Top 10 Best Vessel Sinks in 2021 to Make a Bathroom Functional

If style is high on your list of bathroom must-haves, the best vessel sink can more than meed your needs. Once considered a novelty, these types of sinks are now widely available to lend style and grace to any bathroom.

With its striking looks and ease of use, a vessel sink can make an unforgettable statement in your home.

A vessel sink, also known as a raised bowl sink, sits above the counter top. This feature sets it apart from the typical drop-in sinks that are nestled within a vanity.

The basin of a vessel sink can be constructed from many materials ranging from glass to wood. Because of its variety of finishes and shapes, a vessel sink can lend a sophisticated and modern look to any bath or powder room.

The raised sides can also prevent excessive splashing. There are many choices out there, and we’re here to help you navigate the top 10 bathroom vessel sink reviews to make a bathroom visually pleasing.

Quick Comparison: Best Bathroom Vessel Sinks


Product Name



VCCUCINE Rectangle Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Vanity Sink

VCCUCINE Rectangle Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Vanity Sink


Lordear Marble Porcelain Ceramic Vessel Sink

Lordear Marble Porcelain Ceramic Vessel Sink


KINGO HOME White Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink

KINGO HOME White Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink


Ufaucet Porcelain Above Counter White Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink

Ufaucet Porcelain Above Counter White Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink


Lordear 13x13 Small Round Bowl Bathroom Vessel Sink

Lordear 13×13 Small Round Bowl Bathroom Vessel Sink


Top 10 Best Vessel Sink Reviews:

1. VCCUCINE Rectangle Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Vanity Sink

VCCUCINE Rectangle Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Vanity Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Beautiful above-counter look
  • Spacious interior offers plenty of room
  • White porcelain ceramic has sophisticated looks
  • Drain hole comes pre-drilled
  • Cool vessel sink that gives a farmhouse feel
  • Bottom and sides of sink are soundproofed
  • Rectangular shape is distinctive
  • Affordable price tag

For those who value function and style, this sink could be the one for you. With its deep and wide basin, this sink can be useful for washing hands, hand washing clothes and any other bathroom task you may have. Its white color is subtle and can match virtually any decor you have in your bathroom.

With a rustic farmhouse flair, this rectangular sink offers a modern look with contemporary convenience. Another advantage of this sink is its affordable price point. Made from an incredibly strong and durable porcelain ceramic, this sink can stand the test of time.

The hard finishing glaze will repel stains and resist scratches from daily wear and tear. Though no drain or extra parts are included, a drain hole comes pre-drilled.

There are some cons to this particular model. A warranty is missing, and this sink offers basic features without any bells and whistles. However, it has a classic look that can make any bathroom be the talk of the town in the best way possible.


  • Rectangular shape looks different from other vessel sinks
  • Provides a rustic look for those want a down-home aesthetic
  • Not as expensive as other types of vessel sinks
  • Interior of sink is lined with soundproof materials to keep it quiet
  • Pre-drilled drain makes installation quick and convenient
  • White color can match almost any bathroom design
  • Porcelain ceramic material is unlikely to chip or break
  • Large dimensions make this sink super versatile


  • No pop-up drain or drain assembly is included

2. Ufaucet Porcelain Above Counter White Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink

Ufaucet Porcelain Above Counter White Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Sleek-looking crisp inner corners
  • Rounded outer corners for soft modern look
  • Rectangular shape for maximum interior space
  • Heavy and dense vitreous china construction
  • Brand name dependability
  • Large dimensions for statement placement
  • Shiny, high-gloss finish
  • Classic and versatile white color

Farmhouse chic has been trending for a while now, and this sink fits right in. With its practical rectangular design, this bathroom vessel sink can serve multiple uses in your bathroom.

The dimensions of this sink are large, which means it can really make a statement. It would look great on a larger countertop or inside a big space. The vitreous china it is made of is dense and heavy, so proper support is required.

Like many vessel sinks, this one comes with a drain hold pre-drilled. Unfortunately, no faucet or drains are included in the package and must be purchased separately. That may not be too much of an issue since the price of this sink is reasonable.

