7 Best Outdoor Kitchen Sink (Reviews of 2020)

If you are looking for the best way to add some functionality to an outdoor entertainment area, install an outdoor kitchen sink.

For entertaining in the backyard, an outdoor sink gives you a great prep area for barbeques, washing pets and so on. An outdoor sink is a great way to increase your home’s value and functionality.

Read our complete guide about the best bar sink.

Quick Comparison: Best Outdoor Sinks

Top 10 Best Outdoor Kitchen Sink Reviews:

1. Kraus Pax Outdoor Kitchen Sink

Featuring one-hole, the Kraus Pax Outdoor Kitchen Sink is handcrafted with a wear-resistant finish. Made of high-quality stainless steel, the Krause Pax is equipped with rectangular basins and soundproof technology. With easy installation, you can place this kitchen sink with any type of countertop material.

With the Kraus Pax Kitchen Sink, you can instantly create a modern update to your kitchen while also adding value. With this set, you get the sink, cutout template, mounting hardware, the Krause Mitt and Trivet, a removable drain cap, and a drain assembly. This dent-resistant and durable sink are made with a real 16-gauge stainless steel.

With a drop-in sink design, you get a simple top-mount installation. You won’t need to do any extensive remodeling of the countertop and kitchen cabinet. Plus, the Kraus Pax Kitchen Sink is engineered to drain easily with channel grooves and a rear-set drain opening that will keep the sink free of any standing water.


  • It has a design that prevents standing water.
  • This outdoor sink comes with everything you need for installation.
  • It is pretty durable and won’t dent.


  • It shows water spots easily.

2. Houzer Quartztone Series Outdoor Sink

This dual mount outdoor sink is made with black granite in a classic square shape, the Houzer Quartztone Series Sink features an eight-inch bowl depth and has a non-porous surface. Silky to the touch, this sink is constructed of 20 percent high-grade acrylic and 80 percent fine quartz.

Using quartz tone granite that is three times harder than natural granite, the Houzer Quartztone Series Sink is simple to maintain since its non-porous surface is innately hygienic, has antibacterial protection, and stops stains. With a high-resistant to thermal shock, this sink is also UV stable and resistant to heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Able to resist scratches, fading, and chips, this bowl features under mount or top mount installation. The Houzer Quartztone Series Sink comes with a template, Instructions, and mounting clips for easy installation.


  • It won’t chip or scratch, and it is easy to install.
  • You can place it either under mount or top mount.
  • It is hygienic and easy to clean.


  • It’s pretty heavy.

3. Houzer Glowtone Topmount Sink

Featuring three holes, the Houzer Glowtone Topmount Sink is made of 304 stainless steel and will complement any lifestyle. Dent, corrosion, and stain-resistant, the Houzer sink has a resilient, hygienic, and scratchproof surface, which only requires minimal maintenance and care. This sink is a great match for today’s styles with conventional elegance and modern lines.

Capable of lasting a lifetime, the Houzer Glowtone Topmount Sink uses the latest in technology to create this highly corrosion-resistant steel sink. This ADA accessibility compliant sink will work well in healthcare, homes, or businesses. Able to complement any room décor, this compact bowl stylish and versatile enough to work in a utility room, kitchen, bar area or outdoor.

Made of 22-gauge stainless steel, the Houzer Glowtone Topmount Sink comes with two faucet mounting holes and a satin finish that is easy to maintain and easy to clean. It also comes with self-rimming edges, a highlighted rim, and a StoneGuard undercoating over a super silencer pad that provides less clatter as you wash pots and pans. Measuring 14 x 15 ¾ x 6 ½-inches, this sink meets CAS and UPC standards and also comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

Fitting 21-inch cabinets, the Houzer Glowtone TopMount Sink is a great way for you to reflect your personal style with this perfect mix of convenience, economy, and style. This top mount sink is ideal for everyday use with its high-quality craftsmanship and affordable price. Made from durable 304 stainless steel, this sink also includes a basket strainer and a 3 1/2-inch drain opening.


