Best Faucets for Pedestal Sink in 2021

You need to select the best faucet to ensure the faucet matches the sink both in appearance and operability. The faucet that you select for your bathroom should fit the configuration of the pedestal sink. These pedestal sink faucets come in variety of designs.

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Quick Comparison: Best Faucets for Pedestal Sink


Product Name

Flow Rate


Kingston Brass KB1605AX Heritage 4-Inch Centerset Faucet

Kingston Brass KB1605AX Heritage 4-Inch Centerset Faucet

1.2 GPM

BWE Waterfall Single-Handle Faucet

BWE Waterfall Single-Handle Faucet

1.2 GPM

Derengge F-4501-NB Two Handle Faucet

Derengge F-4501-NB Two Handle Faucet

1.2 GPM

GGStudy Two Handles Three Holes Bathroom Pedestal Faucet

GGStudy Two Handles Three Holes Bathroom Pedestal Faucet

1.2 GPM

NEWATER Double Handle Waterfall Faucet for Pedestal Sink

NEWATER Double Handle Waterfall Faucet for Pedestal Sink

1.5 GPM

Top 7 Best Faucet for Pedestal Sink Reviews:

1. Derengge F-4501-NB Two Handle Pedestal Sink Faucet

Derengge F-4501-NB Two Handle Pedestal Sink Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Rubber and bronze finish
  • 2 brass handles
  • Surface mounted
  • 60 psi water flow
  • 7.9 inches faucet height
  • 4.9 inches spout height
  • Includes pop up drain
  • Drip Free 1/4 Turn Ceramic Disc Cartridge

This attractive bathroom faucet comes in a dark color with bronze finish on the edges. The faucet is equipped with twin lever handles designed to guarantee effortless water flow.

The water outlet is tall and bent forwards, which ensures the water flowing out is directly aimed towards the sink.

The handles and faucet body are constructed with brass, which means they are lead free and stain resistant. The rubber bronze finish on the exterior enables effortless cleaning and protects the interior from rust and corrosion.

The faucet has a height of 7.8 inches when the spout stands at 4.9 inches tall. At this height, the faucet leaves enough room for handwashing without collision with the spout.

Water flows out at a maximum rate of 1.2 gallons per minute and 60 psi. This rate can be varied using either of the two handles.

The faucet has been designed for easy installation with the mounting technique recommended being surface mounting. This faucet also allows you to turn the spout a quarter turn in either direction.

This is great when you have a spacious sink because it enables more than one person to use the faucet simultaneously.

Buyers who purchase this product also receive a plastic push up and pop up drain assembly. The manufacturer also ships the faucet with an instruction guide manual to help users with the faucet installation.

No tools are included during purchase but common plumber tools are enough to install the F-4501 faucet properly. The F-4501 faucet has been designed to meet UPC, cUPC, NSF61-9, and AB1953 Watersense Standards.


  • Easy to install
  • Has nice aesthetics
  • Handles and the faucet body are made of lead-free metal
  • Includes additional pop up drain during purchase
  • The faucet is tall and leaves enough space for cleaning large items in the sink
  • Sold at an affordable price
  • Proper installation does not leave any leaks
  • The faucet allows quarter turn swiveling


  • The included pop up drain is plastic

2. BWE Waterfall Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet

BWE Waterfall Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Waterfall water dispensing spout
  • Temperature and water flow adjustment handle
  • Hot and cold waterway supply hoses
  • Metal body construction
  • Single handle
  • 3.9 inch Spout reach
  • 2.1 inch spout height
  • 7.8 overall height

The BWE waterfall faucet comes in a beautiful black color with bronze edges. A single handle is fixed at the top center with the waterfall spout directly below it.

The body of the faucet has been forged form strong and stain resistant brass metal, which guarantees the faucet’s long life and reliable performance.

The exterior features oil rubbed bronze finish that gives the faucet a nice and unique look. The exterior resists stains and cleans easy, leaving the faucet looking fresh even after years of use.

The spout that protrudes from below the handle delivers water flow at the rate of 1.2 GPM and has a reach of 3.9 inches.