White is a super versatile color, and this sink is an off-white. It features sharp inner corners that always look crisp and clean. The outer corners are slightly rounded, which soften any harsh lines. Perfect for modern or contemporary decor, this vessel sink is a great choice.


  • Oval shape lends style and grace
  • Tough and smooth porcelain ceramic will last
  • Great for bathrooms with an understated, modern design
  • White color is not too stark and not dull
  • Shiny toilet glaze is scratch and stain resistant
  • Smaller size can be a good choice for smaller bathrooms
  • Affordable price makes this sink budget friendly
  • Lighter weight than other models for easy installation


  • This sink does not include an overflow hole

3. KINGO HOME White Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink

KINGO HOME White Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Glossy finish that shines
  • Small vessel sink size for smaller countertop areas
  • Oval shape looks elegant and refined
  • White finish is modern and clean
  • Porcelain ceramic material is durable
  • Comes with pre-drilled drain hole
  • Great price for the features included
  • Has a modern and sleek appearance

Perfect for smaller bathrooms or small countertops, this oval vessel sink can save you space and money. Though its dimensions are slightly smaller than other models, this sink still offers lots of functionality. It comes with a drain hole pre-drilled for easy mounting and plumbing hook-up.

Though this sink comes in a classic white shade, it is anything but traditional. The oval shape can bring a touch of refined elegance to any bathroom.

The high-shine finish also makes this sink look fresh and clean year-round. Easy to wipe down, this sink is made from porcelain ceramic. This material is extremely durable and has been constructed to resist chips and cracks over time.

One drawback of this sink is that it does not come with an overflow drain. That may be an issue for you if you want that extra measure of safety. However, this sink can hold a good amount of water for its size and can drain quickly and efficiently. The price is great for buyers who are trying to pinch pennies.


  • Can make a statement with width and depth
  • Great for larger bathrooms or countertops
  • Vitreous china construction makes this heavy and durable
  • Shiny finish is easy to clean on a daily basis
  • White color goes well with virtually any type of counter or cabinet
  • Rectangular shape is pleasing to the eye and practical
  • Inner corners are crisp and clean for a thoroughly modern look
  • Slight rounding of outer corners make this piece elegant


  • No faucet or drain assemblies are included
  • May chip or crack during shipping

4. Tempered Glass Vessel Bathroom Vanity Sink

Tempered Glass Vessel Bathroom Vanity Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Pop-up drain included
  • Elegant frosted glass
  • Pre-drilled hole
  • Symmetrical round bowl
  • Strong and durable tempered glass
  • Easy to clean and wipe off
  • Shiny and glossy finish
  • Smaller size for smaller spaces

Refinement, elegance and style are all words that could describe this vessel sink. Boasting a unique round shape, this sink is symmetrical on both sides and pleasing to look at.

Best of all, this sink is made of a unique frosted glass. This frosted effect evokes thoughts of snow or ice while keeping simplicity at the forefront. Perfect for modern or traditional styles, this vessel sink can make a statement.

A huge plus for this model is its accessories. It comes with a chrome faucet and pop-up drain, which can save you time and money. The price is still reasonable with all these amenities. The bottom of the sink comes pre-drilled with a drain hole, though there is no room for an overflow drain.

The smaller size of this sink also contributes to its elegance. The lower sides make using this vessel sink a little more practical. The tempered glass is strong and not fragile like normal glass. The shiny finish makes cleaning this sink easy and simple.


  • Round shape is pleasing to the eye
  • Pre-drilled hole for drain makes installation a breeze
  • Pop-up drain and faucet is included with this package
  • Excellent price make this affordable vessel sink
  • Glass is tempered to be extra strong and long-lasting
  • Frosted finish lends a little elegance to bowl
  • Shiny glaze keeps this sink looking beautiful and new
  • Smaller size gets the job done while fitting in small spaces


  • May look too small in large spaces or on big countertops

5. Luxier Bathroom Porcelain Ceramic Vessel Vanity Sink

Luxier Bathroom Porcelain Ceramic Vessel Vanity Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Unique geometric sloped shape
  • Sharp corners for modern sleek look
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty
  • White porcelain ceramic material
  • Cool vessel sink with artistic styling
  • Higher, splash-proof sides
  • Glossy finish
  • Drains quickly

For a reasonable price you can make an artistic statement with this unique sink. This model features an unusual square shape that remains classic and understated.

