Top 10 Best Fireclay Farmhouse Sink Reviews in 2021

Designed for modern living, fireclay sinks are the dreamiest kitchen fixtures today. If you love the amazing country kitchen look of a farmhouse sink, you may want to invest in a fireclay sink. A fireclay farmhouse sink is the center piece of a traditional kitchen.

The best fireclay farmhouse sink can provide a rustic yet classy appearance to any kitchen. Moreover, these sinks are able to hold a large amount of water. They are durable and useful too.

Fireclay sink resists staining, chipping and temperature changes. However, fireclay farmhouse sinks will offer all of these features plus beauty too.

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Quick Comparison: Best Fireclay Farmhouse Sinks


Product Name




BOCCHI 1138-025-0120 Classico Apron Front Fireclay Farmhouse Sink BOCCHI 1138-025-0120 Classico Apron Front Fireclay Farmhouse Sink



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Houzer PTG-4300 WH Durable Apron-Front Single Bowl Fireclay Farmhouse Sink Houzer PTG-4300 WH Durable Apron-Front Single Bowl Fireclay Farmhouse Sink



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Kraus KFR1-33GWH Reversible Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Kraus KFR1-33GWH Reversible High End Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink



Check Price
Ruvati Reversible Fireclay Farmhouse Apron-Front Kitchen Sink Ruvati Reversible Fireclay Farmhouse Apron-Front Kitchen Sink



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Barclay FS30 Fire Clay White Farmhouse Sink Barclay FS30 Fire Clay White Farmhouse Sink



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Top 10 Best Fireclay Farmhouse Sink Reviews:

1. BOCCHI 1138-025-0120 Classico Apron Front Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

BOCCHI 1138-025-0120 Classico Apron Front Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Organic fireclay
  • Crack resistant
  • Nonporous surface that won’t stain
  • Comes with expert installation options

This beautiful white fireclay farmhouse sink will fit most basic needs right out of the box. Its single bowl design will allow you to maneuver large pots, pans and casserole dishes in and out of the sink for easy washing.

The drain is located in the middle of the sink for superior and quick draining. An added advantage to this drain is that no special flanges are needed for garbage disposal installation.

Fine and organic fireclay has been used to make this particular sink. The result is a smooth appearance that has a shiny glazed finish. Normal care should keep this farmhouse sink looking great for years to come, though no abrasives should be used on it.

However, because of its nonporous qualities, this fireclay farm sink will resist staining from acidic and alkaline substances. The sink comes well-packaged but will require at least two people to move it. In total it weighs about 200 lbs.

This country kitchen farmhouse apron sink will fit into most 30 inch sink cabinets and has beautiful rounded corners for a softer look. This model also comes with a sink protector that makes sure the bottom of your sink won’t be accidentally scratched.

This metal grid can help save your dishes too. A metal basket strainer is also included, so you won’t have to worry about purchasing a new strainer after this sink is installed. Because of the fireclay material is so hard, fragile items like glasses or porcelain plates may not fare well if dropped into your sink.


  • The classic white color will complement any kitchen
  • Comes with a protective grid
  • A basket strainer is included
  • The single bowl design makes washing large items easy
  • Will not crack over time


  • Some type of pitch may be required to drain better
  • Cleaner needs to be used for wiping off heavy stains
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2. Houzer PTG-4300 WH Durable Apron-Front Single Bowl Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

Houzer PTG-4300 WH Durable Apron-Front Single Bowl Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Drain connection of 3 – ½ inches
  • Made with true fireclay
  • It comes with all the necessary accessories and hardware for assembly
  • ISO certified
  • It comes with a limited lifetime guarantee

The Houzer PTG-4300 Fireclay Sink comes with modern design that fits in any contemporary kitchen. Its single square bowl adds a traditional accent to your kitchen.

Most homeowners prefer installing this sink to grace the center of their homes. Its fireclay apron is a timeless classic that can get mounted as an apron front or an undermount.

If you are searching for a farmhouse sink to serve your kitchen for many years, consider the Houzer PTG-4300 Fireclay Sink. The tub usually goes under fire at 2200 degree Fahrenheit for more than 20 hours to create it.

As a result, the surface becomes very sturdy and durable. Therefore, it is ideal for installing into a busy kitchen where many dishes, items, and foodstuffs of various sizes and weight get cleaned.

The sink withstands chips, stains, and scratches, explaining why it has won the hearts of many homeowners. It means that the sink retains its luster, maintaining its great look and the attractive appearance it adds to your kitchen.

