10 Best Granite Composite Sink Reviews in 2021

A granite composite sink is made using a combination of granite stone dust and acrylic resins, which are molded to form a sink. The best granite composite sinks are made using 80% granite and 20% acrylic resin. Granite-quartz combination also works good.

The focal point for any given kitchen is neither the table nor counter space. Getting a composite kitchen sink isn’t all about its functionality but also the aesthetic purpose it will serve.

Even if the sink serves all the other purposes, it also needs to look good. That is why it would be worthwhile to consider equipping your kitchen with a granite sink.

Quick Comparison: Best Granite Composite Kitchen Sinks


Product Name



KRAUS Bellucci Workstation 30-inch Undermount Granite Composite Single Bowl Kitchen Sink in White with Accessories, KGUW1-30WH Kraus KGUW1-30WH Bellucci Workstation Granite Composite Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Granite Composite

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Ruvati Single Bowl Granite Composite Sink Ruvati Single Bowl Granite Composite Sink

Granite Composite

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Kraus KGD-54GREY Forteza Granite Composite Kitchen Sink Kraus KGD-54GREY Forteza Granite Composite Kitchen Sink

Granite Composite

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BLANCO White DIAMOND SILGRANIT Composite Kitchen Sink BLANCO White DIAMOND SILGRANIT Composite Kitchen Sink

Granite Composite

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Kraus Black Double Bowl Granite Kitchen Sink Kraus Black Double Bowl Granite Composite Kitchen Sink

Granite Composite

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Top 10 Best Granite Composite Sink Reviews:

1. Ruvati Single Bowl Kitchen Granite Composite Sink

Ruvati Single Bowl Kitchen Granite Composite Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable stain and heat resistant material
  • Installation: dual mount
  • The package comes with a strainer and installation guide
  • Material: natural granite
  • Additional accessories such as knock out holes.
  • Standard 3.5’’ drain opening
  • Dimensions: 32 * 19 * 9 inches
  • Weight: 38.1 pounds

Ruvati brand is a famous manufacturer of sinks globally. Need a long-lasting installation? Ruvati Midnight Composite Sink is another quality product from Ruvati. It has 80% granite finish making it sturdy and durable. The other 20% consists of resin, which makes the sink non-porous and resistant to a variety of chemicals you use in your kitchen.

Ruvati RVG2033BK sink color is deeply ingrained for consistent looks all the way. The surface is also antibacterial and resistant to stains. It can also withstand high temperatures up to 536 degrees Fahrenheit, making it suitable for your kitchen heating needs to extreme temperatures. It is highly durable, resistant to stains, mildew, and bacteria.

Ruvati Midnight Black sink is a versatile asset in your kitchen. You can either install it as a top mount or an under-mount. It comes with mounting clips for either type of installation, making it easy for you to fix it. Also, it has pre-drilled knockout holes, which can be used to install a soap dispenser.

Ruvati sink comes with additional features, including a strainer drainer assembly, a cutout template, mounting clips, and an installation guide to make the installation easy while boasting the appearance in your kitchen.

The rock-solid finish composite granite consists of 80% crushed granite, which provides additional strength while ensuring no cracks, chips on the sink.

Ruvati sink is equipped with excellent drainage due to its non-porous surface, which repels the water. The bottom is curved in a manner that ensures excellent drainage to keep your sink clean and dry. The round corners inside make it easy to clean the sink.

Ruvati Composite Sink consists of pre-drilled and partially drilled knockout holes, which you can use to install a soap dispenser. You have the option to have as many holes that you need according to your preference. Also, it is equipped with a standard drain opening allowing you to fit any garbage disposal unit you deem appropriate.

Ruvati sink boasts a creative and sensible design, which makes it unmatched for any kitchen use. The granite composite ensures the durability and strength of the tub.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Value for money
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Can withstand high temperatures
  • Highly durable
  • Excellent drainage
  • Spacious


  • Can easily be damaged
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2. Kraus KGD-54GREY Forteza Granite Composite Kitchen Sink

Kraus KGD-54GREY Forteza Granite Kitchen Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Additional features including trivet and cutout template
  • Installation: top mount or undermount
  • Richly colored
  • Heat and stain resistant
  • Thick stone construction: eliminates noise
  • Material: natural granite
  • Weight: 31.7 pounds
  • Spacious bowl

Kraus KGD 54GREY sink comes with additional accessories such as drain assembly, trivet, mounting gadgetry, and a cutout template to make installation easy. Take your experience in your kitchen a notch higher.

