Top 10 Best Undermount Bathroom Sink Reviews in 2021

The best undermount bathroom sink can streamline the look of your vanity area and provide excellent functionality. Not only undermount bathroom sinks look beautiful and unique, but also these types of sinks are easy to install and allow you to customize accessories like faucets and drains.

Another asset of an undermount sink is its large sink bowl, which provides plenty of room for any bathroom activity and can reduce splashing. They don’t take up counter space like drop-in sinks. The undermount sink delivers best design, functionality, and aesthetic look to any modern bathroom.

What makes an undermount bathroom sink special? Which one will fit your needs? What features you should look? This guide will walk you through the top-rated undermount bathroom sinks and help you find all the answers.

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Quick Comparison: Best Undermount Bathroom Sinks


Product Name



KOHLER Archer High-End Undermount Bathroom Sink

KOHLER Archer High-End Undermount Bathroom Sink


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KOHLER Caxton Best Undemount Bathroom Sink

KOHLER Caxton Undemount Bathroom Sink


Check Price
DECOLAV Callensia Classically Redefined Rectangular Undermount Bathroom Sink

DECOLAV Callensia Classically Redefined Rectangular Undermount Bathroom Sink


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Friho Modern Sleek Rectangular Undermount Ceramic Bathroom Vanity Sink

Friho Modern Sleek Rectangular Undermount Ceramic Bathroom Vanity Sink


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Top 10 Best Undermount Bathroom Sink Reviews:

1. KOHLER Archer High-End Undermount Bathroom Sink

KOHLER Archer Under-Mount Bathroom Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Rectangular design has interesting geometric appeal for visual interest
  • Beveled edges within sink add extra style and flair as well as curved front
  • Good drainage is ensured with angled bottom
  • Polished glaze keeps things looking fresh and clean every day
  • Standard drain comes already cut and ready for drain installation

This Kohler Archer bathroom sink does not look like typical undermount bathroom sinks. With a rectangular shape and inner beveled edges, this Kohler model is for those who love symmetry and geometry.

The striking angles of this sink are unusual for most sinks seen inside bathrooms. This unit could really make a statement.

However, with the Kohler name behind it, you can be reassured that you will get a quality item. The company is one of the most well-known in the industry.

The standard sized drain can accommodate a drain of your choice since none is included with this package. The angled edges of the sink bottom enable good drainage despite the rectangular shape with sharply turned corners.

This ceramic sink also comes with a beautiful shiny finishing glaze that is easy to wipe down and keep clean. The crystalline glaze will also keep this sink stain and crack free for a very long time.

The dimensions of this unique undermount bathroom sink are fairly standard and will fit with most countertops. The color is a true cool white, not an off-white or other cream color.

The front edge of this sink has a curve to it that can add a little flair to an otherwise humdrum rectangle sink. Though a template is not included, most professional installation companies can accommodate this sink.


  • Pure white color is sure to complement most countertops and bathrooms
  • High polish glaze
  • Beveled edges
  • Curved front
  • Good drainage
  • Overflow included
  • Unique design
  • Kohler name usually signals quality and customer satisfaction


  • No warranty is listed with this particular model
  • Mounting kit and tools are not included

2. KOHLER Caxton Undemount Bathroom Sink

KOHLER Caxton Undermount Bathroom Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Classic oval shape with smooth, curving interior bowl offers superior drainage
  • White vitreous china looks beautiful with high shine enameled glaze
  • Shape and surface materials make this model really easy to clean quickly
  • Standard drain hole is positioned at back of sink for classic appearance
  • Single overflow hole is drilled in inner front wall of sink to avoid messes
  • Template and installation instructions are included in box for ease of use

This oval Kohler sink provides a lot of features for a reasonable price. The classic shape can look great in any bathroom no matter the style. For those who like unique and special touches, the drain in this sink is positioned toward the back of the interior.

This positioning can encourage drainage and also provides a certain flair that centered drain sinks lack. For premium functionality this sink also provides a single hole overflow at the inner front wall of the sink so you won’t have to worry about flooding.

Deep enough to contain any splashing but small enough to fit almost anywhere, this sink’s size is one of its assets. The smooth curved bowl can echo other smooth surfaces in the surrounded countertop or decor.