  • It is actually pretty silent and comes with noise silencing technology.
  • It won’t stain and is super easy to clean.
  • This is a very affordable outside sink that will last you quite a few years.


  • The faucet flexes a lot once install.

4. Kraus Undermount Outdoor Kitchen Sink

This under-mount kitchen sink is made out of 16-gauge stainless steel and measures 20-inches. Perfect for outdoor kitchen, the Kraus Undermount Kitchen Sink combines style and convenience in one delightful package. With a generous bowl size, this easy to clean and wear-resistant satin finish sink is a great addition to your home improvement project.

Made out of durable T304 stainless steel, the Kraus Undermount Kitchen Sink offers incredible rust and corrosion-resistance. Also featuring a dent-resistant construction, this resilient outdoor sink is very sturdy and long-lasting thanks to its 1.5 mm thickness. Designed for total drainage, this outdoor sink features a gently sloping bottom that stops water from standing inside the bowl, plus it has an optimized angle that keeps glasses from falling over when you put them in the sink.

Using exclusive NoiseDefend soundproofing technology, the Kraus Undermount Kitchen Sink absorbs vibrations and will also minimize noise when using the sink. With extra-thick sound absorbing pads, 80 percent of the sink base is covered to absorb noise from the waste disposal and dishwashing. Plus, each sink received a treatment of protective Stone Guard coating that reduces condensation while further dampening sound.

Made from premium 16- and 18-gauge T-304 stainless steel, you get maximum durability. The Kraus Undermount Kitchen Sink also features extra-deep basins that can accommodate large dishes easily. A meticulous finishing process helps to further protect the sink from oxidation and rust.

With a commercial-grade satin finish along with gently rounded corners, it is simple to clean and maintain the Kraus Undermount Kitchen Sink with just a damp cloth. Compatible with either a modern or transitional kitchen, the Kraus offers a lifetime of functionality. Plus, you get the added convenience of a stainless-steel bottom grid, cutout temple, a Kraus kitchen towel, and a basket strainer drain with every purchase.

This dent-resistant sink will not dull from use every day, and its under-mount design allows for a seamless transition from the countertop to the sink, making it easy to wipe water right into the sink. Every bottom grid uses soft protective bumpers for cushioning and to prevent scratching. The Kraus Undermount Kitchen Sink is easy to install with all mounting hard provided.


  • It won’t scratch, and it’s easy to clean.
  • The sink comes with everything you need to mount it.
  • This sink has a great drainage system.


  • The satin is a very rough finish.

5. Houzer E-100 MIDNITE Sink

This Quartztone Series Granite sink has a dual mount design. The outdoor sink has an eight-inch bowl depth and a non-porous surface that is silky to the touch. This is a durable and tough sink made out of quartz tone granite that also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Made out of 80 percent fine quartz sand and 20 percent high-grade acrylic, the Houzer E-100 MIDNITE Sink is easy to clean and maintain. The high-grade acrylic, quart tone granite it three times harder than natural granite. It is also intrinsically hygienic, deters stains, and has antibacterial protection.

With a high-resistant to thermal shock, this outdoor sink is heat resistant and UV stable. The Houzer E0100 Midnite Sink not only resists scratches but resists chipping and fading. Offering a dual mount option, you can mount this outside sink with either under-mount or top-mount installation. Fitting 24-inch cabinets, the Houzer E-100 Midnight Sink also comes with a template, instructions, and mounting clips for easy installation.


  • You can install it as an under-mount or top-mount sink.
  • It is heat resistant and super hard, so it won’t chip.
  • It has a dual mount design and is antibacterial.


  • It’s too heavy for some users.