The high-quality granite sinks composition is specifically designed to give a high resistance to heat and high temperatures. It has a heat withstanding capacity of up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit.

It has a low-level sink divider, which ensures you get optimum space for accommodating your kitchenware. The low capacity ensures no splashing and gives uninterrupted workspace for cleaning even the most extensive cookware, including pots.

The fabric consists of silver ions that don’t allow the growth of bacteria. You will only need to carry out low maintenance since the surface is highly resistant to dust, making it easy to wipe it clean. With the pre-drilled holes on the faucet, you can easily make the drilling.

Kraus KGD facilitates a quieter kitchen by eliminating noise while the sink is in use. It has a non-fading color that ensures protection for a consistent hue without getting dull over time.

It gives more flexibility and convenience for you to either under-mount or drop-in installation. Need more space for cleaning utensils? The offset drain allows more workspace in the sink. The drop-in option is compatible with a variety of countertop materials.

Composite kitchen sinks are richly colored all the way. The color penetrates through the entire sink ensuring it doesn’t fade away with time even if exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.

The 80% granite composition ensures high resistance to impact, chippings as well as scratching. The thermal finishing ensures an ultimate product with a surface that withstands heavy use, heat resistance, discoloration, and chemicals.

The premium granite material is a blend of natural quartz with acrylic resin sturdy enough, making it a robust, durable, and luxurious look for your kitchen. The manufacturing process ensures even distribution union of the material throughout making it suitable for your kitchen use.


  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy
  • Versatile design
  • High quality
  • Simple to clean
  • Great packaging
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Blends well with stainless steel appliances in your kitchen


  • The installation clips to secure it to the counter are virtually worthless.
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3. Kraus Black Double Bowl Granite Composite Kitchen Sink

Kraus Black Double Bowl Granite Composite Kitchen Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Material: natural granite
  • Design: gently sloped bottom for proper drainage
  • Dual mount
  • Sturdy material resistant
  • Spacious bowl
  • Non-porous: naturally hygienic
  • Thick stone construction: eliminates noise
  • The package comes with basket strainer

Kraus is renowned as the top brand globally for sinks. Kraus Quarza sink features functionality and elegance. Is your sink unstable? Here is a more flexible option.

You can install the sink as an under-mount effortlessly. It is compatible with various types of countertop materials you might prefer for your kitchen.

Kraus Quarza is made of sturdy material. Kraus granite sink is comprised of natural granite, making it hardy enough to withstand impact with the least scratches.

It boasts a thermal finishing process that has equipped it with a surface that can easily withstand high heat, chemicals, discoloration, and heavy use. The product is designed to give unparalleled resistance to thermal shock and heat as well. It can withstand up to 650 Fahrenheit.

The Quarza sink has a large bowl to handle your utensils hassle-free. The sink measures 33”l*22”w*10”d for the bowl size; hence it is roomy enough to accommodate your kitchen dishes.

Kraus granite sink is gently sloped at the bottom to allow natural drainage while preventing stagnation of water in the tub. The engineers have taken to account an optimized angle that prevents the glassware from falling.

The non-porous surface is naturally hygienic as it resists substances from sticking on it hence making your clean up work much easy. It boasts of traditional and modern styling, making it easy for you to clean up the corners with much ease. The round edges are an excellent complement for any décor.

It makes it suitable for the kitchen set up as it reduces the vibration and the noise while the sink is in use. Also, the design is custom made to ensure smooth drainage while keeping the glassware from falling.

It is equipped with a handy basket for trapping food particles. You can dump your stuff in it only to empty it once you are done. Black granite composite sink reviews indicate it as the high quality kitchen sink since it is much versatile.


  • Sturdy
  • Easy to install
  • The stainless material makes it easy to clean
  • High quality
  • Looks great
  • Equipped with double mount features
  • The bottom dries up quickly on its own
  • The separation piece makes it easy to clean more significant items


  • The sink comes with only one tailpipe.