This feature makes this model a great choice for natural stone countertops like granite or quartz. The shape and smoothness also makes this sink easy to clean since there are no corners or edges where dirt can settle.

Overall, this sink can provide a beautiful look to any bathroom. The ceramic is extra durable and the high shine glaze finish is meant to resist stains and any signs of daily wear and tear.

The white is a crisp and pure white that can complement most design elements in a bathroom and look fresh for years to come. Though a warranty is not listed, the Kohler name usually signals quality you can depend on.


  • Overflow drain part is included for quick and complete installation
  • Template included
  • Drain positioned near back of sink
  • White ceramic surface
  • Shiny stain-resistant glaze


  • Kohler brand name may remove after using the product 
  • Faucet needs enough space

3. Friho Modern Sleek Rectangular Undermount Ceramic Bathroom Vanity Sink

Friho Modern Sleek Rectangular Undermount Porcelain Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • The beautiful lines of this sink can look great in any contemporary bathroom
  • Overflow drain is positioned in the back of the sink for unique design
  • Drain is of a standard size and can fit any pop-up drain accessory
  • Made of durable and dense porcelain ceramic
  • Ten year warranty covers most damages with a money-back guarantee
  • Smaller dimensions can work great in smaller bathrooms or countertops

This porcelain undermount bathrrom sink comes from white color that can keep your bathroom looking like new. Easy to clean and wipe down, this sink’s glazed surfaces will repel stains and scratches even after a lifetime of use.

The finish is also of the high polish variety, which makes this model one of the right undermount bathroom sinks for granite countertops. Keep your sink and countertops shining together.

If your decor is more modern and minimalist, this sink could be a perfect fit. Its gently sloping bowl and uninterrupted lines can bring a contemporary charm and sophistication to your bathroom.

The bowl also drains well as a result of its design. The drain is of a standard size and can work well with a pop-up drain. However, the drain and mounting kit are not included with this model.

This undermount bathroom sink can also work well in smaller spaces. Though it has spacious interior dimensions that can assist in nearly any bathroom task, it is under 20 inches in width and does not require a huge hole cut into a countertop.

Because of its more compact size, this undermount sink is lighter overall and could be easily lifted and installed without multiple helpers. This sink also comes with a reassuring 10 year warranty and money-back guarantee, which can make the buying experience easier.


  • Easy to lift and install within countertops of any material
  • Ten year limited warranty
  • True white color
  • Overflow on back wall
  • Sleek, modern lines
  • Shiny glazed surface is easy to clean on a daily basis and unlikely to scratch


  • Overflow may not be perfectly centered
  • Does not come with mounting kit

4. DECOLAV Callensia Classically Redefined Rectangular Undermount Bathroom Sink

DECOLAV Callensia Classically Redefined Rectangular Undermount Bathroom Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to install and has generous rim for typical undermount installation
  • Affordable price tag makes this model appealing for small budgets
  • Made with double-fired vitreous china that is durable and chip resistant
  • Is ADA compliant, unlike some other models
  • Comes with standard sized drain hole and no drain for full customization
  • Has a beautiful pure white color that resists stains and chips
  • Single overflow hole is included in front of sink
  • Rectangular shape for normal installation with curved interior for good drainage

This Decolav sink is made of vitreous china that has been double-fired for superior strength and stability. This feature, combined with the low price, makes this one of the best undermount bathroom sinks on this list.

The smooth surface and bright white color will repel stains and cut cleaning time in half. Because the ceramic has been enameled so well with a polished glaze, damage and chipping is unlikely.

In addition, this sink is compliant with the American Disabilities Association. It comes with a standard sized drain hole which can be customized with your own fixtures. No drain is included.

The softly curved bottom makes water drain fast and there are no corners where dirt can collect. The generous dimensions of this sink can fit well into any type of countertop, and the rectangular shape of the rim makes installation a breeze.

The white color of this sink’s surface is not an off-white but a bright, true white that can look great and fresh in any bathroom. This sink also has a single overflow hole at the front of the sink along the inner wall.

A subtle, classy logo appears on the inner back wall of the sink and is visible during normal use. Overall, this sink is a good to buy that will look great.