6. Franke USA SL103BX

Measuring 20-inches, the Franke USA SL103BX Sink is made of stainless steel and comes with a silk steel finish. This sink is equipped with a 3. 5-inch drain opening that is made from 20-gauge stainless steel. With a three-hole deck, you can add a faucet or other deck accessories.

A 24-inch cabinet is required for installation, and its compact design allows you to bring big style to a small space. The Franke USA SL103BX Sink allows you to maximize your pace by giving you effortless efficiency and beauty. With a stylish and simplistic design, this sleek sink will complement any utility area, kitchen, or bar.

Featuring exceptional durability and quality, this sink is a Swiss design that is made of durable 20-Guage stainless steel. It has a bowl depth of 10-inches and can be installed either as an under-mount or top-mount sink. You get everything you need for installation including hardware and template, plus it comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • It is very stylish and versatile with a compact design.
  • You can install it either as a top mount or under-mount.
  • It works in small spaces.


  • The bottom of the sink needs more slope since water like to sit there that doesn’t drain.

7. Houzer Glowtone Stainless Steel Outdoor Sink

This stainless steel sink measures 17 x 22-inches and comes with three holes. The Houzer Glowtone Topmount Sink is made with 304 stainless steel and will easily complement your home and lifestyle. With a versatile sink design, this sink is resistant to dents, corrosion, and stains with its resilient, hygienic, and scratchproof surface.

Requiring minimal maintenance and care, the Houzer Glowtone Topmount Sink features elegance and modern lines. It uses the latest in technology with its corrosion-resistant, classic stainless-steel sink that will last you a lifetime. ADA compliant, this sink provides easy access in healthcare facilities, homes, and businesses, and it comes with a 3 ½-inch drain opening and basket strainer.

Complementing your home décor, this compact prep bowl is a versatile and stylish addition to your utility room, kitchen, or bar area. Made with 22-gauge T304 stainless steel, the Houzer Glowtone Topmount Sink features two faucet mounting holes and an easy to maintain and clean satin finish. It also comes with a StoneGuard undercoating over a silencer pad, self-rimming edges, and a highlighted rim.

Measuring 14 x 15 ¾ x 6 1/20-inches, the Houzer Glowtone Topmount Sink meets CSA and UPC standards and comes with a lifetime limited warranty. Fitting 21-inch cabinets, this outdoor sink is perfect everyday use and is an affordable and high-quality addition to your home. Exceptionally resistant to dents, corrosion, and stains, this sink comes with a marble powder-based undercoating that reduces noise and insulates your sink, so the water stays hot longer.


  • It can withstand everyday use and has a lifetime warranty.
  • The sink has a pretty satin finish that is easy to clean.
  • This sink has a silencing system to reduce noise.


  • The faucet needs a stronger base.

How to Select an outdoor kitchen Sink

Undermount versus Drop-in

You will see these two basic types of sinks that refer to how they are installed. With a drop-in sink, you get a wider rim that will extend out of  the counter and is exposed. A drop-in sink is easier to clean and install as well as cheaper.

In comparison, under-mount sinks have the same appearance as a drop-in sink, but the rim will sit under the countertop. Since the rim is hidden, you will only see the faucet and the bowl. This type of sink needs to be installed by a professional, and this more expensive sink is harder to clean as well since its rim is under the counter.


Typically, you will either see ceramic or stainless-steel sinks. The standard for home-use is 304 stainless steel, which won’t rust and is pretty durable. It’s a great choice for outdoor kitchen sinks.

Ceramic is a better choice for bathrooms since ceramic isn’t as durable and doesn’t need to handle stains. While they look nice, keep in mind that they can’t handle bleach or abrasive powders.


When considering a sink, the depth and size are super important. Always make sure to measure the space under your counter and include the height, length, and depth. Typically, most sinks will already tell you how much area you will need under your counter.

Deep and shallow are the two categories for the depth of an outdoor sink. Shallow is only about five to six inches deep and is only recommended if you will be washing just a couple of dishes. In comparison, a deep sink has a depth of 9 to 12-inches and can handle more cleaning and a lot more dishes.

