Kohler Prolific Sink Review in 2021

Kohler prolific sink is better than any other kitchen sinks. When choosing a versatile kitchen sink that can handle many daily tasks, Kohler K-5540 Prolific sink is hard to beat. The sink can obviously replace other kitchen sinks.

Usually positioned via drop-in or undermount installation, the Kohler prolific workstation sink has a spacious interior. It also frequently comes with several accessories that makes life easier. It is meant to be used in different ways throughout the day. These uses can range from cutting vegetables to draining dishes.

Because of these uses, workstation sinks usually come with several items that sit inside the sink. All of these components can fit onto ledges within the sink that are subtle and discreet.

KOHLER K-5540 Prolific Sink Review:

Highlighted Features:

  • 33 inch wide workstation sink.
  • Deep 17 inches sink bowl can hold large objects with ease.
  • Sink is made of a stainless steel construction that will not stain or scratch.
  • Comes with a bamboo cutting board for chopping and cutting food.
  • Comes with two plastic grates for dish drying.
  • SilentShield technology absorbs all sounds.


This Kohler K-5540 Prolific 33 inch stainless steel workstation sink is built to last. At 17 inches deep and 33 inches wide, this sink is also roomy and can hold a great deal of water.

Since it is made from stainless steel, you know it will stand the test of time. With a thoroughly modern look, this sink has straight, sharp lines that are striking to look at.

The inner corners are relatively sharp, which can give this sink a perpetually clean and fresh look. Even the ledges are incorporated into the upper ledge for maximum convenience and style.

When you are not using any accessories with the sink, these ledges simply appear to be another snazzy design element.


This sink is made from 18 gauge stainless steel. Stainless steel is measured in gauges. The lower the number, the stronger and thicker the steel. Eighteen gauge is an industry standard, and it is thick enough to endure daily use but thin enough to be bent into sharp, modern lines.

By nature, stainless steel resists rust and wear and tear. For those who value looks and style, stainless steel has an appealing modern sheen that stays looking good no matter what.

Because of its thickness and durability, this stainless steel is unlikely to dent or bend even if you accidentally drop a cup or dish into the sink. It also has a scratch-resistant finish that protects the surface from marring.


When you drop a dish or piece of silverware into a sink, it can create a loud clatter that may startle whoever is nearby. With this sink, however, you won’t have to worry about that.

Lined with SilentShield technology, the bottom and sides of this Kohler sink are insulated. That means that when something drops into the sink, the sound is completely absorbed. Water from the faucet can also create a ringing sound on metal.

However, this lining within the sink prevents that ringing from happening. You can wash and use the sink while carrying on a conversation easily.


A workstation sink is all about accessories to diversify its use. Among this model’s accessories are:

  • A bamboo cutting board for chopping and cutting food
  • A white colander for draining vegetables or other items
  • Two plastic protectors for dish drying that can fit on an upper ledge or in bottom of sink
  • A solid white wash bin with no holes.

These items will allow you to prepare food and clean up easily all in one space. If you have limited space in your kitchen, or if your countertop is small, these additional work spaces can increase your available surface area.


Due to its massive depth, the drainage system on this sink is important. This sink features a drain that is centered in the bottom.

Since gravity naturally pulls things down toward the middle, this centered position means that water may drain more quickly and efficiently than in models with off-center drains.

The bottom of the sink is also subtly sloped toward the drain. This slope is very subtle to the eye, but it allows water and debris to flow freely toward the middle. The area around the drain itself is recessed even further for extra efficiency.

A full drain assembly is not included with this model, but it is sized to the industry standard. Most off the shelf drain kits will work with this sink’s measurements and requirements.

Ease of Installation

In a typical prolific sink review, several aspects of the sink itself but installation can be overlooked. When it comes time to put this sink into your kitchen, you will want something that can be installed easy and fast.

As an undermount sink, this kohler K-5540 model might require braces or screws to secure it to the underside of a counter. The cabinet into which this sink will sit must be at least 33 inches wide. At maximum, 36 inches is ideal. This size is pretty standard among undermount sinks.


No faucet holes are included in this model. That means a faucet can be chosen independently of the sink according to your style choices.


The versatility of the prolific sink cannot be overstated, and the Kohler K-5540 model is a great example. Not only does it provide you with extra counter space on which you can work, it gives you options within the sink itself. This sink comes with two grated racks.