  • Pure white color
  • Double-fired vitreous china
  • ADA compliant
  • Standard sized drain hole
  • Curved bottom with straight sides
  • Rectangular rim
  • Single overflow hole
  • Generous proportions


  • May arrive with defects
  • The hard vitreous china may be prone to cracks

5. American Standard Studio Ceramic Undercounter Rectangular Bathroom Sink

American Standard Studio Ceramic Undercounter Rectangular Bathroom Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Has generous overflow capacity at the front of the sink
  • Made of vitreous china for superior strength and durability
  • Gentle curve in bottom creates an interesting visual line
  • Comes with a full undermount kit, including silicone putty, brackets and instructions
  • Comes with a standard sized drain hole

This American Standard bathroom sink is made of hard vitreous china that can be easy to clean and care for. The color is white, but it is more of an off-white with a yellow tinge than a true white.

Under the vitreous china glaze is a high quality ceramic that is dense and durable for years to come. Though the sink has a rectangular mounting surface, the interior of the bowl has a flat front and back but a curved bottom for a unique and beautiful look.

A standard-sized drain hole is included in this model, as well as an overflow option at the front of the sink. This feature can come in handy and prevent any accidental flooding or overfilling.

The unglazed rim is perfect for installing this undermount bathroom sink in a granite or natural stone countertop. Silicone may adhere better to unglazed portion of the rim and result in a more secure attachment.

This product comes with a limited lifetime warranty which can ease your mind if anything should go wrong. Also included in this package is a full mounting kit that includes a template for your countertop. Installation instructions are also included. The American Standard logo sits proudly inside the sink. This logo is permanent and visible to the user.


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Vitreous china interior
  • Unglazed rim
  • Standard drain
  • Unique curved bottom
  • Overflow is included
  • Installation instructions included
  • Mounting kit included


  • No drain assembly included
  • Permanent American Standard logo inside the sink signals quality

6. VCCUCINE Rectangle Porcelain Undermount Bathroom Sink

VCCUCINE Rectangle Porcelain Undermount Bathroom Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Above counter design can make a statement in your bathroom decor
  • Basic rectangle simplifies design and makes cleaning easy and straightforward
  • Soundproofing technology makes this sink super quiet to use
  • Porcelain ceramic surface looks beautiful and is a pure white color
  • Finishing glaze is durable and provides high polish that’s easy to clean
  • Reasonable price tag for artistic statement
  • Can be installed with logo facing user or hidden on front inner side of sink
  • Solid construction guarantees long term use without problems

Make a statement with this above counter vessel sink. This striking style can look at home in bathrooms with farmhouse decor or more modern design.

The rectangular shape is classy and can be dressed up and customized with whatever fixtures you prefer. This sink does not come with the drain or any mounting kit. However, it is made of solid porcelain ceramic that has a high polish glaze. This material can resist chipping and staining over time.

The smooth surface is also easy to clean on a daily basis. Though splashing may occur if water is turned on to highest power, for most tasks this basin sink will fit the bill.

The drain hole is of a standard size. One great thing about this sink is its soundproofing technology. It has a padding within the bottom of the sink that dampens any ringing or loud noises from occurring.

For those who don’t like the look of logos, this sink has options for you.

While there is a small logo on the inner wall of the sink, this sink can be installed with either side facing out. If the logo side of the sink bothers you, just turn it around to face the other way.

The reasonable price of this highly fashionable sink also is appealing. Though no warranty is listed, this sink seems to deliver on style.


  • Vessel designClassic rectangle basin
  • Easy to cleanPure white color
  • Reversible
  • Polished finish
  • Durable construction
  • Affordable price


  • No drain or mounting kit is included
  • Splashing may occur with high water pressure

7. Nantucket Sinks Rectangle White Ceramic Undermount Vanity Bathroom Sink

Nantucket Sinks Rectangle White Ceramic Undermount Vanity Bathroom Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Limited lifetime warranty ensures a quality product that will last for a while
  • Crisp white ceramic sink can stay looking bright and beautiful in any bathroom decor
  • Softly slowing bowl is deep enough to accommodate almost any bathroom task
  • Shiny enamel glaze is easy to clean and will repel staining and damage over time
  • Compact size makes this sink a perfect fit for smaller spaces and bathrooms
  • Comes with standard drain hole and flat bottom that evokes transitional style
  • Affordable price tag makes this sink especially appealing for those on a budget
  • Overflow is centered on the inner front wall of this sink and can stop overfilling

This sink model comes in an unusual size that some may find appealing. Smaller and more compact with a deeper bowl, this sink can deliver a beautiful undermount bathroom sink look in smaller spaces.