Always in season, this white sink can look good year-round and in almost any bathroom decor. The shape features two squares that have sloped sides, creating a reverse pyramid effect.

The sloped sides are great for reducing messes from splashed water. They also guide water into the drain for easy and quick drainage. Though this sink does not feature an overflow hole, it does come with a pre-drilled drain hole. The pop-up drain and faucet are sold separately.

Made from an attractive and hard porcelain material, this sink will last a good long time. The glaze is tough and will resist scratches and stains. One thing that guarantees quality is the two-year manufacturer’s warranty that accompanies this model. The size of this sink is small, but with the distinctive shape, it can make a pretty sizable statement.


  • Unusual square sloped shape provides striking appearance
  • White color can fit into rustic decor or sleek modern styles
  • Two-year warranty guarantees quality for a long time
  • Ceramic porcelain construction resists wear and tear
  • Strong high-gloss finish makes cleaning up really easy
  • A small vessel sink like this makes small spaces look great
  • All the lines and corners are crisp and straight, no curves
  • Sides are high and deter splashing and messy spills


  • Due to its sloped nature, the interior may not hold as much water

6. Bathroom Vessel Sink with Faucet Mounting Ring

Bathroom Vessel Sink with Faucet Mounting Ring

Highlighted Features:

  • Amazing simulated hand-painted surface
  • Tempered glass materials
  • Round raised bowl sink
  • Faucet is included
  • Pop-up drain and mounting ring included
  • Various shades of brown
  • Glossy interior finish, frosted outer finish
  • Artistic contemporary flair

Featuring a beautiful glow, this tempered glass bathroom vessel sink will start a conversation! With its rich brown coloring, this glass sink has a depth of design that is both contemporary and classic.

A simulated hand-painted pattern adorns the surface of the interior. Though each bowl is constructed with the same colors and tones, the exact pattern is different on each bowl, creating a truly unique look.

The finish on the bowl’s interior has a high gloss to it that can be cleaned like regular glass. The pattern and darker brown color helps to disguise any imperfections or stains that may occur between cleanings. The finish also is scratch-proof and will stand the test of time. Glass is one of the harder substances in bathroom fixtures and is unlikely to scratch easily.

This vessel sink comes with a faucet that is a darker color. It also has a matte finish to complement the shiny bowl. The pop-up drain that comes with this package matches the faucet. Customer feedback suggests that the hardware may not be as durable as the bowl itself. However, the reasonable price tag for this one of a kind product makes the risk worthwhile.


  • Visually striking pattern can be a true conversation piece
  • Neutral and warm brown tones can complement any decor
  • Glossy interior is easily maintained and looks polished
  • Frosted exterior has sophisticated edge for modern styling
  • A matte-finish faucet and drain combo are included for convenience
  • Spacious dimensions are practical for typical bathroom use
  • Reasonable price tag for what amounts to an art piece
  • Can be cleaned with typical cleaning products, nothing unusual required


  • Accompanying hardware may not be as durable as sink itself

7. Lordear Round Bowl Bathroom Vessel Sink

Lordear Round Bowl Bathroom Vessel Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Simple, beautiful design
  • Classic white finish
  • Ceramic construction
  • Round shape
  • Smaller 13 in x 13 in dimensions
  • Limited lifetime warranty included
  • Pre-drilled centered drain hole
  • Highly durable acid-resistant glaze

With its European sensibility, this stylish porcelain vessel sink can add a touch of refinement to any bathroom. A round white bowl, this sink is anything but simple.

Its hard glaze gives the sink a high shine and smooth appearance that’s easy to maintain. It will look clean and fresh no matter how long it has been in your bathroom. In addition, the durable ceramic materials resist cracking and chipping, so you won’t have to worry about surface defects.

