Top 10 Best Sink for Butcher Block Countertop Reviews in 2021

Finding the best sink for butcher block countertop installation can take your kitchen to the next level.

Wood countertops are not only striking in appearance, they also offer a unique contrast to industrial sink materials you prefer. The natural grain of butcher block brings a touch of earthiness to the kitchen, where a sink made from stainless steel or fireclay can make a true style statement.

In addition, countertops of this nature tend to make sink installation easier and less complicated than counters made from more fragile or expensive materials. This feature means that you can get a customized sink with little hassle.

Overall, a butcher block countertop with sink can be a visual and functional asset to your home. This guide aims to provide all the resources you will need to make an informed decision.

Quick Comparison: Best Sinks for Butcher Block Countertop


Product Name



KOHLER Vault Single Bowl 18 Gauge Stainless Steel Top-mount Kitchen Sink

KOHLER Vault Single Bowl 18 Gauge Stainless Steel Top-mount Kitchen Sink

Stainless Steel

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Ruvati 33-inch Drop-in Low-Divide Tight Radius 50/50 Double Bowl 16 Gauge Topmount Kitchen Sink - RVH8051

Ruvati 33 inch 16 Gauge Topmount Kitchen Sink

Stainless Steel

Check Price
Ruvati 32 inch Workstation Ledge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Ruvati 32 inch Workstation Ledge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Stainless Steel

Check Price
Ruvati 33 inch Kitchen Sink for Butcher Block Countertop

Ruvati 33 inch Kitchen Sink for Butcher Block Countertop

Stainless Steel

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Elkay Fireclay Single Bowl Sink

Elkay Fireclay Single Bowl Sink


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Top 10 Best Sink for Butcher Block Countertop Reviews:

1. KOHLER Vault Single Bowl 18 Gauge Stainless Steel Top-mount Kitchen Sink

KOHLER Vault Single Bowl 18 Gauge Stainless Steel Top-mount Kitchen Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Kohler brand name
  • Deep bowl
  • Top mount style
  • 18 gauge stainless steel
  • Apron front

This model may be one of the best options for butcher block countertop with sink installation. Not only is this sink large and spacious, it is built with easy installation in mind.

Made from a sturdy 18 gauge stainless steel, this Kohler sink is meant to last. However, it is also somewhat lightweight and does not require any special support system.

The single faucet hole can accommodate a touchless or one-handle designed faucet. The drain is center set for convenience, and the depth of the sink ensures minimal splashing and spotting.

The apron front sink takes this otherwise thoroughly modern design and elevates it to a farmhouse rustic level. The single bowl can be perfect for washing those large, heavy items.

The Kohler name speaks for itself, and a lifetime limited warranty reassures each buyer that they are getting something special. The finish on this sink is a brushed finish. The inner corners are tight so you can still have that professional look.


  • Spacious interior can accommodate almost any large item
  • Offers the best of both worlds of modern and traditional styling
  • Sleek look brings understated elegance to any kitchen
  • Lifetime limited warranty is a major bonus to all other features
  • Comes with installation instructions and full hardware


  • Sharp inner corners may be prone to collecting more debris
  • More expensive than other models

2. Ruvati 33 inch 16 Gauge Topmount Kitchen Sink

Ruvati 33 inch 16 Gauge Topmount Kitchen Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Two basin style
  • Low divider
  • Stainless steel
  • Center set drains
  • Brushed finish

This particular sink comes with a unique two bowl design that can be great for those who like to get multiple things done at once. You can dry dishes on one side and wash them on the other.

The low divider sets this sink apart from other models. It offers that single basin appeal with a separation of space when you need it.

Another asset of this model are all the items that come in the box. A dish drying rack, a sink protector and two full drain assemblies can make installation quick and easy.

You don’t have to waste time or money at the hardware store since everything is included in one place.

Though this sink does not have a farmhouse style or apron front, it does have a drop-in styling that is discreet. It can blend with almost any kitchen decor, especially wooden countertops.


