How to Fix a Broken Spray Nozzle on a Faucet

You are doing your best activity while using a spray nozzle. You need to save time to do 2 or 3 more tasks. The unfortunate thing that happens is that the spray nozzle breaks off.

Unfortunately, you are not equipped with ways of fixing it up. You attempt to seek technical help, but all goes in vain. Therefore, you have your time wasted and the problem unfixed.

Spray nozzles may not be very durable. They are, therefore, exposed to various challenges that may result in braking. Even when you try to use the best caring methods, you will experience the same challenge once in a while.

Causes of Broken Spray Nozzles on a Faucet

Before we address the quick fixing of a spray nozzle, it is essential to know the cause. The following are some major causes of broken nozzles.

1. Poor handling

While handling the spray nozzle, you may find it falling off from time to time. The major problem why it will keep falling is because of low storage. Once in a time, you may find yourself forgetting and dropping the nozzle.

2. Blocking

When the nozzle is blocked, and you release water at high pressure, the chances are that it will break. The primary reason for such breakage is pressure. It may not be able to accommodate the pressure that the water comes along with. Breaking in such a case is therefore inevitable.

3. Physical damage

These are challenges, such as placing the nozzle in extreme sunlight. The intense heat, therefore, ends up making the nozzle fail. It is also not surprising that even in the coldest conditions, the sprayer may fail.

If you do not arrest the challenge in advance, you will have the problem persisting.

4. Leaks

Once in a while or frequently, you may find the nozzle leaking on faucet. The outcome of such leaking is that the nozzle will end up breaking up.

The leading cause of leaking is that the sprayer has a blockage. It is a result of a build-up of clogging.

5. Type of nozzle

The type of nozzle determines the ability to serve for the most extended period. There are some designs and materials used that will quickly fail. Many single-fluid nozzles end up breaking because they cannot withstand the pressure.

Also, the properties of the liquid contribute to short time service. Some tend to be too thick to manage through the nozzle. Dirty water or impurities can make the flow of water-limited. The size of the drop is therefore susceptible and can damage the nozzle.

Methods of Fixing a Broken Spray Nozzle on a Faucet:

Several ways will help you to have a broken nozzle fixed. We will address a few ways that will probably give a positive outcome. Below are a few processes.

Method 1: Replacement of the Nozzle

When a nozzle is broken, and the chances of fixing it are limited, replacement is always an option. You will find it lovelier to get a new one to fix the mess.

One of the things you need to look at when buying a new nozzle is its compatibility. You should get one that matches the size of your sprayer. Getting a smaller one will not have your challenge fixed. A larger one will have leakages and exposure to getting off.

Step 1: Turn off the water to ensure that there is no water flowing through the sprayer.

Step 2: Open the existing part of the nozzle faucet. You will need to remove the current part of the nozzle altogether. When the breakage occurs, there are chances that you will have some features remaining. You will need to have them removed to enhance quick fixing.

Step 3: Clean the part of the nozzle where it existed below. The chances are that the amount will be dirty and may have some rust because of leakages. You can use a metal cleaner with some acidic content to clear it up.

Step 4: Remove any impurities from the sprayer. Once in a while, you may find the interior part clogged because of impurities. It is not bad to have a simple cleaning process to have it fixed.

Step 5: Prepare the new nozzle. Once you clean the sprayer, you need to prepare the new nozzle and have it fixed. The process of preparation involves unpacking it and testing it on the sprayer. If it is fit, the next thing you do is to fix it up.

Step 6: Fix the sprayer nozzle. The process of fixing the nozzle at this point is easy. All you will do is use pliers or a spanner to have it tightly repaired to the sprayer. You should always ensure that you comfortably and quickly fix the sprayer not to get exposed to breaking again.

Fixing a new nozzle is the most effective method. You will be sure that the sprayer will serve you for a more extended period after that. Focusing on getting a high-quality sprayer is very important. It guarantees a long term service.

Method 2: Fixing the Sprayer Using the Existing Nozzle on a faucet

At times, it can be slightly challenging to fix the sprayer using a new nozzle. You will, therefore, need to use the existing nozzle. Consequently, it means that you have to do some simple repairs then fix the nozzle back.

Most of the nozzles that you can fix back are plastic nozzles. The process of fixing is easy. You will need tape and an adhesive to seal the broken part.

Step 1: Test to see the degree of damage to the sprayer. You can do so by opening the tap to see the extremes of the leakage. If the nozzle is completely off, you do not need to do the test.

Step 2: Close the water supply to the sprayer and remove the nozzle.

Step 3: Repair the broken part of the nozzle. You will need adhesive and tape to complete the procedure. Put an adhesive on the damaged part and press it to have it tightly held. You can choose to use silicon as an adhesive as it works on both plastic and metal.

Once done, use a tape to hold the fixed part further.

Step 4: Fix back the nozzle to the sprayer. While fixing, ensure that the nozzle closes comfortably, leaving no place for leakages. Once done, you can add another layer of the tape to hold the sprayer and the nozzle firmly.

Step 5: Test the sprayer to see if the problem is fixed and no leakage. If not resolved, you can consider redoing the repair process or get a new nozzle.

The process of repairing is efficient and straightforward is appropriately done. However, it should be an option if you cannot get a new one.


As seen in the guide, fixing a broken nozzle is very easy. You only need to have the tools you need for healing and have the process achieved.

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