How to Drain Outdoor Kitchen Sink

An outdoor kitchen will be handy in ensuring that you prepare and eat delicious meals from your yard. However, after enjoying the meal, cleaning the utensils will be the next step. But carrying the silverware back to your indoor kitchen will be a challenging task.

But before constructing the outdoor kitchen sink, you need to design it properly. Additionally, a vital fixture in any sink is the drain. Which type of gutter will be the best for your outdoor kitchen sink?

Types of Drain for Outdoor Kitchen Sinks

There are three types of drains for outdoor kitchen sinks. But which is the best? Several factors will determine that.

Before that, let’s discuss the types of drains. They include;

  • A French drain or dry well
  • Under-sink bucket
  • Sewer or Septic system
  1. French Drain or Dry Well

The French drain or dry well is a pipe that accumulates wastewater or greywater from the kitchen sink and directs it to a hole full of gravel.

This prevents the water from collecting near your home area, which may make your yard soggy or the greywater is getting into your basement.

If you decide to install the French drain, you require to follow these steps.

  • Start by digging a trench 4-6 feet deep and 2 feet(.61m) wide.
  • Put gravel on the pipe. Please don’t cover the trench with soil or sand as the wastewater will not flow through the line.

You can also decide to place a bucket full of gravel to gather greywater from the sink’s drainage. When using this, you need to drill holes at the bottom of the bucket to ensure that it flows to the trench.

For your information, there are two models of French drains: the traditional French drain and collector and interceptor French drain.

The installation process above is for a standard french drain. A typical French drain is fully covered thus doesn’t cause any distractions to your daily activities around your yard.

As a collector and interceptor is an open trench that directs the greywater to an enormous channel. It is preferable as it prevents floods and the surface from becoming damp. But when you are constructing this type of French drain, you should place a filter to collect debris.

To construct a French drain, you require budgeting for $400 and above. This is for you to get the proper and standard dry well.

  1. Under-Sink Bucket

Among all outdoor kitchen sink drains, the under-sink bucket is the most affordable. All you require is a large bucket that can collect greywater without filling fast before you complete washing your utensils.

You should be cautious with this type of drain because if you don’t dispose of the wastewater frequently, it might bring a foul smell to your garden.

Experts recommend that you avoid pouring the bucket water into your sewerage system as it might affect it.

The cost of an undermount sink is average $10.

  1. Sewer or Septic System

If you are investing in a standard kitchen sink, you will require a sewer system. The sewer system should be separate from your home’s septic system.

You need to hire a professional plumber to help you design the plumbing system for your sink.

Before choosing the previous drains, you need to check your local area rules about treating and reusing wastewater.

If you are not allowed to treat the greywater, you should opt for a sewer system. Even though it is costly, but it’s the safest drainage method.

This type of drain may cost you $750 or more.

Factors that Determine the Right Type of Drain

As you think about which drain is the best for your outdoor kitchen sink, you need to consider the following factors.

Local Regulations and Codes

You must check your local area. Greywater regulations and codes are essential in determining which drain is suitable for installation.

In some areas, reuse of greywater is not accepted but some permit reusing wastewater from your kitchen sink.

Furthermore, some regions advocate for a separate sewerage system for greywater and blackwater. Such areas are the ones that permit reusing greywater.

Your Budget

How much are you willing to invest in your outdoor kitchen sink? Do you have limited funds? Then it would be best if you considered using an undermount sink.

This is the best when you have a low budget as you only require a bucket. But you must empty the bucket regularly and wash it to prevent odor.

When it comes to French drain and septic, they require a high budget as they require plumbing tools for septic and pipe and gravel for the French drain.

What is the Cost of an Outdoor Kitchen?

The cost of building an outdoor kitchen depends on various things. Such includes;

  • Which materials are you going to use?
  • The type of sink and drain
  • Consider add-ons such as a fire pit, refrigerator, shading, fencing, and water fountain.
  • Flooring types
  • Counters
  • Furniture

Therefore, I cannot categorically inform you how much it will cost to build one, but it all depends on the above features.

However, according to Home Stratosphere, an outdoor kitchen’s average cost is between $2700 to $10000. Suppose you want a classic outdoor kitchen; the price may rise to $30,000 to $50,000.

Tips to Consider Before Constructing an Outdoor Kitchen

As you are thinking about the appropriate design, you must put the following factors into consideration.


The type of outdoor kitchen design you choose depends on the amount of space in your yard. This will help you decide which feature you will have in your outdoor kitchen.


Do you live in a hot or warm region? Then having an outdoor kitchen will be handy. All you require is to have a shade to prevent the scorching sun.

However, if you live in a cold region, I would advise you not to construct this kitchen type.


Please consider your budget before installing any of the above drains for your sink. This is all the information you need to know about drains for an outdoor sink.

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