  • Limited lifetime warranty guarantees you are getting a good quality product
  • Separate bowls make multitasking easier
  • Wide width gives generous proportions for most tasks
  • Strong and thick 16 gauge stainless steel will last
  • Low dividing bar adds versatility and avoids awkward movement


  • Drop in style may not be ideal for some kitchens
  • Will not accommodate two-handled faucets

3. Ruvati 32 inch Workstation Ledge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Ruvati 32 inch Workstation Ledge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Less expensive
  • Several helpful add-ons
  • Multiple ledges for workstations
  • Stainless steel
  • Undermount design

This Ruvati sink comes with so many bells and whistles it’s hard to know where to begin. The sink has several ledges on which different workstations can rest.

A cutting board, dish rack and drying mat are all included in this package. These items can be stored in the sink or stacked away in storage.

A lifetime limited warranty is sure to set your mind at rest when purchasing this sink. The Ruvati name has made itself popular over the past years due to its decent reputation and superior customer service.

This sink basin sink is easy to use and is made from durable 16 gauge stainless steel. It is an undermount design.

Though this model is less expensive than others that appear on this list, it comes with all the basics plus a few more. Full installation instructions and mounting hardware come with the package.

Ultimately you will know this sink is unlikely to dent or damage easily and can stand the test of time.


  • Soundproofed interior makes clanging a thing of the past
  • A center set drain enables quick drainage and cleanup
  • Thick 16 gauge stainless steel is unlikely to warp or dent
  • Comes with many accoutrements that make kitchen tasks easier
  • Limited lifetime warranty means this sink is built to last


  • May require a customized hole in countertop
  • May scratch or stain easily if not cared for properly

4. Ruvati 33 inch Kitchen Sink for Butcher Block Countertop

Ruvati 33 inch Kitchen Sink for Butcher Block Countertop

Highlighted Features:

  • Unique bowl design
  • Low divider
  • Zero radius corners
  • Thick stainless steel
  • Dish racks and drains included

This drop in sink offers several unusual assets that will appeal to those looking for something extraordinary. Visually striking, this sink comes with an asymmetrical 60/40 bowl configuration.

This feature means you have the advantage of a large sink with the convenience of a smaller prep sink. The low divider has a unique texture that adds visual interest.

With sloped bottoms, this sink drains quickly. The zero radius corners keep this sink looking modern and sharp. Easy to clean, the brushed stainless steel finish is sure to never rust or corrode.

One of the best things about this sink is its lifetime limited warranty. It also comes with a dish rack to protect both sink bowl bottoms, and full drain assemblies. The drop in style can also make life easier when it comes to installation.


  • Lifetime limited warranty sets this sink apart from other models
  • Surprising 60/40 bowl divide offers more range of tasks
  • A visually striking option for butcher block countertop with sink
  • Divider has a unique texture that makes it look and feel interesting
  • All hardware and mounting brackets included


  • Low divider may be too low for some people
  • Only one faucet hole is available

5. Elkay Fireclay Single Bowl Sink

Elkay Fireclay Single Bowl Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Farmhouse style
  • Off white color
  • Fireclay construction
  • Center set drain
  • Undermount design

A fireclay sink is much heavier than most other sinks, but it looks amazing. This sink is no exception. If you have wood countertops, this sink would carry over the farmhouse and natural look. It also has the advantage of having a contemporary style sense.

This model has a gently sloped interior bottom and large center drain so it will always drain efficiently. Though no drain assemblies or other installation hardware come in the package, this sink is less expensive than other fireclay sink models.

Because of its extra weight, it will need a support system built beneath the sink, so be aware that this sink may require some extra planning.

With a solid warranty to ease any worries, this sink is easy to clean and can be easily wiped down. Fireclay is naturally dense and durable, so you can expect this particular model to last and last for years to come.


  • Clean white surface will always look fresh and new
  • Fireclay material is easy to wipe down and clean daily
  • Resists most scratches and stains due to density
  • Drain hole comes pre-drilled for easier installation
  • Undermount farmhouse design creates a statement look


  • Does not come with any drain assembly or mounting hardware
  • Is much heavier than sinks made from other materials

6. Ruvati 26 inch Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink for Butcher Block Countertop

Ruvati 26 inch Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink for Butcher Block Countertop

Highlighted Features:

  • Drain is set in back
  • Comes with drain assemblies
  • Sharp inner corners
  • Single deep bowl
  • Undermount design

This sink brings the modern world into your kitchen. Its brushed stainless steel finish has a muted tone to it that is easy on the eyes. The drain is set more toward the back wall of the sink.