Single-bowl vs. Double-bowl Sinks

A big impact on preparation and cleaning time depends on how many bowls you have in your sink. With a double-bowl sink, you prepare food faster and wash dishes quicker since you can soap them up in one sink and rinse them off in the other.

With a single-bowl sink, you get a larger capacity and more counter space. This type of sink leaves more area for your countertop and can typically hold more dishes.

Durability and Stability

A stainless-steel sink is made from 304 stainless steel making them corrosion and rust-resistant. They are safe to use bleach and harsh chemicals in without damaging the sink. In comparison, a porcelain sink isn’t as durably and can be shattered, so you have to be very careful with them during installation.

Water source

You can connect an outdoor sink to a water line or outdoor spigot. If you do not have water lines or pipes that can reach your outdoor sink in a preferred location, you can always contact a plumber to extend the pipes or water lines, or you can choose an outdoor sink design that allows you to connect to a garden hose spigot.


Typically, outdoor sinks will drain into your home’s plumbing system, or even through a hose that can drain into a bucket under the sink or into your landscape. Draining the outdoor sink into your home’s plumbing system is multi-functional since it won’t require having to be emptied, plus you won’t have to wash any landscape-safe materials with biodegradable soap. If you do not have drainage pipes that are located near the outdoor sink, you can always choose from the other two drainage options.

What is an Outdoor Sink?

An outdoor sink can either be used as a food prep area near your barbeque or as a utility sink to help you with large cleaning tasks in your patio or garden. You can use an outdoor sink to wash your hands, wash utensils, and even prep food.

You can purchase an outdoor sink in various styles, materials, designs, and widths. Depending on their size, you can use them to clean a wide range of tools or plates, pots, and pans.

Why You Should Have an Outdoor Sink?

If you are considering building an outdoor kitchen, having a sink is an important part of it. While some people are fine with cleaning fish in a kitchen sink, others find that a disgusting process to do in the house. Having an outdoor sink can help with these types of tasks, which can also help with the smell that goes with it.

If you entertain outside, it can be handy to have an area to retrieve water, clean off barbeque utensils, or even clean up after a meal. You can also use it for drinks and cleaning out glasses when you entertain.

How to Make an Outdoor Kitchen

The first thing you have to do when building an outdoor kitchen is to confirm the design you want to use. Make sure you measure your patio and determine what square footage you are working before you decide how much space you want to use for a kitchen. Only then can you decide how much room with be left for outdoor seating, so you can determine the best way to design the layout.

When framing the outdoor kitchen, it’s important to decide what the most important parts of the kitchen will be and then build around them. Some decide to make the grill the focal point, but if you have something else like a smoker or wood-burning oven that you would like to focus on, you can design and assemble the rest of the kitchen from there.

However you decide to frame your kitchen, just make sure you use a design that sits on top of a finished patio or deck. Having a solid foundation will be important to support your layout, and once you have positioned and installed the main parts, you can fill gaps with other additions.

Always take your time and incorporate appliances, accessories, and new cabinets thoughtfully where they are needed. A grill typically is the main focus of an outdoor kitchen much like a stove is the focal point of an indoor kitchen. remember that you have other appliances to consider as well, so it's important that you find the right one that can fit your needs the best:

Built-In Grills – A fundamental part of any backyard design, the grill will usually be your focal point. Keep in mind that a gas grill is simple to use and will heat food more evenly than a charcoal grill, which can get pretty hot, but add a delicious seared flavor to your food.

Smokers – Designed to cook meat slowly, smokers cook over a long period of time and add a smoky finish to the typical barbeque fare.

Outdoor Pizza Ovens – Perfect for roasted dishes, homemade pizzas, and bread, an outdoor pizza oven uses less fuel than a typical grill and is super easy to assemble.