A hole comes pre-drilled in this sink. The drain is centered at the bottom, which gives the sink a symmetrical and pleasing appearance to it. No drain or faucet is included in this package.

However, a generous lifetime warranty is included. With this warranty you can rest assured that you are getting a top-notch product that will last for years.

Smaller than other sinks on this list, this particular model would fit great into small spaces or on top of tiny vanities. The compact size gives this sink an added touch of elegance and sophistication. This model really does marry the traditional and modern in one simple design.


  • Small dimensions can fit virtually anywhere in your bathroom
  • Comes with pre-drilled hole that is centered in the bottom
  • One of the top-rated above counter vessel sink options for small countertops
  • Smooth white finish has a translucent quality that is delicate
  • Compact like the best modern bathroom vessel sinks
  • Glaze is glossy and resists wear and tear from scratches or acidic substances
  • Round shape is classic yet feels modern and sleek
  • Limited lifetime warranty can give you peace of mind


  • Sides are too thin for an overflow hole
  • No drain or faucet components are included in package

8. Walcut Bathroom Wall Mount Rectangle Corner Sink

Walcut Bathroom Wall Mount Rectangle Corner Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Compact design
  • Long rectangular shape
  • Faucet included
  • Drain and drain assembly included
  • All parts fit together in one unit
  • Super modern styling
  • Walcut brand name reliability
  • Wall-mounted for space saving

Majorly save space by eliminating a vanity or cabinet altogether with this vessel sink. This sink can also look great if you enjoy truly modern or industrial styling.

Wall-mounted, this vessel sink comes with a matching set of hardware. These items include a chrome faucet, a drain and a drain assembly that is exposed. The sink basin is a skinny rectangle that provides plenty of room for use.

The chrome faucet connects directly into the back of the sink for convenience. This simple trick makes the sink look elegant and high-concept, and the one-handle faucet keeps it looking elegant. The price tag is higher than some other models, but you will be paying for the high-fashion style this sink provides.

The sink is constructed from white porcelain ceramic. Though this is a classic bathroom sink material, the unique shape and construction give this sink a new life. The finish on the interior is glossy and clean, and the inner corners are easy to wipe down. The Walcut name is a popular one in the sink industry, so you know when you purchase one of their sinks you are getting the best.


  • Thin and compact for cramped bathroom areas
  • Wall-mounted capability can eliminate use for other countertop area
  • Matching chrome faucet and drain assemblies are included
  • Can look beautiful and artistic among modern or industrial decor
  • Walcut brand name is known in the industry for quality products
  • Everything in one box makes installation quick and easy
  • White porcelain ceramic is durable and functional in the long-term
  • Relatively lightweight compared to other types of vessel sinks


  • Is not suitable for mounting on top of existing counter
  • May not be appropriate for larger spaces

9. Halo Modern Glass Wall Mounted Round Bathroom Vessel Sink

Halo Modern Glass Wall Mounted Round Bathroom Vessel Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Clear glass basin and counter
  • Tempered glass construction
  • Illusion of a floating sink
  • Faucet included
  • Pop-up drain is included
  • Drain assembly comes with package
  • Modern artistic appeal
  • Great for small spaces

This small glass vessel sink makes a huge statement while remaining simple and elegant. With a clear glass look, this model creates the stunning illusion of a sink floating in space.

The countertop is included with this sink, and they match one another. If you have limited space or do not want to bother with a heavy countertop or vanity, this unit could be the solution you’re looking for.

Though this sink is a bit pricey, you will know where your money went. Tons of accessories accompany this sink. They include a faucet, a drain and even the drain assembly parts.

All of these items can make installation a quick and easy task. The only part that is missing from this model is the P-trap, which can be purchased separately at any hardware store.

Easily cleaned and maintained, this glass vessel sink and matching countertop will always look fresh and new. Perfect for bathrooms with a modern or industrial sensibility, this sink can really be an artistic achievement. Overall, this vessel sink delivers on style and comes will all the necessary equipment.


