height may be too short for some people
  • Darker color may not match other bathroom fixtures

8. Ondine Small Pedestal Sink for Bathroom

Ondine Small Pedestal Sink for Bathroom

Highlighted Features:

  • Grade A porcelain construction
  • Shorter height
  • Centerset faucet placement
  • Corner design
  • Contemporary style
  • Circular overflow drain

Boasting a wider basin and centerset faucet setup, this model may be suitable for corners. With this sink, you don’t have to sacrifice size to save space. The wider 32 inch basin of this sink gives you plenty of elbow room.

The slightly shorter height may not be the best call if you are looking for an extra tall pedestal sink, but it can be good if you have upper cabinetry.

This sink has a modern sensibility because it lacks a lot of frilly design touches. With its straight styling and clean lines, this model can look great in a rustic setting or in a bathroom with all the latest trends.

A slight lip surrounds all edges of the sink, which can keep the sink area nice and clean. The circular overflow drain echoes the soft curve of the front edge, and it is also designed to prevent messes.

At a lower price, this sink brings the vintage flair. The basin mounts to the wall and the pedestal is positioned separately. The mounting brackets are included in this package, though they are black and may be visible after installation.


  • Extra wide basin makes for roomy sink in small space
  • Lip around edge can prevent items from falling off or excess splashing
  • Sleek and modern lines give way to a classic, vintage feel
  • Affordable price means you can have high style on a lower budget
  • Wall-mount sink is sturdy and comes with mounting brackets
  • Portsmouth name is known in the industry for reliable products


  • Mounting brackets are a contrasting color from white sink
  • Faucet holes may be drilled slightly off-center

9. American Standard Ravenna Contemporary Design One Hole Pedestal Sink

American Standard Ravenna Contemporary Design One Hole Pedestal Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • American Standard brand name
  • Manufactured in Mexico
  • Modern looks
  • Lined overflow
  • Simple lines
  • One year limited warranty

If your bathroom is contemporary or minimalist, this sink could be a great choice for you. The smooth lines and slightly curved surfaces allow the simple elegance of this sink to shine. The one-hole faucet setup means that an updated single-lever faucet is required, which will only add to the modern look.

With the American Standard brand name, you can rest assured that you are getting a reliable product. This sink also comes with a one year limited warranty, so you can have peace of mind when purchasing. The solid ceramic construction and high shine finish make this sink scratch and stain resistant. Cleaning it should also be easy since the surfaces are free of embellishments.

The main asset of this sink is its wide basin. Though it can fit into small spaces, you don’t have to give up a generous sink bowl with this model. All the holes come pre-drilled, and the overflow is lined with stainless steel. You can be sure this sink will last for a long while.


  • Smooth surfaces make for easy daily cleaning
  • Affordable price for all the offered features
  • True white color can complement any bathroom decor
  • An extra large pedestal sink basin offers plenty of room
  • Single hole means a single-lever faucet would complete look
  • Generous storage space on top of sink for towels or items


  • May arrive damaged during shipping
  • Installation may be a difficult process

Best Bathroom Pedestal Sink Buying Guide


Most pedestal lavatories are made from vitreous china or porcelain. This type of china is fired at super high temperatures and is then glazed with a durable finish. Even small white pedestal sink bowls can be constructed from this material using this process. Sometimes different materials like stone or copper are used, but they may make the basin too heavy for practical purposes.


Simplicity is the name of the game with most sinks of this type. The width of the bowl is important to consider since it will be the largest part of the sink. A tiny pedestal sink can be better suited for smaller powder rooms. Smaller sinks can provide function without sacrificing space. Sometimes wider sinks also mean a shallower sink, so be aware of all the measurements before you buy.

Bowl Depth

A deep pedestal sink can help reduce splashing and mess. The deeper the bowl, the more function it provides. If you intend on using the pedestal sink for daily tasks like face washing or shaving, a deep bowl can be useful. A basin with a larger capacity can hold more water in its interior, and its higher walls can serve as a splash shield.


Though typically assumed to be traditional, a pedestal sink can be versatile style-wise. For example, a narrow pedestal sink with squared-off edges can have a modern flair that would look right at home in a contemporary setting. Softer lines and more ornate surface patterns evoke a more historical charm that can blend well with farmhouse or rustic interiors.


Most lavatories of the pedestal variety come in a white color or a variation of cream. However, more contemporary models can be brown, blue or even black. Depending on the materials, a pedestal sink offers a range of colors and textures that can match virtually any home decor you might have. Shades of eggshell or cream can also add depth and nuance to your bathroom.

Rim Width

Pedestal sinks are famous for their lack of storage space, so rim space may be important to you. Some column sinks have a thick, flat rim on which you can balance bottles or brushes. Others do not offer this rim for a sleeker, more streamlined look. If you worry about where you’ll place your toothbrush, the rim shape and size could be important.

Why Choose a Pedestal Sink?