The valve cartridge is constructed using ceramic, which the manufacturer says can withstand up to 600,000 open and close operations. The innovative ceramic engineering provides both precision and easily controllable pouring.

This faucet also comes with twin supply hoses: one for hot water and the other for cold water. The hoses are braided for durability and have 3/8 female thread connection trimmings that fit most household plumbing lines.

The handle complements the two-waterway supply by allowing easy transition from cold to hot water. This gives the user the ability to control the temperature of water flowing from the spout.

The manufacturer ships the BWE faucet together with a 6.5 inch cover plate, a set of hardware, a pair of 3/8 hose, and an instructional manual to guide you through its installation.

The faucet is compliant to NSF61-9 and AB1953 Watersense Standards in addition to supporting 1 to 3-holes’ installation on a sink.


  • Easy to install and clean
  • Allows both hot and cold water supply
  • The handle allows switching between hot and cold water outflow
  • Comes with hardware tools for installation
  • Supports 3 hole installation
  • Shipped with a cover plate
  • The spout enables precise and beautiful flow of water
  • The faucet does not leak after proper installation


  • The shape of the spout causes it to hold some water when not in use.

3. GGStudy Two Handles Three Holes Bathroom Pedestal Faucet

GGStudy Two Handles Three Holes Bathroom Pedestal Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Two handle water flow control
  • 3 hole widespread sink installation
  • Brushed Nickle exterior
  • Long life ceramic valves
  • Overall Height- 5.9inch
  • Spout Height- 3.54inch
  • Spout Reach – 7.48inch
  • Handle Height- 3.14inch

This faucet packs a look of sophistication into an efficient and reliable faucet. The exterior has an amazing brushed nickel finish that looks stunning on any bathroom sink.

This faucet is only compatible with widespread bathroom sinks that have three holes. The main body and two handles fit in predrilled holes that have a minimum 1.25-inch diameter and maximum 1.8-inch diameter.

The mounting design has the spout at the center and two detached handles on either side with twin connector hoses attached to the faucet and handles.

The main body is constructed from brass, which is free from lead and delivers safe water from the tall tulip shaped spout. The exterior is coated with a brushed nickel later that not only looks incredible but also helps to protect the interior metal body from rust and corrosion.

Handles are forged from an alloy of zinc and feature a brushed nickel exterior completing the look of the whole faucet setup. The twin handles control water flow to the spout and allow mixing of hot and cold water, thus enabling temperature control of the outflowing water.

The interior of the handles has ceramic cartridges that can handle upwards of 60,000 cycles. This ensures that the faucet will be in use for a long time once it is set up correctly.

The spout is elongated to provide an accurate ejection of water directly into the center of a large sink while the aeration of the tip allows up to 30 % water conservation.

The packaging of this faucet comes with 3/8 inch standard hoses that fit right into the plumbing set up for most US homes. You also get a matching metal pop up drain with overflow and a set of hardware tools that come in handy when installing the faucet.


  • Easy to install
  • Sold with installation hardware
  • Package includes compatible pop up drain overflow
  • The setup allows mixing of hot and cold water, thus enabling temperature control
  • The parts easily detach for replacement
  • Sold with hot and cold supply hoses compatible with plumbing in most households
  • The brushed Nickle exterior is stain resistant
  • The hoses are leak free


  • The exterior finish comes off after the faucet has been in use for sometime.
  • Only supports installation on extended three hole sinks.

4. RKF Two Handle Widespread Bathroom Pedestal Sink Faucet

RKF Two Handle Widespread Bathroom Pedestal Sink Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Supports widespread 3 hole installation
  • Drain assembly with overflow included
  • Supports hot and cold water supply
  • Twin handle water flow control
  • Durable ceramic cartridges have passed 500,000 testing cycles
  • Brushed nickel exterior
  • Metal interior
  • Surface mounting

The RKF faucet is another three hole faucet with twin handles that control flow of hot and cold water to the spout.

The body of the main faucet and the twin handles is constructed using metal and coated with brushed nickel on the exterior. The brushed nickel cover protects the interior parts from rust and corrosion in addition to preventing stains from forming on the surface.