Fryers – Created to fry a large amount of food, you can use a fryer to cook potatoes, turkey, and seafood. Fryers are a great addition to any barbeque.

An outdoor kitchen island can come in a range of sizes that will fit pretty much any patio or deck. If you have additional room, this is where adding an outdoor sink, refrigerator, or cabinets can help make cleanup and food prep fast and easy.

And, remember that your outdoor kitchen will require a place where you can sit and eat. You can also add a few finishing touches to the outdoor kitchen with a patio set and outdoor accessories and lighting.

How Do you Get Water to the Outdoor Sink?

If you don’t have an exterior wall that you can install the sink on, it can get expensive when you have to run supply lines to the sink. For those that don’t need hot water, you can save money by only running cold water to the outdoor sink. If you do want hot water, you can either run a line or use an on-demand water heat to give you hot water instantly.

For those in colder climates, you can also include installation that has an easy way to drain the lines and shut of the water to stop pipes from bursting and freezing. If you are using the sink for garden and yard use, it can be easier to supply water to it with a portable unit that uses a hose connection for drainage and supplying water.

Drainage, on the other hand, can be some of the most aggravating parts of this process. When you use an outdoor sink, drainage can depend on the type of sewer or septic system that you have and local laws.


1. What size should my outdoor kitchen sink be?

As you design your outdoor kitchen, consider what you will use the sink to help you determine what the overall dimension you will need for your sink. There are several types to choose from depending on your needs.

The smallest of the sink styles, a bar sink usually only needs between 12 and 16 inches of counter space width. These are great sinks to have for small jobs or entertaining, and they allow you to save the most space for your outdoor kitchen countertop.

A single basic sink is larger than a bar sink and typically measures between 17 and 26 inches wide and deep. With a double basin sink, you need between 30 and 36-inches of width and the depths of the basin can vary. Typically, you choose between a single and double basin based more on preference, usability, space, and functionality.

2. Which material is best?

By far, stainless steel is the most available and popular choice among the different materials that are offered. Always look for a sink that is made of 304-grade stainless steel since it is the most durable grade of stainless steel and gives you the best corrosion resistance. This is vital when ensuring that your sink will be able to withstand the elements outside.

The thickness or gauge of the steel is also important to think about. Remember that the lower the steel gauge, the thicker the steel is. With thick gauges, you get a quieter and more durable product that also has better resistance to any heavy objects that are placed in the sink. When you compare it to thin gauge steel, you will notice that the sink can dip if a heavy object is placed in it and you will get a plinking sound.

3. Should you buy a separate faucet?

Typically, a good quality outdoor kitchen sink will be sold separately, which means a faucet is not included. You can find some sink “kits” that will include a faucet, but they are normally made with inferior materials. First, find a standalone sink that you like and then choose a stainless-steel faucet that has a mixing valve as well as cold and hot hookups to complete your sink. That way you will end up with a higher quality end product as well as more choices when it comes to both the sink and faucet designs.

4. What about water hookups?

Typically, a sink will relying on both cold and hot water when it comes to adjusting water temperature. In comparison, an outdoor kitchen usually only uses a cold-water connection from a repurposed hose outlet or dedicated water source. And, when you choose a faucet, always make sure you have the correct connections.

If you are looking for a low-cost outdoor kitchen sink solution, you only need to hook it up to a cold-water line. For those that do want a faucet with both cold and hot water, you can also choose to only hook up the cold one for actual use.

So, what is the Best Outdoor Sink?

The winner among the best outdoor sinks on our list is Houzer E-100 MIDNITE Sink. This is an easy to maintain sink that is durable and tough. This sink is also hygienic and provides antibacterial protection, which is great for those that want to use it for drinks or food prep.

This sink has enough great features to make it a good outdoor sink that you won’t have to worry about fading or chipping. Plus, it’s easy to install and comes with everything you need to do it yourself. We recommend it as the best outdoor kitchen sink of 2020.

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