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4. BLANCO White DIAMOND SILGRANIT Composite Kitchen Sink

BLANCO White 440195 DIAMOND SILGRANIT Composite Kitchen Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Scratch-resistant natural granite
  • Dual mount features
  • Durable material resistant to heat and strain
  • Spacious bowl
  • The package comes with cutting board and grid
  • Scratchproof and stain-resistant
  • Size: 32.5 * 22 * 9.5 inches
  • Installation: drop-in or under-mount

Blanco sink measures 32.5’’L* 22” W * 9.5″ D which is specially constructed to fit a cabinet base with a minimum of 36”. You can fill the sink with all your utensils, including pots, pans, forks, and knives due to its adequate space. Importantly, the sink won’t get scratch or stains. Therefore, you have the guarantee for color on the sink surfaces, ensuring it remains beautiful over the year.

Blanco White is equipped with drop-in and under-mount features to make it easy for you to install quickly and conveniently. You can easily install it yourself without the need for specialized skills.

This sink is made of a durable material resistant to heat, strain, damage, chip, and impact while ensuring high hygiene and food-friendly environments in your kitchen.

Blanco sink comes with additional accessories, including the grid and the cutting board for the drop-in. They help protect the furnishing of your kitchen while you do your cleanup. They enable you to retain the sink appearance looking flawless.

The sinks rack is useful for rinsing stacked utensils and preparing vegetables, giving you a convenient dry in-sink rack for glassware, utensils, and plates. Dish rack also allows you to store your utensils safely while cleaning them. It is suitable for your cleanup since it saves you space because you can use with the big cookware.

SILGRANIT is designed to allow easy cleaning for optimum hygiene in your kitchen. With it, there is no room for mold or bacteria growth. You won’t need to get additional chemicals to keep your kitchen clean.

Blanco has a heat-resistant design which works to meet the aesthetic and functional purposes. It is heat-resistant up to 536 degrees Fahrenheit to serve even your optimal heat requirement for cooking and boiling temperatures. The sink withstands both extremes for hot and cold temperatures too.

The diamond kitchen sink is a stain-resistant feature that makes the sink resistant to stains from household activities. The non-porous surface makes the bowl resistant to all sorts of stains from the chemicals you use in your kitchen. It not only brings luxury but also serves decorative purposes in your kitchen.

Blanco sink is sturdy enough to handle your cookware easily and serve the sink needs since it can handle many utensils at a go. The depth is perfect, making it amazingly easy to clean your items without spillage.

The big, deep, and beautiful features make the incredible sink appear lovely in your kitchen. Even though you will need a lot of space to mount it, the sink will serve your purpose.


  • Looks great
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Spacious
  • Highly durable material
  • Stain-resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Unsurpassed quality and craftmanship


  • It doesn’t come with a filter.

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5. Kraus KGF1-33 Apron Front High End Granite Composite Sink

Kraus KGF1-33 Apron Front High End Granite Quartz Composite Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Robust hardwood cutting board
  • High-grade construction for durability and long time use
  • Built-in ledge for better functioning
  • Wear-resistant finish
  • Noise defend technology and vibration-free mechanism.
  • Extreme heat and cold-resistant

The Kraus KGF granite quartz composite sink is a colorful, deep, large, and heavy kitchen sink. The sink features a farmhouse design that looks elegant with composite construction that ensures durability, ease of use, and easy maintenance.

It is made from granite-quartz composite material that is also enhanced with a CeramTek for superior durability. The non-porous surface of the sink makes it easy to keep it clean.

The 100 percent Italian made kitchen sink is perfect for a contemporary or modern décor. The sink’s high craftsmanship will surely catch the eye of any individual who might visit the kitchen.

This single bowl sink offers an uninterrupted workspace that is perfect for users to wash all types of items, including large cookware. It is made with a stunning union of improved engineering and a statement-making style.

The sink is well-engineered for easy and complete drainage. It is also designed to prevent the pooling of water in the sink.

Measuring 32 7/8 inches in length, 20 ¾ inches width, and the diameter of 9 3/8 inches, the sink offers a minimum cabinet size of 36 inches. The advanced CeramTek material also gives the new tactile experience with an ultra-smooth and hydro-repellent surface, which enables water to bead up and stain-resistant for a lifetime of style and dependability.

Combining the best technology and nature, this granite composite sink is a remarkable fusion of modern design, innovation, and superior strength. The robust material used in making this ultra modern granite composite kitchen sink is heat-resistant and can withstand extreme cold or hot fluctuations.