As a Hamat’s division, Houzer uses the current most advanced injection molding methods and combines it with the recent cutting-edge technology and old hand craftsmanship to create this sink.

The factories for making these fireclay sinks are in Israel, and the company has an experience of 70 years in their manufacturing.

The Houzer PTG-4300 Fireclay Sink is ISO certified, removing the doubt about their safety and quality. In return, you enjoy value for your money! It’s no wonder that this sink stands out from the rest.


  • Sturdy and serves for a long time while maintaining its luster
  • Its single basin design offers more workspace
  • The draining capability is optimum due to its center drain location
  • Ideal for any contemporary kitchen
  • Attractive with a traditional touch


  • Dark liquid will stain it if don’t rinse immediately 
  • Higher Price
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3. Ruvati Reversible White Fireclay Farmhouse Apron Front Sink

Ruvati Reversible White 33 inch Fireclay Farmhouse Apron Front Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Can be installed according to style preference
  • Extra thick fireclay
  • Fireclay fired at 2900 degrees for maximum durability
  • Made in Italy
  • Resistant to stains, damage and temperature changes
  • Can accommodate garbage disposal

This ruvati white fireclay farmhouse apron front kitchen sink offers many options. The apron front sink can be installed with either side facing outward depending on your preferred style.

Though both sides have an apron front, one side has a delightful fluted design while the other side remains smooth and plain.

Fired at the Ruvati kilns in Italy with fine grain particles, this farmhouse sink has a lovely shiny finish. Each side of the sink and bottom are one inch thick, so you can rest assured that this sink can stand the test of time.

The thick fireclay reduces any chance of cracking or chipping over many years. The shiny glaze can be cleaned normally with mild dish detergent.

The drain is centered within the sink and a garbage disposal can easily be installed. However, because of the sink’s thickness, an extended flange may be required. A drain assembly and a drain strainer come with this model.

The single bowl is a defined rectangle with sharp inner corners. This design can fit with almost any kitchen decor, whether you have a rustic style or prefer a sleek modern look. Overall the white color farmhouse sink offers classic fresh and bright appearance. This ruvati sink can fit almost any 33″ sink cabinet.


  • White color looks understated and attractive
  • Is extra durable due to fireclay being fired at high temperatures
  • Walls and bottom of sink are very thick
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Installation guide is included
  • Drain is centered for good drainage


  • The drain hole is not big enough
  • Extra care required.
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4. Kraus KFR1-33GWH High End Reversible Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

Kraus KFR1-33GWH High End Reversible Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Sloped bottom
  • Stainless steel dish grid
  • Made with true fireclay
  • Deep bowl for washing and stacking dishes
  • Rear offset drain
  • Glazed finishing, and thick fire clay walls

The Kraus KFR1-33GWH Turino 33-inch Fireclay Farmhouse Apron Reversible Single Bowl Kitchen Sink is an eco-friendly sink. The sink has many advantages. Apart from being eco-friendly, the sink elevates utensils so that they do not rest on the bottom of the sink.

The dish grid fits well into the sink lengthwise and widthwise. It has a one-layer rack on which you can stack utensils. The utensils rest on the grid without touching the bottom of the sink. Water under the grid flows easily to the rear offset drain since the bottom is sloped.

It measures 33 inches by 18 inches in length and width and has a height of 10 inches. Such size will accommodate you on instances when you have visitors or family visiting and you have many utensils to do. The size also allows you to fit your cooking pots inside and clean them.

Most importantly, the sink has a glazed finishing, which makes it easy to clean. The glazed finishing also prevents it from absorbing water and consequently lengthens its life. Sinks are hygiene areas where cleanliness should be of paramount interest.

Finally, the sink can accommodate hot water for cleaning because the clay used to make the sink has been fired at very high temperatures. Some sinks, for instance, those made using stainless steel, can warp when hot water is poured in them. In the end, they might bend and distort the original shape of the sink.

Overall, this product is worth purchasing as it offers many advantages over its market rivals.


  • Has sloping bottom for improved drainage
  • The sink drains easily
  • Has a bottom dish grid that elevates utensils and eliminates scratching
  • Ideal for any contemporary kitchen
  • Attractive with a traditional touch


  • Offers a plastic strainer
  • The strainer is sold separately
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5. Latoscana 33″ Reversible Modern Single Bowl Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Latoscana Reversible Modern Best Single Bowl Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • No extended flanges are required for garbage disposal installation
  • Can be installed as an undermount, raised or flush mount sink
  • 33 in. wide and 18 in. deep
  • Lighter than other fireclay sinks
  • Flat bottom
  • Comes with expert installation options

This single bowl latoscana farmhouse sink has a classic design that can accommodate contemporary or vintage styles. The bowl is rectangle in shape and has a flat bottom.