This faucet is shipped together with hot and cold water supply hoses that fit the handles and main faucet. The specifications for the fittings are holes that measure a minimum diameter of 1.26 inches and a maximum diameter of 1.38 inches. The hoses are compatible with the typical 3/8 inches plumbing installed in most homes in the United States.

Also included in packaging is a push and seal metal pop-up drain that does not require a lift rod stem. The state-of-the-art design of the pop up drain allows it to fit inside the sink without sticking out or reaching the walls.

Installation requirements for this faucet also require a deck that has a maximum thickness of 1.57 inches.

The interior of the handle is fitted with a high quality ceramic cartridge that controls the flow of water. According to the manufacturer, they put the ceramic cartridge through 500,000 cycles of open and close operations during testing, which means that it is sure to last for a long time.

The spout is elongated and pointed towards the center of the sink when installed. An aeration mechanism mounted at the tip of the spout enables it to provide an accurate non-splashing water stream that is also soft to the touch.

All the parts included in the packaging are CUPC certified and provide a mechanism for healthy water delivery.


  • The handles are easy to use and efficiently control flow of both hot and cold water
  • Exterior brushed nickel finish does not form stains even after use for a long time
  • The included drain works with overflow sinks
  • All parts fit together making it easy to install the faucet
  • Lots of water flows out of the spout with a slight turn of the handle
  • The faucet is priced moderately
  • No leaks when properly installed
  • Sold with fitting hot and cold water supply hoses


  • The drain piece is made of plastic, which makes users doubt its durability.
  • The finish on the spout is rougher than the finish on the handles.

5. NEWATER Double Handle Waterfall Faucet for Bathroom Pedestal Sink

NEWATER Double Handle Waterfall Faucet for bathroom Pedestal Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Waterfall spout
  • Hot and cold water supply lines
  • Two handle water flow regulation
  • 3 hole installation
  • Surface mounting
  • 1.5 gallons per minute water flow
  • 50 centimeters hose length
  • Incudes pop up drain and supply hoses

The Newwater double handle faucet is a compact short faucet that comes in a dark matte color. The main body is attached to two handles on either side, which allow the user to control water flow.

The body on both the main faucet and handle are made of brass metal that is then coated with a black matte cover. The exterior finish protects the interior material from staining, corrosion, and rusting.

Moreover, the black finish blends with any interior to complement the decoration themes of most bathrooms. The faucet has been designed to fit 3 hole, 4-inch center set configurations.

The unconventional design used on the spout enables water to flow from the top instead of the bottom as is common on most faucets. With this unique design, the faucet achieves a beautiful consistent waterfall stream of water every time you turn the handles.

Water flows out of the spout at a maximum flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute. You can alter the flow of water easily by turning the handles on the side and regulate temperature of the expelled water to your preferred temperature.

The faucet supports double water stream supply and comes with twin hoses that supply hot and cold water to the tap from underneath.

Included in the packaging for this faucet is the main faucet, 2 supply lines for hot and cold water, a pop up drain assembly, mounting hardware, and an instructional guidebook.


  • The matte finish is easy to clean and maintain
  • The look compliments most interior design schemes
  • Twin handles allow the user to control both the water flow and temperature
  • Sold with hot and cold water supply lines
  • Has metal valves that last longer than plastic valves
  • Mounting hardware is included in packaging
  • The parts fit together perfectly, thus making it easy to install
  • The setup does not have any leaks when it is installed properly


  • The exterior paint begins to chip off after the faucet has been in use for sometime.
  • The waterfall design might not work very well for homes with little water pressure.

6. Kingston Brass KB1605AX Heritage 4-Inch Centerset Pedestal Sink Faucet

Kingston Brass KB1605AX Heritage 4-Inch Centerset Pedestal Sink Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Double handles for water flow volume and temperature control
  • Supports hot and cold water supply lines
  • Uses washer less cartridge
  • Sold with matching pop up drain
  • 4-11/16″ Spout Reach
  • 6-3/16″ Spout Height
  • 3-5/8″ Spout Clearance
  • Brass metal construction with oil rubbed bronze exterior finish

This faucet has a vintage look with a seamless dark gray color on the exterior. The compact faucet has a centrally placed body that is attached to two handles on both sides.