It features a premium cutting board with a unique modern design for effective cutting. The built-in ledger supports items that slide across the sink for easy preparation without losing the kitchen counter’s workspace. For a better visual experience, the sink is made with a 100 percent pure white color with UV protection, and it is fade-proof.

It is a common thing to have some noise when washing pots and plates. But thanks to this Kraus granite composite farmhouse sink, soundproofing technology that features thick pads that cover the sink.

The pads absorb the noise to a great extent and allow you to work in a peaceful environment. The pads also help in absorbing the vibration and minimizing the noise produced when using the sink. Overall, it’s the perfect granite composite kitchen sink I have ever seen.


  • Nice finish
  • Elegant and sleek design
  • Large bowls which are suitable for multitasking and washing of large pots
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • The bottom side of the sink is well sloped for efficient and rapid drainage.
  • Soundproofing pads make it quieter compared to other models.


  • The stainless steel material might rust if it is not properly cleaned.
  • Cutting board not be used in most cases

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6. Kraus KGU -413B Undermount Single Bowl Black Onyx Granite Kitchen Sink

Kraus KGU -413B Undermount Single Bowl Black Onyx Granite Kitchen Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • The package comes with additional accessories such as kitchen towel and basket strainer
  • Design: Under-mount design
  • Spacious bowl
  • Material: granite
  • Silicon ions: naturally hygiene
  • Thick stone material: eliminates noise
  • Sturdy heat and stain-resistant material
  • Vibrant colors

Kraus Onyx features an under-mount design, allowing a smooth transition from a sink to a countertop hence giving you a comfortable time cleaning it. The blend of traditional and modern styling for the gently rounded corners comes in handy to complement the décor in your kitchen.

This sink comes with silver ions, which adds up to the hygiene features by repelling germs from the sink. The sink needs only low maintenance practices since it is resistant to dirt, and hence you can easily wipe or clean it.

Enjoy a noise-free kitchen since the kitchen sink consists of a thick stone material designed to do away with noise and vibration while ensuring the sink retains its original color. It also includes UV protection, which ensures it won’t get dull over time.

Kraus Onyx measures 30.5”L*17” W *9”D hence giving adequate space for you to carry out your cleaning activities hassle-free. The bowl size varies to provide you with installation options to choose from a sink that will be a functional addition to your kitchen.

Kraus KGU Granite consists of about 80% granite features, which gives it a natural look. It goes through a thermal finishing process, making the process resistant to heat, chipping, discoloration, chemicals, and scratching that can withstand usage overtime.

The drain and strainer work well, and you can easily do away with the trash and empty it once through. Kraus KGU Onyx Granite is an incredible sink that comes with additional accessories. The sink consists of a basket strainer, sink, cutout template, mounting features, and a kitchen towel to make your kitchen activities much easy.

The fade-proof feature ensures the sink retains its color all through. The vibrant colors are deeply ingrained throughout the sink. UV protection prevents fading and discoloration over time that would occur due to exposure to the sunlight.


  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Value for money
  • Made of natural granite
  • Naturally sound-absorbing
  • Highly resistant to heat
  • Great appearance
  • Stays clean after use


  • It consists of minimal granite composition
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7. Houser MIDNITE Quartztone Series Granite Sink

Houser MIDNITE Quartztone Series Granite Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Material: natural granite
  • Heat and stain resistant
  • Spacious bowl
  • Installation type: undermount
  • Standard 3.5” drain
  • Ruvati limited lifetime warranty
  • Package includes basket strainer and installation guide
  • Size: 31.75 * 19.25

Houser sink comprises of a black granite bar and a prep sink to fit your kitchen needs. It consists of 80% granite and 20% acrylic granite, making it sturdy yet easy to clean and maintain.

Houser sink enhances the hygiene you need in your kitchen. It is easy to clean since it doesn’t bear stains. It also consists of antibacterial protection.

Houser gives high resistance to heat and thermal shock, making it strong enough to withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It is resistant to chippings, fading, and scratches, making it continue giving a great appearance over time.

Houser sink provides a dual option for you to choose either top mount or under mount installations. It also comes with installation instructions, making it easy to carry out the installation without requiring specialized skills.

Houser is a suitable option asset as it adds value to your home assets. It holds excellent looks, making it a great addition to your kitchen. It will not only offer functionality but also serve aesthetic purposes.