This feature allows the faucet water to pour directly into the drain to avoid any sloshing or splashing.

The stainless steel construction is solid and it is made with superior grade steel. This kind of steel is extremely unlikely to bend or dent or be damaged.

The smaller size may make it ideal for smaller kitchens. As an undermount sink, this model can fit with almost any decor.

Overall, this Ruvati sinks brings the warranty and reliability you probably prefer. The interior has four sloping areas that can improve drainage and prevent any bacteria or food from lingering or getting other people sick.

Though some models may come without a few of the bells and whistles, Ruvati has excellent customer service.


  • Smaller width can be perfect for smaller kitchen areas
  • Less expensive than other stainless steel models on this list
  • Drain is set nearer the back of sink for superior faucet alignment
  • Undermount design is simple and easy to install
  • Inner corners are sharp and bring that modern professional look


  • Brushed finish may incur water spots or smears
  • All parts may not be included in the box at time of delivery

7. Ruvati Verona 36″ Kitchen Sink

Ruvati Verona 36

Highlighted Features:

  • Huge dimensions
  • Several workstations available
  • Curved apron front
  • Will fit garbage disposals
  • Comes with many extras

If size matters to you, this sink may be what you are looking for. At a whopping 36 inches across, this sink can accommodate almost any kitchen task large or small.

The bowed apron front softens the harsh modern lines that the stainless steel construction bring. If you have wood countertops, you will appreciate the rustic style this sink brings.

This sink is a workstation sink, meaning it has several levels and gadgets. A cutting board, a basket strainer and some grid protectors all come with this model.

Not only can these items improve your overall kitchen performance, they can also save you space. You can effectively turn your sink into extra counter space.

The Ruvati warranty guarantees the sink for life. Though its large interior may result in slower or poorer total drainage, with some time and patience this does not have to be a recurring problem.


  • Generous proportions are great for extra large tasks
  • Farmhouse style meets contemporary modern chic
  • Comes with several different supplies and gadgets to make life easier
  • Undermount style easily fits in with butcher block countertops
  • Attractive apron front is sleek yet with traditional flair


  • May require custom countertop installation
  • Drainage may take longer due to size

8. Lordear 36 inch Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Lordear 36 inch Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Major style statement
  • Black finishing color
  • Bowed apron front
  • Workstation sink
  • Installation supplies included

This striking sink can make a big visual statement in your kitchen. If you have butcher block countertops, a black sink like this will draw attention and start conversations.

Made from thick and durable stainless steel, this sink has a gunmetal black finish that is easy to clean and can withstand high and low temperatures easily.

Like some others on this list, this model is a workstation sink that can increase your counter space in the kitchen. Since it has an impressive 36 inch width, you can definitely extend your space by using the cutting board, cleaning basket and grid protectors when necessary. The single bowl design also gives you plenty of room to work.

With a limited lifetime warranty, you can purchase this sink with your mind at ease. If your kitchen is big and you enjoy color contrast, this black stainless steel sink could be a great choice.


  • Striking gunmetal black color is unique and eye-catching
  • Single bowl design makes maneuvering large items easy
  • Limited lifetime warranty and great customer service
  • Large width can look great in big spaces
  • The color contrast can look beautiful with a natural wood countertop


  • Black finish may start wearing off over time
  • Drying rack may have some defective parts

9. Ruvati 33 x 22 in Drop-in Tight Radius 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Ruvati 33 x 22 in Drop-in Tight Radius 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Top mount style
  • Brushed finish
  • Strong stainless steel
  • One bowl construction
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Every butcher block countertop with sink features is different, but this model can provide extra easy installation. It is a drop-in or top mount style sink, and it can be retrofitted into most pre-existing countertop sink holes.