The finishing glaze is a simple white that won’t dull down or stain over time. The glaze also resists chipping and scratches. Along with the nonporous nature of the fireclay, the glaze is a major asset to this model. One great thing about this sink is its versatility.

One side is of a fluted Italian design while the other side is flat and smooth. Either design makes for a beautiful apron front fireclay sink. The sink can be installed with either side facing out according to your kitchen needs while the other side sits flush within its cabinet.

The drain hole is centered within the sink. This model does not come with a drain assembly. The drain is of standard size, however, and a garbage disposal can be easily attached without extended flanges.

Because of the fireclay is slightly thinner in this model, you can enjoy a sink that is lighter to move around and install. It is still fairly heavy and will probably need a couple people to maneuver it into place. If you are worried about not having enough support below your sink, a lighter sink like this one could be the way to go.

This sink remains durable and able to resist stains and chipping like all fireclay. With a shallower bowl, this sink may do well within shorter cabinetry or in a smaller vertical space. A shallower bowl can also be ideal for those who wish to conserve water, as the bowl will fill faster with less water.

Overall, this is a quality and basic sink that has a beautiful traditional appearance. It is less expensive than other models and could be easier to install due to the lighter weight. Returns and exchanges with the maker are available if necessary.


  • Fluted on one side and smooth on the other side for reversible installation
  • Single bowl design makes washing up easy
  • White fireclay looks nice
  • Can be installed for different purposes
  • Will resist major temperature changes and staining
  • Fired in Italy with Italian materials
  • Drain is centered in the middle of sink for easy draining


  • Drain assembly not included
  • The bowl may not be deep enough
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6. Barclay Single Bowl Fireclay Farmer Sink

Barclay Single Bowl Fireclay Farmer Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Offset drain
  • Single bowl style
  • Same on both sides for easy installation
  • Garbage disposal friendly
  • No extended flange required
  • Shiny, slick glaze
  • White fireclay color
  • Comes with expert installation options
  • Heavy and durable

This Barclay sink provides heft and durability as well as a classic look. White fireclay with a shiny glazed finish makes this sink stand out from the crowd and will resist stains and chips.

A one-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects will ensure that your sink is installed and ready to use without worry or hassle. If anything arrives damaged or if customer satisfaction is not what it should be, Barclay promises to help.

Because the fireclay in this sink is of top grade quality, this sink model is particularly heavy. At least two people will be needed to install this sink. Cabinetry supporting the sink should also be tailored to this model’s specific dimensions. Fireclay pouring can result in minor size variations, so while the stated size will remain true, a slight variance could occur in one size or another.

The manufacturer recommends waiting until your sink arrives before finalizing any surrounding countertops or cabinets. Though this sink may take some extra preparation, you will know you’re getting quality materials that will last a long time.

If you can’t decide between a double bowl or a single bowl sink, this unit is a great compromise. The drain is set off-center. Because the front of the sink is identical on both sides, you can install the sink with the drain to the left or to the right side. You can set dishes in one side and rinse them on the other side.

However, the single bowl style will allow you to move big pots and pans in and out of the sink without any barrier. A single bowl without a divider also means fewer surfaces that need wiped down or cleaned.

The Barclay name is well-known in the industry and can be depended upon for quality. Whether you want rustic charm or a slick modern look, this farmhouse fireclay sink can fit the bill.


  • One year warranty offers peace of mind
  • Off-center drain provides dual-bowl functionality with single bowl convenience
  • Identical on all sides and can be installed according to drain placement preference
  • Can accommodate the installation of a garbage disposal
  • Does not need an extended flange when assembling drain
  • Shiny glaze looks attractive and will stay looking like new
  • Fine fireclay creates a beautiful, durable surface
  • Walls and bottom of sink are nice and thick


  • Does not come with drain assembly
  • Will require more than one person to install due to heavy weight
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7. ZUHNE Ostia White Farmhouse Single Bowl Fireclay Kitchen Sink

ZUHNE Ostia 30 inch Fireclay Farmhouse Sink for The Money

Highlighted Features:

  • Crafted in Italy
  • Basket strainer included
  • Metal grid included
  • White fireclay
  • Well-packaged for safe delivery
  • Fluted side and smooth side
  • Fired at 1,700 degrees
  • One year warranty
  • Comes with expert installation options
  • Thick walls

This fireclay farmhouse sink comes at a lower price and is lighter to install than other models. Fired at 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit at the ZUHNE foundry in Italy, this sink has extra thick walls for durability.