The installation is straightforward, and the mounting of clips is easy because the appliance comes with the instruction manual. The size is perfect for accommodating a variety of kitchen items for practical use. Undoubtedly, it is a reliable option noting it is built of durable granite, which guarantees durability

Measuring 8’’ deep, the bowl is adequate to accommodate a variety of your kitchen items, making your cleaning easy. The low capacity prevents splashing while offering you an uninterrupted workspace to wash all your cookware sizes, including pots hassle-free.

The silky to touch appearance makes it a perfect match for the contemporary kitchen. You will love the unique look of the sink, which doesn’t get stains, chipping, or scratches.


  • Value for money
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Spacious
  • Sleek design
  • Functional
  • High heat resistance
  • Resistant to stains


  • Bad packaging
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8. Kraus Fortezza 33 inch Granite Kitchen Sink

Kraus Fortezza 33 inch Granite Kitchen Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • All-inclusive package: comes with drain assembly, silicone mint and trivet
  • Natural granite material
  • Silver ions: naturally hygienic
  • The natural-like stone material: noise absorption
  • Gently sloping drainage
  • Dual mount design
  • Tough construction that withstands scratches
  • Spacious double bowls

The Kraus Fortezza KGD- 52 Grey kitchen set comes equipped with the sink, cut out template, mounting hardware, drain assembly, silicone mint, and trivet, which makes it a handy item in your kitchen.

Kraus Fortezza is one of the Best composite kitchen sinks equipped with quality granite composite sink. It is designed to give a high resistance to high levels of heat and impact. It can resist heat up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, the deep bowl measuring 9.75’’ deep hence it is capable of accommodating even your big kitchen wares comfortably.

The sink is equipped with silver ions, which makes the sink naturally hygienic since it repels germs for a clean tank. Also, it requires only low routine maintenance and is highly resistant to stains; you effortlessly wipe it clean.

The thick stone construction ensures you get a quieter sink for your kitchen since it eliminates the noise as you do your cleaning. The materials don’t fade and comprise of UV protection that doesn’t get dull over time.

The design of Kraus Fortezza sink makes it flexible and convenient option since you can choose to under-count or drop-in installation. It consists of a pre-drilled hole and four other holes, which makes drilling much easy. The drain is strategically set at the rear part to allow more workspace in the sink.

The sink is designed with a gentle slope to facilitate fast drainage. The optimized angle ensures the glassware doesn’t tip over to the sink.

Kraus Fortezza allows you to use the sink bowls independently since it is separated mid-way, allowing room for soaking, drying, and washing. Its depth is adequate to accommodate your substantial cooking pots while preventing splashing.

Kraus Fortezza is sturdy enough to withstand scratches, chipping, and impact. Thermal finishing makes the surface hardy to withstand heavy use, resistance to heat, discoloration, and chemicals.


  • Easy to clean
  • Needs little attention to mount
  • Great appearance
  • The right amount of slope for easy draining
  • Stain-resistant
  • Made of high-end granite
  • A quieter kitchen sink
  • Superior and durable


  • Troublesome mounting screws

9. Elkay Quartz Classic Single Bowl Greystone Undermount Granite Composite Kitchen sink

Elkay Quartz Classic Single Bowl Greystone Undermount Composite sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Installation type: under-mount
  • Spacious bowl
  • Stain and heat resistant
  • Material: quartz
  • Richly colored
  • Naturally quiet
  • Weight: 33 pounds
  • Size: 37.63 * 26.75 * 16.06 inches

Elkay Quartz Classic sink allows for under-mount beneath the countertop hence giving it a great appearance between the countertop and the sink.

It eliminates separators’ interruptions; hence, it allows you adequate space to wash and stacking your household items

Elkay Quartz Classic is easy to clean and stain-resistant, enabling it to retain its beauty and style. You can easily rinse it with soapy water for any food and greasy stains.

The heat and scratch-resistant features make the sink capable of withstanding extreme temperatures safely up to 535 degrees Fahrenheit, making it ideal for your high-temperature needs in your kitchen without causing the danger of getting damaged.

Elkay Quartz sink is designed to be quiet as the material makes it absorb noise when working on the sink. You can also choose from varying attractive colors ranging from gray, brown, black, and white. It is UV stable to ensure it doesn’t fade even if exposed to direct sunlight.