The unfinished rim lend it specifically to undermount installation and not flushmount. Along with the standard drain hole that comes pre-drilled, a centered single hole overflow is included.

The sloping sides of this sink combined with the flat bottom bring a transitional, modern style to this bathroom sink. The bright white color is a true white and will match most cool whites in any bathroom.

Finished with a shiny glaze that is nice to look at and easy to clean, the interior surface of this sink can be wiped down and resist staining and marring for years.

To ensure customer satisfaction a lifetime limited warranty is offered on this sink. That feature, combined with the affordable price tag, make this sink an appealing option.

This model does come with a template for granite or quartz countertop installation. Though it does not include a mounting kit or drain assembly, the absence of these items allows you to customize your bathroom sink to your own specifications.


  • Compact size for smaller spaces
  • White ceramic
  • Polished glaze
  • True, crisp white
  • Sloping sides and flat bottom
  • Contemporary look
  • Standard drain hole
  • Centered overflow


  • Does not come with drains or mounting kit
  • Polish may be uneven near rim of sink

8. KINGSMAN Pure White Durable Rectangle Vitreous Ceramic Undermount Bathroom Sink

KINGSMAN Pure White Durable Rectangle Vitreous Ceramic Undermount Bathroom Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Pure white color can complement almost any countertop or surrounding decor
  • Vitreous china has a polished surface that is durable
  • Surface resists stains and scratches and is easy to clean and wipe down
  • Comes with pop-up drain for quick and easy installation
  • Will fit most 24 in. openings with its standard rectangular shape
  • Soft sloping bowl drains well and quickly with no hard edges to collect dirt

This Kingsman undermount bathroom sink provides all the basics you could want for a decent price. The pure white color is sure to complement any countertop or wall decorations you have.

Another visually appealing asset this sink has is the absence of a logo. Some like the wide expanse of blank white space, and this sink provides that.

This model also comes with a pop-up drain feature so you can install the sink and drain at one time. The drain is of a standard size.

There is also a single hole overflow that is positioned on the front wall of the sink. This feature can prevent any messes or flooding if the sink ever over-fills.

Made of vitreous china and polished to a high shine, this sink looks clean and is easy to wipe down. The polished enamel is durable and will resist stains and chips.

The rectangular shape of this sink makes installation easy. It will fit most 24 in. openings in countertops, and the interior of the sink is 21.5 in. total. This makes for a spacious sink that can serve almost any bathroom task.

A mounting kit comes with this model so you won’t have to purchase any extra supplies. Instructions also accompany the kit. A lifetime limited warranty can offer peace of mind over time and cover your in case anything isn’t perfect.


  • Lifetime limited warranty can reassure you you’re getting a quality item
  • Pop-up drain included
  • Fits 24 in. openings
  • Spacious sloping bowl
  • Overflow included


  • Overflow has chrome plastic trim instead of ceramic

9. Walcut Bathroom Wall Mount Rectangle Corner Bathroom Sink

Walcut Bathroom Wall Mount Rectangle Corner Bathroom Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Brass faucet and fixtures with chrome finish come with sink for maximum ease of installation
  • Square corner sink has striking style and good functionality
  • Can easily fit into small bathrooms that have limited counter and floor space
  • Shiny finish on ceramic porcelain is easy to clean and resists stains over time
  • Single-handed faucet controls allow water pressure and temperature to be changed with one touch
  • Comes with installation instructions so you can get to work right away
  • Rectangular shape has crisp edges but sloped inner basin for easy drainage
  • Can be mounted to wall or above a cabinet if necessary with right adjustments

If you are on a budget and have a small bathroom space to finish, this sink could be just for you. With its compact size and affordable price tag, this sink delivers on style and usability.

The rectangular shape of this sink gives it a nautical feel. The bathroom faucet that is included also has a sleek modern design that could add flair to any space. The faucet and handle are an all-in-one unit, and the handle is a single lever. Both fixtures are brass with a beautiful chrome finish that has a high polish.

Though the sink itself is a rectangle with striking and defined edges, the sink bowl is sloped. This feature provides superior drainage and softens the overall look to fit in with almost any decor.