That might come in handy if you are replacing an existing sink or want to save yourself some work.

This sink has a hole for a single-handle faucet. The sides that are mounted on top of the countertop are extra flat for easy cleanup and minimal debris collection around the edges.

The interior bowl has generous dimensions and the corners are a tight radius for a clean, sharp look. Though this sink is constructed from high grade stainless steel, it has a brushed finish that can blend with any style.

The lifetime limited warranty covers all parts of the sink and is included in the cost. Overall, this sink is less expensive than some other models, but it has all the basics one could ever want.


  • Workstation gadgets and supplies are included
  • Full installation hardware is included in box
  • Great for larger areas or spacious countertops
  • Blends traditional style with modern sensibility
  • Easy to clean and wipe down with brushed finish


  • Some of the add-ons like the cutting board may show wear
  • Water spots may need extra attention after a while

10. Elkay Single Bowl Undermount Sink Kit

Elkay Single Bowl Undermount Sink Kit

Highlighted Features:

  • Smaller, squarer dimensions
  • Deep bowl
  • Fireclay construction
  • Naturally soundproofed
  • Drains included

This unique wood countertop undermount sink sets itself apart by being more square than rectangular. Because of this design, it can look beautiful in smaller spaces or within countertops that have limited space.

The Elkay limited lifetime warranty is something to consider since it can give you some assurance you are purchasing a good sink.

Though this model may be smaller than others on this list, it still weighs a fair mount due to being made from fireclay. Fireclay naturally dampens loud sounds, which can be handy if you prefer a quieter sink.

The white color and polished finish will always stay looking fresh and new, and it is easy to clean. A sink protector and drain assembly comes with this model, so you can easily install this as soon as it arrives.

What this sink lacks in width and length it makes up for with its extra-deep basin. That makes it perfect for stacking dishes and other tasks.


  • Great for smaller kitchen spaces
  • Comes with sink grid protector and drain
  • A clean white color stays looking new
  • High polish finish keeps this sink looking fresh
  • Deep bowl allows for full dishwashing capability


  • Heavy weight due to fireclay material and may need extra support
  • Fireclay may crack after a few months of heavy use

Best Sink for Butcher Block Countertop Buying Guide


The shape of a sink can be more important than you realize. While many contemporary sinks have the open concept, this may pose issues when performing everyday tasks. Sinks with middle divisions can provide a versatility to your sink by creating separate work areas.

On the other hand, a large sink with a single basin can be useful when washing large pots or pans since there are no awkward divisions to maneuver around.


The depth of a sink can determine how quickly water drains. If splashing is a concern, a deeper sink can contain any messes and prevent your surrounding countertops from getting wet.

With wooden countertops, a deeper sink may be preferable because it minimizes any water spots or stains that might occur. The deeper the sink the more water is required to fill it up, so keep that in mind if water usage is a concern.

Brand Name

Brand names like Kohler, Ruvati and Elkway are all well-known makers in the sink industry. Most of these brands have a reputation for reliable products that can stand the test of time. Some brands, such as Kohler, are synonymous with luxury and style. Though brand name reliability is not always the most inexpensive choice, you will know where your money went.


Because butcher block countertops are so distinctive, the material your sink is made from can enhance the look even further. The earthiness of the wood can be complemented by materials such as fireclay or porcelain.

Stainless steel offers a modern, sleek look that can contrast with the farmhouse chic of wooden countertops. You will want to have a sink that is not only durable but strong.


A warranty can not only be a long term asset, it can also give you some peace of mind when purchasing. The best kind of warranties are ones that are far-reaching and of a lifetime nature.

Some warranties promise to replace only certain parts of a sink, whereas higher-end warranties guarantee parts and finishes. Since a kitchen sink is a long-term investment, getting a decent warranty that will rescue you if you run into trouble down the line can be priceless.

Ease of Installation

When installing a sink into a wood sink countertop you want something that won’t give you much hassle. Many sinks come with complete instructions, and still others offer all the extra parts that reduce trips to the hardware store.

Look for items like drain assemblies or dish racks that will protect the bottom of your sink. Generally speaking, most sinks come in standard sizes to make installation as easy and quick as possible.