  • Unique construction among raised bowl bathroom sinks
  • Super modern and simple design elevates any bathroom
  • Clear glass is easy to clean on a daily basis
  • Glass is tempered so it is strong and durable without fear of cracking
  • All materials are included in the package for installation
  • Faucet, drain and drain assembly comes with the sink
  • Simple design makes a large or awkward cabinet unnecessary
  • Smaller size means easy installation inside tight spaces


  • Glass must be cleaned diligently to stay looking pristine

10. MR Direct Bamboo Vessel Bathroom Sink

MR Direct Bamboo Vessel Bathroom Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Elegant round shape
  • Unique circular wood grain pattern
  • Naturally water-resistant bamboo
  • Hole is pre-cut into center of sink
  • Spacious interior
  • Warm medium brown color
  • Matte finish
  • Limited lifetime warranty

This bamboo vessel sink can bring the natural world into your bathroom. With its warm amber tones, this sink can either blend in or stand out depending on your surrounding decor.

The circular wood grain pattern creates visual interest that is sure to grab attention. Unlike other sinks that have shiny or mirror-like finishes, this sink has a muted elegance.

Bamboo is one of the harder woods found in nature, and it naturally repels water. This sink is also finished with a matte glaze that further enhances its durability.

Though this sink comes with a more expensive price tag, the beauty and simplicity of this product will be worth it. Its walls are thick and durable. The round shape is classic and can be as contemporary or as traditional as you wish.

Installation can be easy with this sink because it’s light and comes with a pre-cut drain hole. No faucet or drain elements are included in the package.

However, the limited lifetime warranty can put your mind at ease about the higher price. This is surely a quality item that will stand the test of time.


  • Matte finish can look understated and natural
  • Wood grain has a beautiful circular pattern that creates interest
  • Large interior is great for everyday use
  • Bamboo is naturally water-resistant and durable
  • Warm brown tones can offset an otherwise stark white bathroom
  • Lifetime limited warranty guarantees quality
  • Handcrafted to perfection
  • A unique above counter vessel sink choice


  • No faucet or drain components are included

Best Bathroom Vessel Sink Buying Guide


The top-rated vessel sink material will be strong, durable and attractive. Because they are often meant to be visually appealing, vessel sinks can be made from beautiful materials like glass, stone, copper or even wood.

Long-lasting materials like glass and porcelain are meant to stand the test of time. Also, natural stone and vitreous china can be heavy, which could be a factor when deciding on materials.

Faucet Placement

A faucet will need to account for the high edges of the bowl. Most faucets that accompany a vessel type of sink usually feature an arch or vertical lift. Extra height may be needed to accommodate this arch. That’s important to keep in mind when placing other accessories like a bathroom mirror or cabinet above the sink.


If this type of sink sounds right for you, you’re probably wondering, What size vessel sink should I get? Size will depend on how large your vanity top will be, as well as where you will place it inside your bathroom. Proportion and scale is important as well. For example, a small glass vessel sink would look better on a smaller vanity.


A raised bathroom sink offer just as much depth as a recessed sink, but depth is an issue when considering usage. If you plan on using your sink for daily tasks like handwashing clothes or face washing, a deeper sink may be more practical. If your bathroom is more of a showpiece or guest area, a shallower basin would be appropriate.


Due to its dramatic shape, most raised bowl models can look like a high end vessel sink with little effort. Funky shapes, colors and finishes can take a boring basin and turn it into a cool vessel sink no one will forget. More modern bathroom vessel sinks boast more understated and sleek finishes.

What is Vessel Sink?

Vessel sinks feature a basin that sits above the countertop instead of recessed within a cupboard or vanity. The basin holds the water like a vessel, which is where its name comes from.

Though the basin is permanently secured to the vanity top and drains as a regular sink would, the visual of a freestanding bowl on a flat surface is striking and unexpected. The accompanying faucet is also usually stylish and adds to the drama of the sink itself.

A high end vessel sink can lend a bathroom an elegance that a typical recessed sink often lacks. Since they stand out from the crowd, a vessel sink usually has amazing finishes that are eye-catching and memorable. Frequently they are considered to be a more artistic choice than other sinks, and offer the buyer more options in material and installation selection.

Where Did the Vessel Style Come From?