It will resist cracking, staining and scratches. The glaze has a polished but muted finish that may look great in kitchens with brushed stainless steel appliances or more understated textures.

Fireclay in general is not too friendly to breakable items like glass or porcelain, and this sink comes with a protective metal grid.

Since fireclay generally does not scratch, this grid can keep your dishes safe from being accidentally broken if dropped into the sink. The grid has rubber feet so it won’t make any noise in the bottom of your sink if it moves around.

Because of its extra thick walls and bottom, an extended flange will be needed if you are adding a garbage disposal to this sink. A drain assembly is not included with this model, but a stainless steel basket strainer is. Installation instructions are included in this package so you can get started as soon as it arrives.

This sink comes in the classic white color of most farmhouse apron fireclay sinks. It also offers options for how you want to style your kitchen since it can be installed from either side.

One side has a fluted design for more flair, and the other side is smooth and plain if you prefer a more contemporary, elegant appearance.

The drain is located in the middle of the sink which can enhance drainage. However, the bottom is level but flat, so draining may be slower with this model. For those who like peace of mind, a one year warranty is also provided by the manufacturer against defects.


  • A stainless steel basket strainer is included for convenience
  • Comes with protective metal grid that has rubber feet to reduce noise
  • Authentic fireclay has been fired at 1,700 degrees for stability and durability
  • Has a one year warranty for your peace of mind
  • Single bowl is versatile and has been made in Italy with care
  • Lighter to handle and install than other models at this price point
  • Sink is packaged well to prevent cracking during shipping
  • Walls and bottom of sink are thick and sturdy


  • May drain slower due to flat bottom
  • Expensive
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8. Barkano 33 inch Double Bowl White Durable Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

Barkano 33 in. Durable Double Bowl Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • One side is smooth and opposite side is fluted
  • Can be installed either way
  • Triple glaze with shiny finish
  • Smooth white color
  • Equal sized square bowls
  • Garbage disposal compatible
  • Resists rust

This double bowl durable farmhouse sink is made from true fireclay. Because it is hand-poured and not made in a factory, it may have some minor irregularities.

The manufacturer advises that your sink cabinets should be constructed after the arrival of this sink in order to get measurements exact. Generally speaking this sink will fit 33 in. cabinets, but it is probably best to tailor your cabinets to this sink. Decide whether you prefer the smooth and flat surface of your apron front farmhouse sink or a curved fluted feature.

This sink can be installed with either side facing your kitchen. There is a small logo in the bottom right corner of the apron front, so the bowls are free of any markings. The fireclay does not stain, and the triple glaze makes the surface shine in a polished manner.

Each of these square bowls is of an equal area and depth, and each has a drain centered within it that is compatible with garbage disposal hookups. A drain assembly is not included, nor is a protective grid. However, this sink offers a beautiful appearance and can maximize your usage of it with its double bowl design.

This white fireclay farm sink is solid on all sides yet is somewhat lighter than other models. No extra or extended flange mechanism is required to install a garbage disposal. The sink can be undermounted with ease, and its white color is sure to match almost any decor you have in your kitchen.


  • One year manufacturer warranty
  • Double bowls expand sink use possibilities
  • White color can match almost anything
  • Deep symmetrical bowls look pleasing to the eye
  • Avoid splashing with 20 in deep bowls
  • Made of true fireclay


  • Due to fireclay irregularities, the cabinet must be tailored to sink
  • Logo is on front right corner of the apron sink
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9. Whitehaus 33 inch Reversible Apron Front Fireclay Sink

Whitehaus 33 inch Reversible Fireclay Apron Front Farmhouse Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Double bowl style
  • Finished and polished on all sides
  • Each bowl is of equal size and depth
  • Curved center divider
  • Can be installed with fluted or smooth side out
  • White authentic fireclay
  • Uses standard flange for garbage disposal
  • One year warranty on manufacturing defects
  • Comes with expert installation options

The Whitehaus brand is a known name in the home improvement industry, so you know you will be getting a quality product. This farmhouse sink has thick walls that are made from authentic fireclay.