A drain and drain assembly are not included, but a standard sized drain hole does come already drilled. The lack of a drain enables you to customize your fixtures to your own decor.

You can mount this sink directly to your wall. Not only can this increase your storage space under and around the sink, it can keep your bathroom looking clutter free.

The white color of the sink bowl and high shine glazed finish are easy to clean and wipe down. Because this model is manufactured overseas, the instructions use the metric system, and some pipe work may require extra customization before installation can be completed.


  • Chrome finished faucet and handle included
  • Striking modern design
  • Sloping inner bowl
  • Compact size
  • Installation instructions included
  • Wall mount or cabinet mount
  • Affordable price tag


  • Instructions use European metric measurements
  • Drain assembly not included and may need extra customization

10. Nantucket Sinks Oval Ceramic Undermount Bathroom Sink

Nantucket Sinks Oval Ceramic Undermount Bathroom Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Beautiful oval shape provides classic, traditional look to any bathroom
  • Smaller dimensions make this sink great for more compact bathroom spaces and countertops
  • White color is a true, crisp white that is made of ceramic porcelain
  • Standard drain hole size with a single overflow hole in inner front wall of sink
  • Limited lifetime warranty can reassure you this sink will stand the test of time
  • Polished enamel glaze provides a subtle shine and is easy to clean and wipe down
  • Compact size can increase storage areas on surrounding countertops
  • Undermount installation is easy and straightforward with instructions included

If most undermount sinks are too big for your compact bathroom, this model may be what you’re looking for. Small but highly functional, this oval undermount bathroom sink is a typical hand washing sink size.

This size could be great for small bathrooms or powder rooms. A smaller sink like this can also increase the surrounding countertop space for storage or other uses.

Despite its smaller size, this model comes with a standard drain hole. While no drain or drain assembly is included, installation instructions come with this model as well as a template.

The oval shape gives this sink a classic and traditional look that can give relief to a stark, minimalist bathroom. An overflow hole is included in the inner front wall of this model in case the sink fills too high.

An excellent choice for an undermount sink, this model comes with a limited lifetime warranty. That means you can feel confident that your sink will stay working and looking like new for as long as you own it.

The white color and high shine enamel glaze can keep it looking pristine for years to come. The surface is smooth and makes regular cleaning a breeze.


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • White color
  • Small hand-washing sink size
  • Oval shape
  • Standard drain hole
  • Overflow single hole
  • Shiny enamel glaze
  • Installation instructions included


  • No drain or drain assembly included
  • May chip over time

Best Undermount Bathroom Sink Buying Guide


The weight of your undermount sink can factor into your installation process. The heavier your sink is the more support it will require in the cabinet beneath it. However, a heavier sink can signal durability and longevity.

Usually, materials like fireclay, marble or granite are heavier and can stand heavy use. Lighter sinks made from plastic, copper, porcelain or other materials are easier to install and are also durable, but they may need extra care down the line.


Your sink’s construction materials can make a huge difference between liking and loving your bathroom sink. Natural stone materials like granite or quartz can be cumbersome and expensive but distinctive.

Copper sinks have a unique finish that can add a statement to your bathroom, but these are also more expensive and require extra care.

Plastic sinks are a little easier to maintain, but can also stain over time. Porcelain and ceramic sinks are a great compromise between durability and affordability.


In the past, bathroom sinks have been traditionally white, since white creates a fresh and clean look. Now there are more options than ever. You could choose a textured granite composite sink with flecks of several colors or a copper sink that can change color over time.

You will want to pick a sink that will either match your surrounding bathroom decor or create a striking contrast. A good undermount bathroom sink in a unique shade can subtly add a splash of color to an otherwise ordinary room.


The drain in a bathroom sink need not be too fancy or too plain. Because the sink is an unexpected place to apply style, you can jazz up your sink’s appearance with a fancy drain.

Always be sure the drain is large enough to accommodate your needs. If you use the stopper a lot, be sure the seal around the drain can be secured tightly to prevent water loss. Many contemporary sinks use a pop-up drain unit to make stopping up the sink quick and easy.

Bowl Shape

The shape of your sink bowl can make all the difference in your bathroom. Round bowls can make a statement, while oval bowls are more traditional. Square or rectangular bowls evoke a more modern and contemporary look that could be great for minimalists.