The faucet is constructed using brass metal, which makes the body long lasting. The body can withstand daily use with little impairment. The exterior finish, which gives the faucet its elegant color, resists scratches, tarnishing, and corrosion.

The faucet has been constructed with colonial aesthetics in mind, which make it stand out in any bathroom. The finish, which is problematic for most manufacturers, ages gracefully and gets better the more it is used to give a rustic look.

The faucet can be installed in a 4-inch center set configuration with two individual supply lines supported: one for hot water and the other for cold water.

The spout comes fitted with a removable aerator at the tip, has a reach of 4.75 inches, and 3.75 inches clearance. The rate of water flow from the spout maxes out at 1.2 gallons per minute and at 60 psi.

Two handles control water flow to the spout with one controlling flow of hot water while the other controls flow of cold water. The handles allow you to regulate both the water flow and temperature of the water ejected from the spout easily.

The faucet operates with a ceramic disc valve allowing for droplet free functionality when the handles are completely shut. The faucet comes with hot and cold water supply hoses that are compatible with domestic plumbing configurations in United States. Also included in the packaging are hardware tools to mount the faucet and a matching pop up drain.


  • This faucet packs an elegant look that matches rustic themed interiors
  • The rubber bronzed finish preserves the elegant look of the faucets body for a long time
  • The two handles can regulate both volume and temperature of the water flowing from the spout
  • The spout is built with a 180 degree swivel angle
  • The body and handles are constructed using long lasting brass metal
  • Installation tools are included in the packaging during purchase
  • The faucet supports hot and cold water supply
  • The parts are covered under warranty


  • The hot and cold buttons at the top pop out easily
  • Replacement parts are not readily available

7. TimeArrow TAF288S-CP Two Handle 8 inch Widespread Bathroom Pedestal Sink Faucet

TimeArrow TAF288S-CP Two Handle 8 inch Widespread Bathroom Pedestal Sink Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Solid Brass body to provide maximum durability
  • Top quality ceramic cartridge valve
  • Chrome finish exterior
  • Spout features a contemporary design with a streamlined shape
  • Two handle design for precise control in water temperature
  • 360° swivel spout
  • Easy DIY installation to help you save on plumber costs
  • Delivered in high quality protective packaging

The TimeArrow faucet comes in a fascinating chrome exterior finish on both the main body and the two handles that accompany it. This faucet supports 3 hole configuration mounting on wide spread sinks.

The body is made using brass metal for long life durability and features a lead-free waterway that delivers safe water for consumption to the pouring spout. The exterior chrome finish, which is mirror polished, resists stains, and cleans effortlessly.

The faucet supports dual water hose supply with one hose delivering cold water while the other hose delivers hot water. The mounting design achieves water flow volume and temperature control using the two handles by allowing the two streams to mix before being ejected from the spout.

The spout is shaped into a contemporary streamlined shape that directs a steady flow of water into the sink and supports a 360-degree swivel.

The faucet uses a quality, drip free, ceramic cartridge, and a performance aerator. These allow water to flow from the spout at a rate of 1.2 gallons per minute and with 60-psi pressure.

The handles are operated using lever design that precisely controls the amount of water flowing. Water temperature regulation can be achieved by using the two handles in unison to get the desired water temperature flowing from the spout.

Customers who purchase this faucet get the main faucet body piece, a matching pop up drain with overflow, mounting hardware, X-over pair of connector hose, and an instructional installation manual.

The pieces are packaged in a high-quality packaging box that serves as a gift box for new homeowners and protects the included items during long distance shipping. The pieces easily fit together and are easy to install even for users who do not have much plumbing experience.