The white color has a shiny glaze that will keep this sink looking like new for a long time. And with a 10 year warranty on the glaze, you can be assured that any scratches or daily wear and tear will be covered and fixed if necessary.

This farmhouse kitchen sink also comes with a one year warranty on manufacturer defects. However, this sink is packaged well for shipping and the fireclay naturally resists staining from foods or liquids.

Choose which design you prefer, fluted or smooth, because this sink has both options. Install whichever side matches your style and other kitchen decor.

Though this model does not come with a drain assembly, it does accommodate a standard garbage disposal flange and won’t require any extended flanges. The double bowl design of this sink can be great for multiple uses. Also, because of each bowl’s compact size, they can both fill and drain faster than a bigger single bowl sink might.

Each bowl is identical to the other in size and depth. Keep one bowl empty while you utilize the other, or use both bowls for different tasks simultaneously. The center divider which is also made of fireclay has a subtle curve to it that adds a graceful touch to an otherwise basic sink.

Each drain is of a standard size and can be adapted to a garbage disposal unit if you prefer. The corners of each bowl are slightly rounded for a softer look and better drainage.

Great for an undermount project, this Whitehaus sink is a tad more expensive, but you will know where your money went.


  • Two bowls provide convenience and multiple use possibilities
  • Sink has a polished and finished look on all four sides
  • Can be installed two ways, with an elegant fluted appearance on one side and a flat, sleek design on the other
  • Comes with the Whitehaus 10 year warranty on the glaze finish
  • Manufacturer provides a one year warranty on any defects
  • Standard drain holes are already drilled and ready for installation
  • A standard flange can be used for a garbage disposal if desired
  • The center divider has an attractive curve to it


  • Drain assembly is not included
  • No protective grid comes with this package
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10. Lordear 33″ Luxury Modern Fireclay Farmhouse Apron Kitchen Sink

Lordear 33 inch Luxury Modern Fireclay Farmhouse Apron Kitchen Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Made with clay fired at 2900 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Stain-resistant
  • Has a gloss black color
  • Weighs 79.8 pounds
  • Can get installed as either a farmhouse-apron front or undermount
  • Comes with various valuable accessories
  • Solid fireclay
  • Thick walls
  • Sleek design
  • Single bowl design

Having been made from firing a special clay at 2900 degrees Fahrenheit, the farmhouse sink leaves no doubt about its quality and strength. It doesn’t scratch, chip, or wear out, with ease, making it ideal for a busy kitchen or bar.

The sink can withstand cleaning and washing numerous utensils and foodstuffs of various weights and sizes without getting damaged. Besides, with this sink, you can decide to install it on either the back or front side. It depends on what you prefer.

Its dark color makes it blend with the room’s interior decor, contributing to your kitchen’s beauty. Because of its fired clay, the sink’s texture appears gorgeous, improving the look of your kitchen. You need not worry about the size of your garbage disposal unit as the Farmhouse Sink fits any unit. Maintaining this sink is also a piece of cake, thanks to its clay material.

For increased functionality, the 33″ Farmhouse Sink comes with valuable accessories. The stainless steel made dish grid accompanying this sink helps protect the sink and draining utensils and foodstuffs.

The sink maker understands the purpose of its product, and that’s why the sink comes with an oven glove, cotton apron, and oven meet to protect its customers as they carry out their daily chores within the tub.


  • Highly durable and robust to withstand a busy kitchen
  • Very attractive and boosts your kitchen’s look
  • Comes with a grid to help protect the sink
  • Reasonable size to accommodate numerous utensils and foodstuffs
  • Does not stain or corrode, making it safe to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with an apron, oven mit, and oven glove to protect the customer while carrying out his or activities around and within the sink


  • May crack when subjected to excessive pressure
  • Quite expensive for some users
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Things to Consider Before Buying a Fireclay Sink

Percentage of Fireclay

Not all fireclay sinks are created equal. Some have different ratios of fireclay and other materials. These other materials are often incorporated to make a lighter or less expensive sink.

Fireclay sinks will have a composition that consists of 60% fireclay to other materials. This ratio may make for a heavier sink, but you will know you’re getting real fireclay.


A glaze seals the fireclay and protects it from water use, staining and chipping. Depending on the type of glaze used, your sink may have a shiny appearance or a matte appearance.

Most fireclay sinks have a somewhat shiny look that keeps them looking fresh and new. Look for words like “triple glaze” if you are worried about stains or any dulling over time. The thicker the glaze the more durable the surface.

