Which Finish is the Best for Bathroom Faucets

No bathroom is complete without the fixture installation.

Most people get surprised by how much something so insignificant such as a bathroom faucet finish, can impact their bathroom’s appearance.

If you buy a cheap bathroom faucet, chances are it will dripping quickly, making an otherwise elegant sink and countertop look significantly less attractive.

On the other hand, a high-quality faucet can transform an average bathroom into a magnificent bathroom.

Changing your bathroom fixtures, including the sink faucet, shower head, shower faucet, and other bathroom accessories to have a similar finish, can give your entire bathroom a more refined look.

Faucet Material Considerations

You can apply finish to many kinds of plastic and metal, so it is necessary to check your interior bathroom faucet before purchasing.

While a solid brass faucet may be an expensive option, it is heavy and dense, meaning it will last longer without rusting or leaking.

A stainless-steel faucet is also an option that is less likely to leak or corrode though they aren’t as strong as brass and are less expensive.

Zinc, on the other hand, is cheap but prone to corrosion when it contacts water. However, most reputable manufacturers sell most of their metal faucets with a lifetime warranty if all doesn’t go well.

According to research, no amount of lead is safe. Therefore, if you’re worried about lead exposure, you can buy a plastic faucet that is free from lead and is less expensive.

However, be prepared to quickly replace the faucet since its quality is not as high, and unlike metal faucet, it has no lifetime warranty.

Below are some of the best bathroom faucet finishes:

Silver-colored Bathroom Faucet Finishes

These faucet polishes are more common than the gold shades since they’re compatible with any décor.

Though chrome is more common when it comes to bathroom polish, nickel is also a scale-up. Besides, stainless steel has also gained much popularity.

It is easy to differentiate the three, chrome is lighter than nickel, while stainless steel consists of more blue undertones.

Though each finish comes with its benefits, you might want to go for the nickel finish since it is unparalleled soft, durable, and resistant to spots.

Polished Chrome

It is considered an inexpensive option for those who never wanted to invest heavily in their bathroom décor.

Chrome has now shed its stigma and is now used in high-end homes. Additionally, among the most cost-effective finish and most readily available.

The mirrored surface is also multi-purpose and fits well in all bathroom décor.


  • Not prone to scratch and is resistant to corrosion and rust. It is also the cheapest of all finishes and can be easily cleaned using a damp towel and mild cleansers. You can get it at your budget anywhere, and it is easily compatible with other finishes.


  • You have to clean it frequently to wipe away water spots and fingerprints.

Polished Nickel Finish

This finish is warmer, darker, and a bit complex than chrome. Under different lighting, you may notice that it changes slightly. It is compatible with varying designs of décor but more intense than polished chrome.


  • You can easily clean it with a damp towel and a mild cleanser. Moreover, it looks impressive, shines more than chrome, and is more durable than other finishes.


  • It is quite expensive and shows water spots and fingerprints.

Brushed Nickel finish

It is also known as satin nickel. It is treated with a wire brush giving it a matte look. It also hides water spots and fingerprints, thus more popular. People find it more luxurious than its shiny counterparts, but it is relatively inexpensive.


  • It is easy to clean and available in different styles. It is also the most durable finish you can find, and while it may be more expensive than stainless steel and chrome, it is relatively inexpensive.


  • It is not compatible with stainless steel units and accessories.

Polished Stainless Steel

This is the tried and tested king of faucet finishes that has rapidly moved from the kitchen to the bathroom.

It is considered a step up from chrome, like nickel, due to its color complexity, blue undertones, and durability.


  • Relatively inexpensive and corrosion resistance


  • It shows fingerprints and water spots and prone to scratches.

Gold-Hued Bathroom Faucet Finishes

Copper alloys (bronze, brass, and copper) are not only elegant but also naturally antimicrobial.

According to research, copper alloy surfaces have proved to kill around 90% of live bacteria, including vicious pathogens like E Coli and MRSA.  Each of these finishes has its benefits and color but are more expensive compared to silver-toned finishes.

Polished Brass

If you want classic gold fixtures in your bathroom, polished brass is the perfect choice for you. After being considered a staple of vintage flair bathroom for so long,  it has rapidly gained popularity with upcoming designs.


  • Like brass faucets, it is long-lasting and non-corrosive.


  • It is among the most expensive finish.

Oil-rubbed Bronze

If you prefer a dark and romantic color that maintains an upscale look, oil-rubbed bronze is the right choice. This finish is elegant and striking, and it adds drama to any ancient style.


  • It is long-lasting and easy to clean.


  • It differs depending on the manufacturer. Please get all your bathroom products from one manufacturer.


Are you searching for a bold, warm, and classic finish? Copper is the real deal. Though it is not compatible with most fixtures, it blends well with soft and neutral colors – more so black and dramatic white and stands out incredibly.

It is mostly associated with ancient, natural, and rustic designs but works well with almost all designs.


  • It has an outstanding appearance and the most naturally antimicrobial finish.


  • Scratches easily

Matte Black finish

Over the years, matte black finish has offered outstanding alternative metal finishes making it popular. Luxury brands have been using this finish to provide a few contemporary designs, while average brands offer traditionally designed and stylish accessories and faucets in matte black finish.


  • Exceptionally multi-purpose and matches all other accessories.


  • Expensive than most metal finishes though almost the same price as brass.

PVD Bathroom Faucet Finish

You may also notice other finishes labeled PVD. PVD means physical vapor deposition, and it does not describe the finish material but rather the application method used to secure the faucet finish.

The PVD process is more intense than the standard finish process, and it involves a high-temperature plasma and a vacuum chamber.

These faucet finishes are quite expensive, and from the designers’ point of view, they are indeed the best bathroom faucet finish alternative and offer the exact value for money. It is non-corrosive, scratch-resistant, and can be cleaned using any cleaner.


  • Scratch-resistant and non-corrosive


  • Quite expensive


These are all the best finishes for bathroom faucets. Therefore, you can choose one according to your preference.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment, and we will help you choose the right finish for your bathroom faucet.

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