How to Enlarge Existing Hole in Quartz Countertop

If you are interested in how to enlarge hole in a quartz countertop, you need to understand the exact process. You can end up ruining your beautiful quartz countertops. You can accomplish this task with the right tools and the proper preparation. Our guide shows you the best method for drilling that does not cause a mess and uses a few special items.

Quartz, a type of engineered stone, is a popular option for countertops and other places around the house. To make a slab of quartz, you combine natural materials with polyester resin to create a durable, reliable stone that may come in a variety of colors. You need to be careful when handling quartz because it is a hard material. Being careful includes any time you try to enlarge an existing hole in it. Follow the steps below for the best results.

How to Enlargen Hole in a Quartz Countertop


Quartz is an exceptionally durable stone that many people choose for their homes. They know they can rely on it to not scratch, stain, or dent easily. This extreme durability can be a problem when it comes time to enlarge an existing hole. You might be installing a new, larger sink that needs more room than the current hole. Or you might be replacing old hardware with an updated model. It is possible to cut a faucet hole in a quartz countertop with the right tools and by following the right steps.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

Drilling through quartz is not a job to take lightly. You cannot pick up a basic drill bit and expect it to cut through quartz or granite. Instead, you will need a diamond-tipped bit for the best results. Diamond is harder than quartz and will move through quartz without damaging the material.

Step 2: Prepare Work Space

When you drill quartz countertop, be prepared to make a mess around the work area. If you are enlarging an existing hole, you probably will not move the countertop elsewhere. A bucket can be placed below the intended hole to catch debris to make clean up easier. You will also need to use water for lubrication. A bucket is a good option to collect water runoff to avoid making a soggy mess below your work site.

Step 3: Create a Template

A template, made from cardboard or light balsa wood, is an excellent way to guide your drilling. Without a template, you might end up drilling an imprecise hole. Use the intended piece of hardware as your guide. You want to drill the correct size hole, or you will not be able to install your new faucet.

Step 4: Place Template Securely

Once you have created a basic template, you can place it on the countertop. Fix the template securely to the countertop exactly above the hole you intend to widen.

Step 5: Do Not Rush

One of the most important steps to how to widen a pre-drilled hole in a quartz counter top is working slowly and steadily. Rushing through this type of job can cause serious mistakes. Once you start drilling, there is no turning back. Turn the drill on at a slow speed. Hold yourself back from applying pressure with the drill.

Step 6: Take Off Template

When the hole you have made is around 1/4 inch deep, stop and remove the template from the countertop. You can continue drilling quartz countertop with an unimpeded view.

Step 7: Lubricate the Drill Bit

At this stage, you should take modeling clay and form it into a ring around the partial hole. Fill the area with a little bit of water so that the bit remains lubricated during drilling. Too much heat can be generated due to the friction of drilling.

Step 8: Reduce Speed

When you put the drill bit back into the hole, turn it on slowly. Even with lubrication from the water, a steady pace is a way to move forward without a problem. As you get to the end of the new hole, you should reduce the speed even more. Do this steadily and not all at once. Do not put a lot of pressure on the drill to avoid chipping your quartz countertop.

Step 9: Clean Up

Once you enlarge an existing hole in granite, you will need to clean up your workspace. You should have minimal debris because most of it will have fallen directly into your prepared bucket.

Step 10: Check Your New Hole

After you finishing your drill through granite, you should check that the size is right for your faucet or sink. If you need to make any adjustments, it is best to do it when you have the tools prepared.

How to Protect Damage Quartz Countertops while Drilling?

Quartz is a strong type of material, but one wrong move can bring disaster. You do not want to go through the hassle of repairing or replacing them after drilling quartz countertops incorrectly. Follow these steps to protect your quartz from damage during the drilling process.

Step 1: Find A Power Tool

You need to obtain a power tool with enough power to complete your project smoothly. If you choose a poor machine, you will not have as much success when you drill through granite. Picking out a high-quality power tool from the start will help you avoid a serious mistake during the drilling.

Step 2: Use a Hard Bit

Quartz is one of the hardest materials you can use for countertops. A regular drill bit will not cut through it cleanly. To avoid damage, select a hard bit. Preferably, you will use a diamond-tipped bit because diamond is rated harder than quartz.

Step 3: Choose the Right Size Bit

You can irreparably damage quartz countertops if you use the wrong size drill bit. For example, if you want to cut a faucet hole in a quartz countertop, the drill bit should match the size of the hole you need to make. If you drill too big of a hole, you will be in trouble.

Step 4: Decide a Cooling Method

Every time you attempt drilling through quartz, you need to have a way to lubricate the drill bit. Friction from the drill bit puts off enough energy that it could crack your quartz countertops. The best and easiest option is to use water unless you are using an electric drill.

Step 5: Wear Protective Gear

Put on the proper gear to protect your skin, face, and eyes before drilling. You can end up making a mistake that will ruin the quartz if you are startled by flying crystals during the drilling process. Wearing safety gear can save you a lot of money in the long run from replacing a damaged countertop.


If you want to learn how to widen a pre-drilled hole in a quartz counter top, follow the advice of others. Slightly different situations may also require different steps or methods, including cutting a hole for a sink or putting screws in a countertop.

Can you cut a sink hole in a quartz countertop?

It is possible to cut sink hole in quartz countertop with the right tools. You should measure the size of the sink beforehand and create a template to ensure the hole is the correct size. Make a template on the quartz with a grease marker to ensure a precise cut.

Can you put screws in quartz?

Unless you have the right tools for the job, you should never attempt to put screws directly into quartz. However, if you have proper supplies, you can attempt drilling quartz countertop. Improper use of screws in quartz can result in ugly splitting and cracking. Do not tighten too securely to avoid damage, too.


If your quartz countertops are one of your favorite features in your home, you want to keep them looking beautiful. This material, as well as granite, holds up well to the abuses of daily life. Instead of replacing your full quartz countertop when you have a new faucet or sink, consider the possibility to enlarge an existing hole in granite. You can update your kitchen or other interior space without purchasing a new countertop.

And with the proper tools, you can make the change on your own. You do not have to worry about calling a professional service for drilling quartz countertops with this guide. Learn how to enlarge hole in a quartz countertop without paying someone else to do the job. Your countertops will be able to fit your new hardware, and you will be satisfied with the results of your labor.

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