Weight and Thickness

General wisdom dictates that one should purchase a fireclay sink first and then plan the countertop and surrounding cabinet accordingly.

Fireclay sinks are extremely dense and heavy, and it will require extra support and room. Since these sinks cannot be tailored or adjusted, the materials that surround it must adjust instead.

The thickness of a fireclay sink is a good indicator of durability and reduces the possibility of cracking. However, be aware that a sink that has thicker walls and bottom may require a special extending flange for garbage disposal installation.

Apron Front

Fireclay sinks are most beautiful with an apron front. An apron front means that the front of the sink is exposed to the room instead of being recessed within the countertop.

Most of the farmhouse kitchen sinks have this feature, and it creates a uniform, clean appearance. They usually come in a classic white or neutral color.

These colors can blend in with surrounding decor or stand out from materials with contrasting colors or textures. This style of sink adds rustic charm to a kitchen and a continuous, seamless look that is modern.

Drain Size

Most standard drain holes in kitchen sinks are 3.5 in. in diameter. Because fireclay is so hard and dense, expanding a drain hole to accommodate a garbage disposal or other specialty items is not advised. Drilling would require special tools and skills.

To avoid this issue be sure to choose a sink that has a drain hole that will fit your plumbing as-is. Many sinks include a drain assembly in their package for added convenience. If you prefer having everything in one box, look for sink models that include this feature.

Pros and Cons of Fireclay Sinks


  • A fireclay sink is heavy and durable
  • The fireclay material is nonporous so stains from foods or liquid cannot penetrate it
  • Usually these sinks are of a large, sturdy size for convenience of use
  • By nature fireclay sinks are heat safe and temperature-stable, so hot and cold pans can be placed in them without worry
  • Fireclay sinks offer a beautiful and rustic look no matter the color or style
  • The density of the fireclay reduces chances of leaks or problems with heavy use
  • Fireclay is sealed and glazed for a shining look that continues looking clean and fresh
  • Sinks made of fireclay resist scratches and chips
  • A fireclay glaze is food safe and can resist bacteria and mold
  • The high quality fireclay sinks hide any unsightly construction or plumbing work since they are undermounted


  • More expensive than other types of sinks
  • Their size and weight will require a specially made cabinet
  • Breakable items like glass should be handled carefully near them
  • If drain hole needs to be enlarged, the dense fireclay can make drilling difficult
  • Some glazes may require special care

Fireclay Sink Installation

Fireclay sinks are made from various types of clay that are frequently used in firing ceramics. Often these clays are used to line kilns or other high-heat ovens, so they are extremely durable and solid.

This durability makes for a great sink material that can stand up to daily wear and tear, resist chipping and damage and last for years.

However, fireclay is by nature very dense and therefore quite heavy. In addition, farmhouse sinks are usually large and come in one piece that can be awkward to lift and move.

Due to these factors, it’s important to have at least one other person on hand to help you lift and maneuver the sink into place. You do not want to risk injury or back sprains lifting this heavy sink on your own.

Another thing to consider is the sturdiness of your sink cabinet and surrounding countertops. Again, because a large fireclay sink can be heavy and cumbersome, you want to make sure your sink can securely fit inside the cabinet without risk of breaking your countertop or surrounding cabinet.

A supportive frame that can handle the sink’s weight should be installed within the sink cabinet first. If you do not have a support frame already in place, you will need to build one.


Although all fireclay sinks aren’t created equally, the top 10 best fireclay farmhouse sinks we have reviewed here are best in terms of their design, quality and functionality.

A fireclay farmhouse sink can provide you with years of use and increase your farmhouse beauty. Unlike other types of sinks, a fireclay farmhouse sink reduces cleaning time and worry because of its longevity. Its nonporous nature makes staining a thing of the past, and its density ensures that chips and dents are a non-issue.

With the wide variety of colors and glazes available, you are likely to find a fireclay farmhouse sink that fits your style and needs. Through our top 10 fireclay farmhouse sink reviews, it is easy to figure out that the winner is Kraus KFR1-33GWH Turino 33-inch Fireclay Farmhouse Apron Reversible Single Bowl Kitchen Sink. It features elegantly finish beatiful design. This large bowl fireclay sink can hold a large amount of water. So, they are convenient for you when you’re washing larger pots, pans and other cookware. However, the sink can overall improve the beauty and functionality of your kitchen.

Hopefully, these best fireclay farmhouse sinks reviews will help you complete your next project.

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