Wood Countertops with Undermount Sinks

A wood countertop undermount sink is unique in that it blends seamlessly with the rest of the countertop. It’s also helpful to have if you like to sweep countertop messes directly into the sink.

If you like continuous lines without any lip or interruption in your work surface, an undermount sink may be what you are looking for.

Because an undermount sink is secured from underneath, it will likely require some extra support underneath in the lower cabinet below the sink. This feature means that some planning and measuring will be required prior to installation.

Usually these support systems are simple to build and are made from plywood and nails. The undermount sink will sit on top of this structure in addition to be braced against the kitchen countertop itself. A watertight seal keeps all leaks and water from getting into any corner or crevices.

Wood Countertops with Overmount Sinks

The best sink for butcher block countertop might be the overmount sink.

An overmount sink has the advantage of easy installation. Unlike an undermount sink, an overmount basin drops into the hole that is cut into the countertop. The lip of the countertop supports the sink’s weight so no additional structures or supports are necessary.

Like other types of sinks, silicone putty can help keep everything watertight and prevent any leakage. Thought it may be tougher to simply sweep crumbs or mess directly into the sink, an overmount configuration can reduce splashing and expand the work area.

If space is an issue in your kitchen, not having a support structure under the sink can free up cabinet space and give you more room to store items. Having that bottom space free also allows easier access to plumbing and all other apparatuses that may need attention in the future.

How to Cut a Butcher Block Countertop for Undermount Sink

Materials Needed:

  • Saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Plywood strips
  • Nails
  • Sander
  • Silicone putty
  • Putty knife

Step One: Measure Sink and Mark Countertop

With your measuring tape, measure all four sides of the top lip of your sink. Be sure to measure to the very outer edges.

Also measure the inner length and width of your sink. Your tape measure should span the interior of the bowl from side to side. Since the sink’s inner edge should be flush with the countertop, this is the measurement that will determine the location of the cut.

Transfer the measurements to the butcher block countertop and mark each with a pencil. It may help to draw complete lines so you have sufficient guidelines when it comes time to cut.

Step Two: Cut Hole

With your saw, cut along the lines you have mapped out. Be sure to keep the saw straight and steady to avoid any ragged or uneven edges.

Step Three: Sand All Rough Edges

Because your countertop is wood, you will need to go back over the cut edges with some fine grain sandpaper to make sure everything is flush and even. Remember the inner edge of this hole will be visible since an undermount sink will sit directly beneath it.

Step Four: Build Support System

For a wood countertop undermount sink, a support system will be necessary to hold the extra weight. This can be accomplished by measuring the height of your sink. Also measure the vertical width of the countertop lip. This measurement will determine where to place your plywood strips.

Nail or screw your lengths of plywood to the cabinet wall under the sink. Be sure to do this step before dropping the sink into place.

How to Cut a Sink Hole in Butcher Block Countertop

Materials Needed:

  • Hand saw or electric saw
  • Yard stick or measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Sandpaper

Step One: Determine the Method of Sink Installation

Cutting a wood sink countertop starts with the proper measurements. Choose the sink you wish to install, and then grab your yard stick or measuring tape.

The measurements you need to take are dependent on the type of installation your sink requires. Top mount sinks should be measured from the outer edges of the basin. An undermount sink will need to be measured from the outer edge of the sink itself.

After determining which installation you are doing, place one end of your measuring tape at the far end of your sink. If it is a top mount or drop-in sink, it helps to start with the front of the sink and measure side to side. Ignore the top lip, as this will rest on the top of the countertop. Likewise, measure the bowl length from back to front. Again, ignore the top lip.

For undermount sinks, be sure to measure the inner width of the bowl. Remember, the top rim of the sink should be sitting flush with the bottom of the countertop.

Step Two: Transfer Measurements to Countertop

With your pencil or pen, measure your countertop. You may want to do this twice or even three times to ensure an accurate measurement. Mark your countertop accordingly. It may add accuracy if you connect the lines so you can see the full hole you will be cutting.