When plumbing first came into vogue, the vessel sink was the norm. It mimicked the typical “sink” in most homes before indoor plumbing, which was simply a bowl of water that sat atop a vanity or cupboard. Imagine the delight people felt when their water bowl could drain out the dirty water! However, styles changed over time and drop-in sinks became the norm.

The vessel sink again rose to popularity in the late 1990s and early 2000s. These types of sinks were considered extremely upscale at that time. Due to prohibitive price points, they were often reserved for only the fanciest homes or hotels. Since then, the vessel sink has become more available to the average homebuyer or remodeler who values simplicity, bold design and sophistication.

As design becomes more diverse, the vessel sink becomes a more common sight in the average home. It is both a throwback to a rustic time while also boasting modern amenities.

Benefits of a Bathroom Vessel Sink

Visual Appeal

The visual appeal of raised bowl bathroom sinks is obvious. Most people are used to seeing the usual recessed bathroom sink. Encountering a vessel sink in a home elevates the user experience.

The Space Factor

Because the smallest area of the basin sits on the countertop, there is more flat area around and beneath the basin. This space can be used to store items, dress up the counter top or decorate appropriately. The basin’s position maximizes the flat space below it.

Easy to Clean

Because all parts of the bowl are visible, cleaning it can be a breeze. You will be able to get inside all its nooks and crannies on the interior and exterior of the basin. Most vessel sinks have finishes that can be easily wiped down.

Easy Installation

Instead of installing a heavy, awkward unit from above or below, a vessel sink is simply set atop the counter or vanity. Once the drain line is connected, the sink is ready to go. No major hole drilling or nailing is required.

Diversity of Materials

Because they are supposed to look and feel like a work of art, a vessel sink can come in many materials and colors. These materials can range from wood, to stone to glass. Many of these materials would be impossible to use in a drop-in bathroom sink.

Can Fit Almost Any Style

Whether you want a wild and bold statement sink or a subdued modern look, a vessel sink can deliver. This type of sink already packs a visual punch with its above-counter design, so the style can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Different Types of Vessel Sinks:

General Qualities of Ceramic Vessel Sinks

  • Hand-crafted options: Ceramic vessel sinks are often handcrafted and fired in a kiln at an extremely high temperature. This level of workmanship can make each ceramic bowl special and different.
  • Colorful designs: Depending on the artist or brand, ceramic sinks can be fired or glazed with all different colors of the rainbow. There are few limits when it comes to color.
  • Symmetrical presentation: Ceramic bowls are most structurally sound when they are symmetrical. Usually their shapes are pleasing to the eye and have even edges all the way around.

General Qualities of Glass Vessel Sinks

  • Effortless elegance: Perhaps one of the most visually striking types of sink, a glass sink can surprise and enchant whoever sees it. A clear glass sink can give the illusion of floating in space.
  • Surprisingly durable: Glass vessel sinks are treated with a crack-resistant finish that makes them durable. A glass sink also resists scratches due to its extremely hard nature.
  • Easy to wipe down: Just like a glass window, a glass sink is super easy to clean and wipe down after use. Most mild cleaners can be used with good results.

General Qualities of Vitreous China Vessel Sinks

  • Harder than ceramic: Vitreous china is made with a combination of dust and clay that is melted and fired to produce a durable end product.
  • Classic sink materials: Often thought to be the best vessel sink for bathroom use, a vitreous china sink is more traditional. It will definitely fit in with most designs.
  • Simple, clean design: Due to its hard nature, vitreous china does not come in too many crazy shapes or colors. It’s most often seen in round shapes and shades of white.

General Qualities of Metal Vessel Sinks

  • Unique and modern look: Metal is usually sleek and shiny, and it fits in with contemporary styles. Since metals can range from warm to cool colors, there is likely a metal sink that will fit your needs.
  • Can patina over time: Materials like copper can oxidize and change color over time. This process results in something called a patina. For people who like a more organic feel, these types of metals can make great sinks.
  • Industrial and functional appeal: Even a simple metal can turn your regular sink into a high end vessel sink. Metals like stainless steel are also great for everyday usage. You won’t need to worry about staining, warping or rusting over time.

