How to Clean Stainless Steel Sink Grid

Almost all kitchen cleaning happens in the sink. Having the sink grid dirty is therefore inevitable. But if you know how to take care of your sink’s grid, it shouldn’t worry you. Kitchen sink grids can get nasty, tempting you to throw them away.

Methods to Clean Stainless Steel Sink Grid:

You can clean your sink grid either by hand, Dishwasher, or other machines designed to clean sink grids.

Method 1: Using a Dishwasher

If you don’t have a dishwasher, this method is not for you. Go for the next one.

Step 1: Put it in the Dishwasher

Some grids are small enough to fit in the Dishwasher. Others come designed in a manner that they can fold to fit in any dishwasher. If your Dishwasher is small or you don’t have one, you will need to wash it with your hands. Ensure that it fits well.

Step 2: Put on the Dishwasher

A dishwasher with high humidity is highly recommended. Allow the Dishwasher to clean for some time. It will help loosen the hard stuff found at the grid’s corners.

Step 3: Remove the Grid from the Dishwasher

After some time, remove the grid from the dishwasher. The amount of time it should stay in the dishwasher depends on dirt on the grid. If the grid is not much spoiled, allow it to clean in the dishwasher for a few minutes. Leave it for a while if filthy dirty.

When you remove it and still get some stuff stuck, return it and clean for some more time. Alternatively, you could use warm soapy water and a sponge to finalize the cleaning. Scrub until all dirt is gone. Then rinse with warm water.

Step 4: Dry the Grid

After removing the grid from the dishwasher, put it in a clean, airy place to dry.

Method 2: Using Soap and Water

Items Required:

  • Soft kitchen brush
  • Dish soap
  • Hot Water
  • A clean, soft piece of cloth or towel

Step 1: Mix Warm Water and Dish Soap

Put warm water in a container and add some dish soap.

Step 2: Scrub the Grid

Dip the soft kitchen brush in the soapy water and scrub the Grid. Ensure you clean every part until clean. If the grid has some stubborn stains, you can use vinegar and baking soda as illustrated in the next cleaning guide.

Do the scrubbing inside your sink as it helps support the Grid and prevents water from spraying all over. After cleaning the Grid, it becomes easier also to clean the sink.

Step 3: Rinse the Sink

When all dirt is out, rinse the grid using hot water until spotlessly clean.

Step 4: Dry the Grid

Put the grid in an airy place to dry. You may also use a soft piece of cloth or towel to dry it.

Method 3: Using Baking Soda and Vinegar

Items Required:

  • White vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Bottle sprayer
  • Dish soap
  • Soft kitchen brush
  • Scrapper
  • Warm water

Step 1: Remove any Loose Dirt on the Grid

Use a scraper to remove any loose dirt or food on the grid. You can also use your hands to take them off.

Step 2: Clean with Warm Soap Water

After removing the loose dirt, clean the entire grid using warm soapy water. Start by adding some dish soap in warm water. Then use a soft kitchen brush to clean the grid. Then rinse with clean water.

Step 3: Mix Baking Soda and Vinegar

You can use white vinegar only to clean a stained sink grid. But if the stains are stubborn, mix with baking soda inside a bottle sprayer.

Step 4: Spray the Sink Grid with the Mixture

Then sprayer the entire Grid with the baking soda and white vinegar mixture. Concentrate on the stained or grimy parts. Then leave it to sit for approximately five minutes. If the Grid was very dirty or had challenging stains, you may need to allow more than five minutes to set.

Step 5: Wipe the Dirt Off

After the settling time has expired, wipe the Grid off any residues using a clean piece of cloth or towel. Then leave it in an airy place to dry.

Method 4: Using a Steam Machine to Clean Your Sink Grid

Due to the advancement of technology, innovators have created machines specifically to clean sink grids. These machines will save you from the scrubbing menace and have your Grid clean quickly. You also get saved from using cleaning chemicals, which are usually harmful if mishandled.

Steam machines use high-temperature steam, making them safe. Here is how to use one to clean your sink grid.

Step 1: Attach the Cleaning Brush

Steam machines usually come with their cleaning brushes. The first thing to do is to have that brush attached to the machine.

Step 2: Prepare the Machine for Cleaning

The machine comes with a reservoir for putting water. Please open it and fill it with water. Then close it and put it on the machine. Allow for some time after putting it on to heat correctly. You will know if the machine is appropriately plugged on by checking the red light button. Press the power button to put it on.

When the steam has heated to temperature, the machine will alert you. Most come with a light, mostly orange, to indicate when ready.

Step 3: Clean the Grid

When the steam is ready, pull the machine’s trigger to allow the steam out. Ensure the brush is on the Grid. Move the brush throughout the Grid and scrub lightly as the steam would be doing the cleaning. Despite the kind of dirt on the Grid, it should be clean within a few minutes.

Remember the steam is scalding; protect your hands when handling the machine. If holding the Grid with your hands while washing, wear protective gloves, and try to keep the hot steam away from your hands.

Ensure the surface you are washing the Grid on is also safe from the hot steam or is heat and water-resistant. Otherwise, you may have your Grid clean but have to deal with your painful burnt hands and destroyed surface.

For optimal results, ensure the Grid is turned in all directions to clean every surface and part. Using distilled water would work out best than ordinary water.

Step 4: Dry the Grid

When properly cleaned, put the Grid in a clean, airy place to dry.

Step 5: Put Off the Machine

After cleaning, turn off the machine. Allow it to cool down before handling it.

Step 6: Empty the Reservoir

When fully cooled down, open its reservoir and pour out any remaining water. Disconnect the brush and rinse it with clean water until spotlessly clean. Wipeout any water or dirt sprinkled on the machine using a clean towel. After the machine dries out, store it in a cool, safe place.

After cleaning using either of the above guides, you can make your sink grid look new by applying a mix of water and baking powder. If it got scratches, remove them by rubbing fine steel wool on them. Running the steel wool on the entire grid will remove any hidden hairline scratches.


As illustrated above, cleaning your stainless steel sink grid is not rocket science. If you use any of the cleaning methods illustrated above, it becomes easy.

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