How to Repair Crack in Fireclay Sink

Have you ever wondered why most homeowners prefer installing fireclay sinks in their homes? The material is almost indestructible. It may look like porcelain or ceramic, but contains more resilience, thanks to its making process.

If you own a fireclay sink, it’s essential to know how to repair it. If you have no idea, you need not fret. In this guide, you’ll learn how to repair crack in fireclay sink.

What you’ll need to determine first is the crack’s size. Usually, large gaps are not repairable. But for small cracks and scratches, you can use the below method to repair them.

Though fireclay sinks get designed to resist chips, stains, and scratches, mistakes sometimes happen, and they get damaged. Before we go into repairing such a sink, let us look at the causes of a crack in a fireclay.

What Causes a Crack in a Fireclay Sink?

Various reasons attribute to a fireclay sink having a crack. The following are the main reasons;

  • Over Tightening

A plumber can tighten the drain or the sink’s collar during installation. When this happens, your fireclay sink is prone to cracking.

Sometimes you could hear the cracking sounds as you use the sink. Though most homeowners don’t realize what the sound is, it is an indication that your sink is cracking and requires urgent attention.

A delay will only cause multiple cracks. It is therefore essential to consult a professional plumber with experience in installing fireclay sinks. Otherwise, quacks will make you incur more expenses.

  • Poorly Made Custom Fireclay Sinks

We all have different preferences. Some like the ready-made sinks, while others prefer sinks made to what they choose. Custom made sinks can be tricky, requiring the attention of an expert. If poorly created, the sink may experience some cracks.

It is also wise to choose a doable custom design. Complicated sink styles may confuse the maker and are prone to many mistakes. Try something simple but unique and elegant.

  • Excess Pressure

Fireclay sinks are made strong but can crack when exerted excess pressure. Banging utensils and hard objects on it is a sure bet of having your sink experience multiple cracks.

Always place and handle utensils with care in and around the sink. Avoid hitting the sink with a hard object.

With the above info about how your fireclay can experience a crack, you can prevent your sink from cracking. There’s a way to repair a crack in the fireclay sink.

4 Steps to Repair a Cracked Fireclay Sink:

Step 1: Collect the Required Items

You cannot repair the sink without the necessary materials. It is the first thing to do. Assemble the following items;

  • Abrasive cleaner/ nylon scrub pad
  • Fire clay repair kit
  • Sponge/soft cloth
  • Masking tape
  • Fire brick
  • Sandpaper
  • Polishing paste

Step 2: Investigate the Crack

Cracks can be of various sizes, depths, and shapes. After getting everything you require for the repair, identify the kind of damage you are dealing with.

Sometimes, what looks like a crack may only be a scratch. What may seem like a scratch to you may also be black or gray marks left by utensils, pans, and pots.

It is, therefore, essential to confirm what you are dealing with first before the repair process.

If you discover it is marks left by dishware or metal utensils, it is easy to remove them. Cleaning the area using a damp sponge and abrasive cleaner will do the trick. Ensure you rinse it thoroughly after the cleaning.

Step 3: Clean the Sink

Whether your sink has got cracks or scratches, you cannot repair it when dirty. You also cannot use the fireclay repair kit on a soiled surface. Use a damp sponge or soft cloth to do the cleaning.

Ensure the sink’s surface is spotlessly clean. As a result, the crack will be apparent, giving you direction on where to start.

If your sink has buildups or grime, use a nylon scrubbing pad and mildly abrasive cleaner to remove them. Then rinse the cleaned area thoroughly.

Because the buildup may leave some residue, use a soft cloth or sponge to wipe them away while rinsing. Then leave it to dry completely before starting the repair.

Step 4: Start the Repair

When you rub your fingernails’ edges on the damaged area, you will be able to feel the cracks. Tiny cracks are hard to see clearly with your eyes, but you can feel them using your fingers.

Take a masking tape and place it near all the cracked places. Then take the fireclay repair kit and apply it to the damaged area.

The repair kit consists of a liquid that you put inside all the cracks. Ensure you choose a repair liquid with a color similar to your sink. If confused about what to pick, ask the manufacturer or the retailer selling the liquid to you.

The repair liquid works out great as it gets made using a long-lasting acrylic paint. It comes attached to a touch-up brush on its tip. You only need to remove the cap to uncover the brush.

Apply the liquid using the brush to all the cracks. Ensure every gap gets adequately covered with the liquid. Then leave it to dry for 24 hours.

After drying, use a nylon scrubbing pad to remove any spilled or excess repair liquid. The results are spectacular, where the sink resembles a new one. You can now use the sink.

Apart from the repairing liquid, other kits contain blue light. In case you use such a kit, apply the repairing liquid on the damaged area, and cover it with a leveling tape, still found in the kit.

Take the blue light and shine it on the tape covering the area covered with the repair liquid. Allow to light to shine for approximately 5 – 10 minutes.

Remove the tape after the time has expired and use sandpaper to smoothen the area. Ensure you use the finer grits of the sandpaper. Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe the dust away after sanding.

When the surface is clean of all the dust, use a polishing paste applied to a soft cloth to polish the area. The polishing paste comes with the repair kit. Voila! You can hardly discover your sink had a crack. It will look as good as a new one.

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Fireclay sinks come constructed sturdy but can crack if subjected to the factors discussed above. The best way to prevent cracks in your sink is to refrain from subjecting it to unnecessary pressure and tightening its drains and collar while installing it.

Always use a professional to install the sink or custom make one for you. But in case the sink cracks, use the above step by step guide to repairing it. Always remember to choose a repair kit that resembles the color of your sink for uniformity.

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