  • The parts are very easy to install and come with installation guidelines
  • Twin handles allow control of water volume and temperature
  • The default 8 inch spread can be narrowed to 6 inches or widened to 12 inches
  • Chrome finish exterior cleans easily
  • The body and handles are made from durable brass metal material
  • The parts are covered under warranty
  • Moderately priced
  • All parts fit together with no leaks after proper installation


  • Only compatible with extended three hole configuration sinks
  • The pop up drain is made of plastic hence not very durable

Things to Consider Before Buying a Faucet for Pedestal Sink

Installation mechanisms

The installation mechanism will be guided by the design of the pedestal sink you have. By design, most sinks can support center set faucets that have the spout and handles built as one unit.

These faucets are popular because they allow you to swap the faucet for another if you ever need a replacement in the future.

Wide spread faucets that have the spout and handles as separate units are only supported on larger sinks. After installation, this kind of faucet requires that you replace it with an identical faucet if you need a replacement in the future.

You can also choose a single hole faucet that has a single handle that controls water flow from the spout.

Exterior finishes

The finish on the exterior of the faucet should complement the look in the room. There are so many finishes that you can pick from when selecting the faucet that works for your bathroom’s pedestal sink.

Chrome finishes are very popular in modern homes. Their signature reflective surface cleans easily but can be prone to staining when water droplets are left on it for a long time. If you decide to go with faucets that have a chrome finish, ensure that you clean and dry the surfaces regularly.

Note that you can get a variation of the chrome finish, which is less reflective. The best part about it is that the stains formed on the less reflective finish are not as conspicuous as those formed on the mirror polished chrome surface are.

Nickle and brushed golden finishes are also popular. These finishes are a bit dull and are a good choice if you don’t like too much shine in your bathroom.

Black matte finishes are also popular because they work to punctuate the white color on most bathroom sinks. They also work well with many decorative interior color schemes in addition to hiding stains effectively.

Spout shape

The most popular faucets today feature designs that are different from the traditional round spout design. For instance, most faucets in modern homes have sharp corners and eject water in a way that mimics a waterfall.

Such faucets are great for bathrooms that have mirrors right above the sink. The traditional shaped faucets, which came with elongated water ejection spouts, are popular among homeowners looking to give their bathrooms a vintage look.

When picking a faucet, consider where it will be placed. Faucets with tall spouts cause the water to splash around when it lands on the surface being cleaned.

Shorter spouts are great for the bathroom sinks. The short distance between the spout and sink enable water to land on the surface you want to clean without splashing.

Pedestal Faucet Replacement

Plumbing works might look complicated at first, but by following these simple guidelines, you can replace the faucet on your pedestal sink.

The first step is to ensure that you have parts that match the original parts. If you want to replace your faucet with a new one, for instance, ensure that the replacement faucet is of similar size. This will mean that it fits in the holes that are already present on the sink top edge.

Don’t forget to stop water flow to the sink before you start unplugging anything.

The next step requires you to unplug the water supply hoses. Have a catch basin ready to hold any water that might be left over in the hoses. You will also need a wrench to loosen the parts where the hoses join the handles and body.

The next step is to remove the hardware that holds the current faucet in place. Here, you need to use the tools that match the hardware you have. Depending on how long the faucet has been in use, you might have some trouble removing the old faucet due to corrosion and rust. The parts, however, will detach if you apply some force to allow you to remove the old faucet.

After removing the old faucet, install the new faucet taking care to match each of the parts before fixing them permanently. Any gaps that are left can be sealed using plumber’s putty. Since most new faucets come with instructions for installation, be sure to follow the steps outlined in the guidelines.

When you are done, test the new faucet assembly for leaks. If you have followed the correct steps, the faucet should be leak free.

Where to buy Pedestal Sink Faucets

Shopping online provides you with a range of options and enables you to compare prices from different manufacturers. The faucets are also available at physical stores where you can physically inspect the faucet you want to purchase. Buying from physical stores is also beneficial because it enables you to inspect the faucet before paying for it.


From our comparison, TimeArrow TAF288S-CP Two Handle as the best faucet for pedestal sink. We particularly like how easy it is to install the faucet, a process made simpler by the accompanying hardware tools and installation instructions.

The bathroom pedestal faucet is indeed durable and easy to clean. Hope your next bathroom remodeling project will be charming.

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