5 Steps to Remove a Drop-in Bathroom Sink

Removing a drop-in bathroom sink is easy. The presence of a sink enhances the aesthetics of the bathroom. To math the upgraded decor, bathroom remodeling is must. You may be thinking about replacing your bathroom sink with a newer model. Read this reviews of the best undermount bathroom sink.

The tools you will need are:

  • A basin wrench
  • A pry bar
  • A bucket
  • A utility knife
  • An adjustable wrench
  • A screwdriver
  • A channel-lock pliers

A pro tip you should note is that you don’t even need to execute a complete removal of the faucet for the bathroom sink to come out. You can do this when the sink is totally out of its seat.

5 Steps to Remove a Drop-in Bathroom Sink:

1. Disconnect The Faucet

Turn the shut-off valve in a counterclockwise direction—this will turn-off both the cold and hot fixture. You will find the shut-off valve situated under the sink.

After this, you need to open up the faucet. This will cause a reduction in the pressure on it. With a wrench, you should then loosen the supply tubes fixed to the shut-off valves. Remove the hose from the valves.

Note that you may not need to detach the supply tubes from the faucet tailpiece when you are trying to remove the sink. This way, it is easier. However, there are times it can get in the way, then the best thing to do is to remove it first.

2. Detach The Drain

With the channel-lock pliers you got, loosen the slip nut, which is used to hold the P-trap and the sink’s tailpiece in position. The tailpiece of the sink is that pipe that drops down from the drain of the sink underneath.

Once the nut is out of place, push it down along the tailpiece, followed by a slight push down of the P-trap. This will cause it to disengage. When the P-trap is off, the next thing will be the tailpiece.

Gently loosen the slip nut that connects the P-trap to the trap arm. Once it’s out of place, too, detach it gently so you don’t spill water all over the place. Turn the trap into a bucket to empty its content.

If your bathroom sink has a drain hose, you need to remove that too. In most cases, it is always set in place with a clamp. To remove it, you will need pliers, or you may use a screwdriver.

Next, you should remove the tailpiece of the bathroom sink. The main reason for this is so that the sink can sit flat when you have removed it from the tile countertop or the pedestal it was placed.

3. Remove The Sink’s Clips

Once you get to this stage successful, you are already well-versed to remove the sink.  At this stage, though, you need to find the clips that were used to hold the sink in place. There are always a couple of clips that hold the sink firm to the counter.

Be careful not to remove the clips from the sink. Just loosen them enough to be able to lift the sink off, while the clips come out of place when you do.

4. Cut Through The Seal

Other than the clips that hold the sink firmly in place, some seals augment the hold. Cut through this seal on edge, with a sharp object.

Pull the knife (or any other flat, sharp object you want to use) through the underneath o the rim, till all the seals get split. Do this as gently as you can, to make sure the sink is not suddenly coming off.

5. Lift-off Your Sink

Once the clips are well loosened, and the seals are split, lift off your sink. Then if you are looking to replace it, reverse engineer the processes to attach a new one.

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Reasons to Remove a Drop-in Bathroom Sink

There are several reasons to remove. In the face of faults, you will not be able to enjoy the use of the sink. For instance, if there is a leak in the pipe that leads to the sink. Or there is a crack somewhere in the sink, which causes water to drop to the floor. If care is not taken adequately, the whole bathroom can be in a mess.


When you finally remove your bathroom sink, you should do a proper sink clean up. For instance, you need to wipe the areas where the rim sat thoroughly. Clean up the seals that may be left on the surface. Clean up is must, especially if you are looking to install a new drop-in bathroom vessel sink.

Every step of the way, you want to be as careful as possible, so that you don’t damage something or mess up the whole bathroom. With these simple 5 steps, you can remove your drop-in bathroom sink easily.

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