Stain resistant – this feature makes it presentable since it doesn’t get stains from food and beverages. Also, it won’t allow medium for bacteria to spread, making it ideal for your kitchen hygiene.

The bar and prep features – these features of Elkay Classic are entertaining and allow you to enjoy cooking in style with the elegant bar sink. You will enjoy the convenience of your kitchen.


  • Easy to clean
  • Naturally quiet
  • Stain-resistant
  • Variety of color choices
  • Strong and beautiful
  • Durable
  • Value for money
  • High heat resistant


  • It needs regular clean up
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10. Signature Hardware Single Basin Granite Composite Farmhouse Sink

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Highlighted Features:

  • Material: High-quality granite
  • Richly colored
  • Spacious bowl
  • Durable construction: resistant to stains and heat
  • Installation type: undermount
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Weight: 33 pounds
  • Dimensions: 37.63 * 26.75 * 16.06 inches

The signature Hardware Farmhouse sink is reliable and robust to withstand your kitchen activities. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and customer support all along.

It allows maximum space for you to work. The massive basin makes it ideal for getting all your kitchen chores done early.

This sink is built to last. Signature Hardware features a variety of sinks, each with unique features. What makes this sink exceptional? The exposed front makes it unique, unlike other sinks. The chisel stone appearance makes it stylish to suit a contemporary kitchen.

The signature sink will serve the aesthetic as well as functionality purposes in your kitchen. The handcrafted design makes the sink stand out as a unique asset addition to your kitchen.

The polished stone granite is a superior upgrade to your kitchen. The stone’s appearance is an indicator of sophistication and finesse that is a suitable addition to your assets. It will serve not only aesthetic purposes but also great functionality.

The signature sink has a perfect eye appeal, which captures attention for everyone viewing it. The color is suitable to blend well with your kitchen. The sink is accessible to leans, and the granite needs no treatment. You can be sure the sink will be of service to you for years—gorgeous and exceptional kind of a tub to install.

Once professionally installed, giving it adequate reinforcement to the cabinet, the sink is sturdy enough to withstand your busy clean up schedules in the kitchen. It also allows for the installation of a faucet through a tight space behind the sink. The finished product is ideal for your kitchen striking attention to everyone.

It takes professional installation procedures. In most instances, it requires custom made cabinets for the sink to rest on a support frame within the cabinet. The process is engaging. However, once installed, the cabinet will guarantee reliable service over time.


  • Handcraft design
  • High-quality granite
  • Huge workspace
  • Durable
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Reliable
  • High functionality
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Installation takes time

Granite Composite Kitchen Sink Buying Guide

The appearance, size, and shape

The appearance is as vital as the functionality of the sink. You should go for something that meets your preferred design and style. The appearance entails the structure, colors, patterns, and size.

First, identify the size and the shape of your ideal sink and then focus on the aesthetic bit it should serve. You can buy a white granite sink and other hue varieties. Define your preferences and buy the variant that you consider to be the best as you shop.

The durability of the sink

Durable appliances save you money. Composite kitchen sinks reviews indicate the lifespan of the sink depends on the construction. Importantly, virtually all granite sinks are designed to last. They are built of materials that are resistant to heat, stains, discoloration, and chipping.

With that, you will easily be able to carry out maintenance practices to care for it. It is essential to check the manufacturer’s guide to knowing which products to use for your cleaning without posing any danger of damage to your sink.

Also, factoring the durability of the sink is vital. Lighter colors are likely to last over time without showing any scratches, unlike the darker shades. A sink that suits your kitchen design is the most appropriate choice to purchase.

Noise elimination features

Most customers want an appliance that won’t thunder around during the cleanup. Granite sink reviews indicate that a vast array of modern sinks come with noise elimination features, which dampens the noise coming along with the sink’s use.

The contemporary design of sinks eliminates the sounds of cracking pots and pans, giving you a noise-free kitchen. It is a vital feature to guarantee you a conducive environment in your home. A variety of the granite sinks are made using a thick stone material which eliminates the noise to ensure a noise-free environment.

Number of bowls

Your habits in the kitchen will determine the number of bowls suitable for your composite granite kitchen sink. If you clean your utensils using your hands, a double bowl sink will serve the purpose. You can quickly soak some while cleaning the others simultaneously.