Step Three: Cut Hole and Smooth Uneven Areas

With your saw, start at one corner of your drawn lines and begin cutting. Do not tilt your saw blade or angle it, as you want a totally vertical cut into the countertop. This is especially important if you are installing an undermount sink where the sink hole in the countertop will be entirely visible.

After you have successfully cut the hole, sand down the cut areas.

Before installing your sink permanently, drop it into the hole to ensure you have accurate dimensions and a good fit. Remember, it is easier to cut away more than to put any of your countertop back after it is removed. Be conservative with your cuts.

Pros and Cons of a Butcher Block Countertop


  • They look amazing and offer a farmhouse or rustic appearance. They also lend visual warmth to any kitchen space.
  • They are durable and can last for a long time. Most butcher block countertops are treated to resist scratches and stains.
  • They can easily be cut and installed with a do it yourself work ethic. Unlike granite or other heavy stone, wooden counter tops can be customized without any special treatment.
  • They are easy to clean and wipe down. All countertops of this type are varnished and sealed to lock out moisture. They also have a smooth surface that enables easy cleaning.
  • A wood sink countertop looks great and can fit into virtually any style of kitchen. They can be paired with stainless steel sinks for a contemporary look, or they can be complemented by a fireclay sink for a more natural theme.
  • Most wooden countertops will not crack or break. Because they are made from wood, they are not prone to chipping or cracking like counters made from other more fragile materials.


  • Due to wood being more porous than stone or acrylic counters, staining may be more of an issue to look out for.
  • If paired with the wrong sink, they can skew a kitchen aesthetic to a country or farmhouse rustic look instead of a sophisticated or modern appearance.
  • They may need to be regularly treated to completely seal out water and stay watertight and food safe.

Installing Butcher Block Counters with an Undermount Sink

Materials Needed:

  • Measuring tape
  • 2 in x 4 in plywood pieces
  • Wood nails or long screws
  • Stud finder
  • Pencil
  • Silicone putty
  • Braces and mounting hardware

Step One: Construct Support System

A wood countertop undermount sink is easy to install when done concurrently with countertop installation. Because an undermount sink needs extra support, you can easily build the support structure at the same time you are constructing your countertops.

In the lower cabinet beneath the sink area, measure your sink’s height and the lip of the countertop. Add these measurements together to understand where your plywood pieces need to go.

Using your stud-finder, locate the studs in the wall beneath the sink. These will anchor the 2 x 4 boards for the securest support. Mark these areas with a pencil.

Cut the plywood pieces to the necessary dimensions and nail or screw them into place. There should be one board for each of the cabinet walls to form a frame on which the sink will sit.

Step Two: Mount Sink with Hardware

An undermount sink is usually braced under the countertop with metal braces and screws. These parts often accompany your sink in the box. If not, be sure to get appropriately sized braces that can handle the weight of your sink.

Using a drill, screw these mounting brackets into place. They should anchor your sink to the top underside of the counter. The main weight of the sink should be sitting on your plywood support system.

Step Three: Seal with Silicone

A wood sink countertop can be prone to water damage due to the materials involved, but silicone can save the day. Be sure to leave a steady bead of silicone where the edges of the sink meet the countertop. This seal will keep any stray droplets of water from causing damage to your counter or to your sink. Follow the directions on the bottle and leave it to dry.

If there is any excess putty left over, wait until it dries and use a putty knife to cut the excess away.

So, What is the Best Sink for Butcher Block Countertop?

We’ve determined that the best sink for butcher block countertop installation is the KOHLER Vault Single Bowl 18 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink. Not only does this sink have the timeless look of stainless steel, it can hold up to daily use. The Kohler brand name is well-known in the business for quality products, so you can buy this sink with peace of mind.

In addition, this model makes a great wood sink countertop due to its versatile design. Though it has a look that would fit into a professional kitchen, its apron front styling looks traditional. It would offset and complement butcher block countertops nicely without having to compromise on function and durability.

The warranty also reassures buyers of this sink’s quality. Overall, if a modern sensibility and easy installation are principles you value, this Kohler sink can serve you well.

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