They can either sit on one of the ledges at the top of the sink to drip-dry dishes or sit in the bottom of the sink as a grid protector. You could also use the cutting board and drying racks on nearby countertops.

Due to the different heights of the interior ledges, you can easily store all of these accessories inside the sink. That frees up storage space in your cupboards and drawers.


Kohler sinks are notoriously able to withstand sustained, daily use while looking great. This particular model has a unique finish that makes staining unlikely and cleaning easy. The two plastic grids that are included in this package can be used as sink protectors, which will increase the life of your sink. If you ever do drop a dish or heavy object, one of these grids can protect your sink from permanent damage.

The 18 gauge stainless steel is also incredibly strong. Stainless steel is used in many industrial applications because of its strength and longevity. Unlike other metals, it does not rust when it comes into contact with water. This sink’s brushed finish also makes it difficult to scratch or visibly mark the surface.

All of these qualities make a sink durable and long-lasting. Since surface imperfections on a sink are difficult to repair, you may appreciate a Kohler sink that is destined to stand the test of time.


A workstation sink should be kept clean and tidy in order to stay looking its best, especially since it will be used often. Different ledges and levels make for unique features on a workstation sink.

These different ledges allow the accessories to sit at different heights according to need or use. Having more ledges means having more corners to clean.

The sink has a very modern and sleek look with zero-radius corners. That means that the corners are not rounded. You will have to take some extra care to clean the inner corners.

The stainless steel of this sink requires little daily maintenance other than a daily wipe-down with soap and water. Be sure to avoid using anything that could scratch the finish. Do not use abrasive cleaners to scrub the interior. You can use bleach to disinfect, and most of the time a rag will get up any messes or stains.

Kohler Prolific Sink Sizes and Styles:

This model comes in several different sizes, all of which offer different perks and advantages.

Though all of the Prolific sinks are stainless steel, each type comes with varying styles. Some of these styles depend on the aforementioned sizes.

  • Small and boxy: Might be ideal for tiny house kitchens or washrooms, and could even work inside a camper kitchen.
  • Normal size: A standard sink can be easily installed in most kitchens and rarely need any special cabinetry adjustments.
  • Slightly larger: Great for a wider variety of daily tasks like extensive food preparation and offers more workstation space.
  • Wide and long: Could be the perfect for farmhouses or more vigorous daily use, or if you regularly bathe or wash non-food items in the sink.


  • No faucet holes are included, which means faucet setup is separate from the sink
  • No drain assembly is included in this model and must be purchased separately
  • Though this may be the best, it is a pricey investment

The Kohler Brand Name: What Does it Mean?

The Kohler company was founded in 1873 in the state of Wisconsin, so it has been around for over 100 years.

When the company was first formed, its main products were farming tools. Though that is a long way from the bathroom and kitchen fixtures they are famous for today, Kohler was committed to building sturdy items from the beginning.

Since it first started production of kitchen appliances, Kohler has established a brand name that means quality and beauty. Kohler often offers good warranties on their products, and each product is built to last and look stylish for years. When you purchase a Kohler sink, you can rest assured that it is built up to the highest standards and a worthy investment.

Today, the Kohler company is worth millions of dollars and is known on a global scale. It has made that money and reputation by delivering on their promise of greatness.

Stainless steel fixtures are one of their specialties, so the stainless steel sinks they produce are of superior quality. The prolific sink is a proof of the thoughtful and sturdy construction this brand is known for.

Where Can I Buy the Best Kohler Prolific Sinks?

Many home remodeling stores carry this sink model. Because it bears the popular Kohler name, it is sure to be easy to look up both online and in a brick and mortar store.

Home improvement stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot and Ace Hardware should either have a floor model in the store or be able to order it. Sometimes, when you order a sink from a brick and mortar store, an installation service might be offered for an extra fee.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the kohler prolific sink would be an excellent addition to anyone’s kitchen. Not only is it useful and versatile, it comes with the Kohler brand name that speaks to its reliability.

The cutting board, drying racks, colander and wash basin are all included in the package and ready to use out of the box. These features can increase your counter space and efficiency in the kitchen. Hopefully, this Kohler prolific sink review helps you to decide whether it is perfect for your workstation or not.

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