If you wish to truly stand out from the crowd, consider getting an asymmetrical bowl that will be eye-catching and a conversation starter. Think about cleaning time, too, since bowls with more edges and levels may require some extra cleaning attention.

Types of Bathroom Sinks

Drop-In Sinks

These types of sinks are also called self-rimming sinks. A hole is cut into the countertop and the sink is lowered into them from above. Countertops do not have to be customized for this type of sink.

Standalone Sinks

Standalone sinks, or console sinks, come with their own cabinetry and are not mounted to the floor or wall. Only the plumbing keeps them in place. They’re great for small spaces.

Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks are installed within granite, quartz or other type of fancy countertops. Due to the installation process, the countertop must be customized according to the size and shape of the sink. These sinks are installed from below the countertop instead of from above.

Vessel Sinks

These sinks are usually statement pieces that sit above the countertop instead of being recessed within a counter. They attach to the counter by way of the drain or mounting ring, depending on the shape and weight of the bowl.

Pedestal Sinks

This kind of sink has a single foot that is mounted to the floor. Pedestal sinks are usually all one piece and don’t have much surface area around the sink bowl. They are often seen in smaller bathrooms.

Wall-Mounted Sinks

Great for small spaces, a wall-mounted sink is attached to the wall with the plumbing pipes exposed underneath. This can give you more room underneath the sink, but be sure to not place too much weight on this sink.

Bathroom Sink Materials

  • Porcelain: Cast iron sinks enameled with porcelain can look beautiful and last a long time. This material looks polished and expensive. It’s also one of the most common types of bathroom sinks. Porcelain sinks are also known by other names, like ceramic or vitreous china.
  • Crushed glass: Trendy right now, crushed glass can make an impact statement. Usually this glass is tempered for daily use.
  • Stone: Vessel sinks made from natural stone like granite or quartz can be heavy but durable. They are also generally more expensive than other types of sinks.
  • Concrete: A concrete sink is a more unusual but fashionable choice. This type of sink requires professional installation. If it cracks, replacement is the only option.
  • Plastic: Affordable and light to install, a plastic sink is more for function than fashion. The longevity of plastic is durable and can be easily cleaned.
  • Stainless Steel: Much like with kitchen sinks, a stainless steel bathroom sink can make a huge statement and add a utilitarian look to your bathroom.

How to Replace an Undermount Bathroom Sink

Materials Needed:

  • Silicone caulk
  • Caulk gun
  • Sink clips or brackets
  • Drill
  • Measuring tape
  • Supports or helper

Step One: Measure the dimensions of your existing sink. Also measure the hole in the countertop. It’s important you replace the damaged sink with one that matches the size of the hole in the countertop to avoid any uneven edges.

Step Two: After you remove the existing sink. take your caulking gun and apply a line of silicone caulk to the upper lip of your new sink. Be generous with the caulk, as this should create an airtight seal when it dries. You can remove any excess later.

Step Three: Working from below your counter, position your new undermount bathroom sink underneath the countertop. Line it up with the hole in the countertop and make sure the edges of the sink and the countertop hole are flush.

Lift up the sink until it presses tightly against the underside of the countertop. If you have a helper, have them hold the sink in place for next step. If you do not have a helper, position plywood supports underneath sink to hold it in place.

Step Four: Drill sink clips or brackets at even intervals around upper lip of undermount sink to attach them to underside of countertop. Be sure to use screws that are not too long and do not penetrate the whole way through the countertop. Use as many brackets as necessary to create a solid bracing system around the edge of the sink.

Step Five: Allow silicone caulking to dry. Remove supports. Scrape away any excess caulking that has dried, or sand down any edges that may stick out. Your new sink is ready to use.


Scrolling through the best undermount bathroom sinks can be a challenge, but finding the right sink for your needs is worth it.

Your sink should have all the features you’re looking for, and the size of your countertop or existing plumbing may come into play. Also consider the size and weight of your sink bowl before you install an undermount sink.

The color should complement or contrast with surrounding decor and match your style. The materials your sink is made from are also important. Keep in mind the amount of maintenance and care you want to put into your sink since some types require more attention.

You want a bathroom sink that will last a long time. Overall, keep your preferences in mind as well as practical considerations. With this knowledge, you should be able to find the best undermount sink for your bathroom.

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