However, if you use a dishwasher, it would be suitable to go for a single bowl. The separate bowl allows more space for you to clean up your pots and pans while the other utensil goes through the dishwasher. Typically, the single bowl sinks are cheaper, unlike the double bowl counterparts. Irrespective of the bowl you decide to go for, depth and the overall design play a vital role.

Installation type

There are four installation designs: top mount, under-mount, dual mount, and farmhouse. The top mount egranite sinks are the easiest to install or replace once damaged. You can easily do it at your home without hiring a professional.

The farmhouse design is gaining popularity and is unique to look at though it is challenging to install and requires professional service providers to attend your sink. Its large size and mounting it from below are some of the reasons that make it challenging to install.

The under-mount sink is similar to the farmhouse design since you must fit them from below, which means you will need to hire a professional to do the mounting. The dual mounting can be done on either side of the countertop. Therefore, the mounting style depends on what you prefer to buy.

Hygiene and maintenance practices

The kitchen sink plays a vital role in your kitchen, and therefore it is of the essence, going for a sink, which is not only easy to clean but also maintain.

However, the good news is that most manufacturers will offer tubs resistant to stains, giving you a comfortable time since you won’t have to clean the sink every day. Soapy water and a piece of clothing will be enough to get the sink clean. Replace your conventional sink with a solid granite sink that is easy to clean.

Value for money

The cost and warranty of a granite kitchen sink are vital to consider. Fortunately, the price of a granite sink is affordable. Granite sinks cost less than sinks made from other materials, including stone, clay, and cast iron.

Additionally, buying a sink that comes with a warranty gives peace of mind since you won’t have to worry when the sink develops some challenges. Even though the warranty policies vary from one company to another, it is vital to ensure you get one with a warranty to guarantee you long-lasting service. A durable and functional sink in your kitchen is an essential indicator of a successful kitchen.

Pros of Granite Composite Sinks

  1. Heat Resistant: Sinks come with a lot of purposes, and various things get used in them. The primary function is washing, and different liquids get used. Not all sinks withstand hot liquids, but a granite composite sink will. This feature has made it a darling to many homeowners. Hot water works out great in washing various items and killing germs. The ability to use it in your sink enhances and makes your washing easier.
  2. Resists Chipping, Staining, Scratching, Water Spots, and Acid: The washing area contains water, washing equipment, and gadgets, detergents, and other products ideal for cleaning. Sinks get installed in the washing area, and if not strong enough, they may get affected by things found within and around. It is why granite composite sinks are the best compared to other sinks available on the market today. They don’t get stained by detergents or other chemicals, and you can never find water spots on them. Because of their sturdy material, they don’t chip when force gets exerted on them.
  3. Long Life: With their durable material, granite composite sinks serves for many years.
  4. Attractive: The granite composite material looks beautiful and is available in different colors. Granite Composite sinks improve the appearance of the room.
  5. Affordable: You don’t have to break a bank to own a granite composite sink. Most manufacturers offer it at an affordable price.

Cons of Granite Composite Sinks

  1. The installation requires extra support unlike other styles
  2. Granite composite sinks should be maintained regularly
  3. If not well cleaned, granite composite sinks with lighter colors may become dull

Though the granite composite sinks have some challenges, the benefits outweigh them. Depending on the purpose of the room or sink, you can mount any style you wish. To help you choose the style that best suits you, here are the details of various mounting styles and how they get installed.

Granite Composite Sink Mounting Styles

Top-Mount Style

Top mount granite composite sinks get mounted by dropping them in from over the countertop. As a result, the process is easier and comfortable. Unfortunately, with this style, gunk and grime usually collect and settle inside the sink rim.

Unlike the top mounts, under-mount granite composite sinks get mounted from the countertops beneath. It is not an easy process, explaining why most installers opt to remove the countertop first, then mount it.

The sink gets installed by inserting it in the countertop’s pre-cut hole. Its wide rim around it helps to support the sink while it sits on the countertop. For a water-tight fit and to caulk it in place, silicone gets used.

Undermount Style

As its name suggests, the sink gets attached to the countertop’s underside. To ensure the sink sits at its place, you can support it from the base using a base cabinet structure or use special clips to have stick to its place.