  • Historical significance elevates surroundings
  • Elegant style keeps things simple
  • Quick installation makes life easier
  • More inexpensive than other sinks
  • Allows you to choose your own storage
  • A narrow pedestal sink can free up room
  • Simple construction means fewer fail points
  • Can look good in modern or traditional homes
  • Comes in a variety of materials and colors
  • Most pedestal sinks are easy to clean

Different Types of Bathroom Sinks

Cupboard Vanities

Cupboard vanity sinks burst onto the scene in the last half of the 20th century and never left. These sinks are usually larger and bulkier than other types of sinks. They have more storage space on the surface surrounding the basin, and most feature drawers or cupboards below.

Pedestal Sinks

A pedestal sink has a classical design of a basin that sits on a pedestal or column. They can come in many shapes and sizes, and they are ideal for small spaces. A deep pedestal sink typically has the same capacity as other types of bathroom sinks despite its more compact size.

Vessel Sinks

Usually a statement piece, a vessel sink is a detached bowl or basin that sits on top of a platform. A vessel sink creates a striking and modern look, and it takes up a lot of vertical space. These types of sinks are more trendy and can come in a variety of shapes and colors.

Pedestal Sink Brands

When searching for a pedestal bathroom sink, brand name can make a difference in price and quality. Some brand names have a good reputation for making durable products with all the bells and whistles, but you may have to pay for the extras. Peace of mind can go a long way in justifying a large or expensive purchase.

Brand names like Kohler usually mean higher prices and top-of-the-line customer service. Kohler is known for its modern and striking designs, so you may enjoy what they have to offer if you care about aesthetics.

An American Standard pedestal sink is also a good buy since the company has been around for a while. Most sinks made by this brand offer solid construction and long-lasting materials at a reasonable price. Many appliances that are found in the average home have the American Standard name on them.

Of course, there are other brands that are lesser known but no less committed to quality. Swiss Madison comes to mind, as does Ondine. These brands may be newer to the scene, but they offer good products at lower prices. Some even include a reassuring warranty on materials, which can soothe your mind if the price is high.

Installing a Bathroom Pedestal Sink

Materials Needed:

  • Plumber’s putty
  • Silicone waterproof sealant
  • Measuring stick or tape
  • A helper, if sink is heavy

Step One: Measure the Space

Using your measuring tape, measure out from the wall to determine where the sink will be positioned. A standard pedestal sink will typically sit no more than a foot away from the wall.

Don’t forget to measure vertically too. An extra tall pedestal sink may need more room than you think.

Step Two: Move the Sink into Position

Depending on the weight of the sink, use a helper to maneuver the sink to your marks. A tiny pedestal sink may need further measurements if it does not match up flush against the plumbing lines. Estimate where everything will connect.

Step Three: Secure into Place

Once you are sure the sink looks good, trace around the bottom so you know exactly where to place it again. Remove the sink. Put plumber’s putty or cement on the ground and on the bottom of the pedestal.

Replace the sink and hold it steady so it can bond to the floor. When dry, place a bead of waterproof silicone around the edge for a finished look.

Step Four: Hook Up the Plumbing

Most one hole pedestal sink come with a pre-drilled drain, but if not, go ahead and drill it out now. Connect the hot and water lines to the sink. Turn on the main water supply and test drainage and water flow. Your sink should be ready to use.

How to Attach a Pedestal Sink to a Wall

A traditional pedestal sink will come with a set of brackets and screws that will allow you to attach your sink to the wall. Contrary to what many believe, a pedestal sink is usually supported by the pedestal underneath as well as an attachment to the wall.

This double support system will keep your basin from wobbling, leaking or moving over time. A large pedestal sink especially needs this extra support since its weight makes it more susceptible to movement.

Before you attach a sink to the wall, you should hook up the plumbing first to make sure everything is where it should be. Doing this first will also help you center the sink properly.

On the underside of your sink’s bowl, you will find a lip onto which the brackets will clamp. Position these brackets properly. With a drill, screw the brackets provided into the wall behind the sink.

Pedestal Sinks vs. Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal bathroom sinks can look great and be a huge space saver. With traditional appeal, a pedestal sink has a classic look that can complement almost any bathroom decor. Though a pedestal sink lacks storage, it frees up room and reduces clutter.

Typically, one hole pedestal sink options can provide the same functionality that other sinks provide. Another asset is that the height of a pedestal sink can be adjusted to your needs. If you are tall, an extra tall pedestal sink can be customized for you at lower cost.

Vanity Cabinets

Storage is the name of the game with vanity cabinets. These types of sinks come with drawers or doors that conceal many practical bathroom items. However, one downside is cost. The more materials used, the higher the price. Cabinets also tend to take up lots of space.

Counter space is also increased with vanity cabinets. Bigger bathrooms are well-suited to these types of sinks.


We’ve determined that the best pedestal sink is the KOHLER Cimarron Pedestal Bathroom Sink with Single-Hole Faucet model. This small white bathroom pedestal sink provides excellent space-saving functionality and reliable customer service.

A solid warranty can give you reassurance when you purchase this sink. The Kohler name is also a dependable one that is known throughout the industry.

A pre-drilled faucet hole comes with this sink, which can make installing the plumbing fixtures easier than with other models. It even comes with a sizable rim that provides convenient storage for toothbrushes or other bathroom items.

It combines traditional appeal with simple, elegant lines. You can also rest assured that the construction is solid and sturdy. Installation is also easy and fast. For all these features, the price is reasonable. Overall, this pedestal sink delivers on style.

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