General Qualities of Wood Vessel Sinks

  • Beautiful natural look: The look of wood brings the outside world into your home. The warm tones of wood add another level of comfort.
  • Durable finishes: Typically, many woods are prone to rotting when in contact with water. For this reason all wood vessel sinks are specially treated to be waterproof.
  • Lighter and easy to install: In contrast to other materials like stone or glass, wood is much lighter. Usually a lighter sink does well when you have a more fragile vanity or countertop base.

General Qualities of Natural Stone Vessel Sinks

  • Understated and elegant: If you like sleek, modern style but want to keep things from looking too stark or cold, stone combines warmth and elegance.
  • Heavy and durable: Heavier than most other materials on this list, stone is highly durable. The surface holding your stone vessel sink should be properly supported.
  • Finishes are important: Because stone is porous, it’s important to know what type of finishing glaze is used on your stone sink. Most natural stone sinks have waterproof finishes that are resistant to staining and scratches.

How to Install a Vessel Bathroom Sink

Materials Needed:

  • Silicone putty sealant
  • Drain assembly
  • Cement or other binder
  • Trowel
  • Drill

Step One:

The vessel sink for bathroom options will usually come with a template. If you must make your own, trace around the bottom of your basin onto tracing paper. Be sure your tracing is exact. Place this tracing on the top of the vanity where the basin will sit. Center it and mark the vanity top.

Step Two:

If the plumbing underneath is not already installed, install it. Drill a hole into the vanity countertop for the main drain and make sure the piping underneath is lined up properly and ready to connect to the sink.

Step Three:

Do a trial run without any binder or cement. Position the basin onto the counter according to your traced lines. Make sure the drain hole lines up exactly. If the sink has straight edges, be sure to align them appropriately. For example, a rectangle glass sink will require you to line up the edges of the sink bowl so they are parallel with the wall.

Step Four:

Using your trowel, place some cement or other binder onto the bottom of your vessel sink. Position it into place, being sure to line things up quickly and correctly. Wipe up any excess mess. Connect the drain pipe underneath to the sink’s drain assembly and seal with waterproof silicone putty.

Bathroom Vessel Sink Faucet Configuration

A vessel sink is unique in that it takes up vertical space, meaning it rises above the countertop. The accompanying faucet will need to rise even higher to clear the side of the bowl and deliver waterflow in a proper fashion. Even a small vessel sink will need a faucet that can vertically clear the raised sides of the basin.

For this reason most faucets that are installed with a vessel sink have tall or gracefully arched necks. The height of the faucet only adds to the glamour of a vessel sink.

Another issue to consider when installing a vessel sink is whether you prefer one-lever faucet handles. The higher sides of the basin make the typical faucet handles difficult to use, and most modern vessel sink faucets feature either a single-lever handle or a motion-sensor controls.

Most vessel sink bowls only feature a drain, and the faucet and handles are installed separately. While some sinks come with accompanying faucets as part of the package, others require you to purchase the faucet separately. You can either match or contrast the faucet style with the style of your sink’s basin.

Where to Buy Vessel Sinks

When shopping for vessel sinks, should you buy online or in a store? Online marketplaces like Amazon are a great resource. The nice thing about purchasing a vessel sink online is that you can see customer reviews and overall specs at a glance. There are also many more options to choose from that a physical store may not stock.

Brick and mortar stores can be a good choice as well. When you see a model vessel sink in person, you may be able to better visualize it in your home. Overall, it depends on what you prefer.


To conclude, most of the vessel sinks don’t compromise utility or durability. Now, It’s time to execute the plan of getting a vessel sink to upgrade your bathroom.

Out of the top 10 best vessel sink reviews, the model that stands out is the Lordear 24″ Oval Bathroom Sink Modern Above Counter White Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Vanity Sink. Not only does this model come with its own countertop, its clear glass is sure to match any bathroom decor.

Combining function with style, this sink could meet all of your needs. Hopefully, our efforts will lead you to choose the right bathroom vessel sink. If you have any suggestions about this vessel sink guide, shoot a message in the comment section below!

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