Dual Mount Style

The sink comes with a flat rim, and you can install it either from above or below your countertop, just like the top mount and undermount styles. The choice is yours. Except for the sinks containing quartz, dual mount sinks’ thickness is usually that of its material.

Farmhouse Style

Apron front sinks are also known as farmhouse sinks and usually compromise all the kitchen sink rage found in the industry. Unlike the traditional undermount or top mount styles, they feature a much deeper single large bowl design. If you want an eye-catching sink with plenty of space, this option is the best.

The mounting of this sink type usually happens below the countertop, but it comes exposed in its front side, which extends out a bit than the below cabinet. It best suits any solid countertop or surface.

Because of its installation design, it comes out with a unique look. Mounting it may not be a piece of cake; you might need a professional’s services to have it properly installed. Also, its base cabinet requires a particular design.

The difference between the top mount and undermount installation styles is the countertop’s side from which they get mounted. Regarding this, you may wonder which of the two is best. To get the answer, let’s compare the two.

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Undermount v/s Top Mount Granite Sink

Top mount sinks are easy to mount because they just slide into place, then caul them to have them stick and sit correctly. Because of their availability and popularity, finding them is easy, and comes at an affordable price.

But the undermount sinks are expensive and complicated to install. You may need to look for assistance from an expert. However, unlike the undermount sinks, these sinks don’t look attractive due to their exposed lips. Also, it’s not easy to clean the sinks’ edges and the countertops due to their design.

Sweeping food or any liquid directly into a top mount sink is impossible. Topmount sinks also take up more countertop space, which could have gotten used for other valuable things.

The under-mount sinks may not be hard to clean, but debris may get stuck where the sink and the countertop meet. But they look lovely when installed, and can be used for an aesthetic purpose.

Because both sink types have their benefits over the other, you install them based on your needs and preferences. In some situations, either of them can emerge the best.


Though you now have grasped some knowledge about the granite composite sinks, you may still have questions that require answers. To help you clear your mind, below are some of the frequently asked questions and their answers.

1. Are Granite Composite Sinks Durable?

Yes. High pressure usually gets used to form granite composite sinks. In return, they become hygienic and nonporous. They also resist chips, heat, scratches, and stains.

2. How Do You Restore a Composite Sink?

Clean it daily using a soft and quality nylon brush or sponge. Use soapy water, and rinse the sink thoroughly after washing to prevent water or soap spots. Also, the mineral deposits may cloud the sink’s finishing if not rinsed well. Then restore its shine after every cleaning by applying mineral oil on its surface using a soft cloth.

3. Is There Any Difference Between a Granite Sink and a Composite Sink?

Yes. A granite sink gets made purely from granite, while a composite sink contains resin. Since granite sinks use natural stone, they are unique and comes with its natural color. Manufacturers make composite sinks with various colors.

4. What is The Best Way to Daily Care of a Granite?

Use a clean sponge or sponge in warm soapy water to wipe the surface. Water and isopropyl solution used in equal portions in place of soapy water also works out great. Avoid using bleach, vinegar, or Windex on granite.

5. Will ammonia or Vinegar Harm a Granite Acrylic Sink?

Yes. The use of ammonia and vinegar in cleaning granite acrylic sinks will weaken and dull the sealant with time. Harsh cleaners quicken the breakdown of sealants.

So, What’s the Best Granite Composite Sink?

As illustrated above, granite composite sinks are essential in our houses. They come with a bunch of benefits as explained above, and have different mounting styles. Our top pick from the top 10 granite composite sinks is the Blanco white kitchen sink.

The sink offers several installation options such as under-mount and top mount. If under-mounted, the appearance is excellent, while installation for top mounting is easy.

It also comes with a variety of colors giving you options to choose the color you prefer to blend with your kitchen. Also, the Blanco sink comes in varying sizes allowing you to select a suitable size for your kitchen.

Even if you have inadequate space in your kitchen, you will easily choose a sink that fits your kitchen. However, if your kitchen space isn’t squeezed, it is advisable to go for the most significant size since it gives you ample space to clean your dishes.

Noting that it consists of 80% granite, you get a quality sink at an affordable cost. It is resistant to scratches and stains from the chemicals you use in your kitchen.

You won’t be bothered about damages either since this sink can withstand high heat levels without getting damaged. Besides, its durability guarantees you value for money. So, You can pick the best granite composite sink for your kitchen to get the highest functionalities.

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