Best RV Kitchen Sink Reviews in 2021 for Recreational Vehicle

A Recreation Vehicle (RV) with perfect space and premium comfort is the most demanding choice for outing with friends and family nowadays.

The RV is considered as a mobile home mostly referred to as a home away from home. To increase your RV kitchen functionality, you may need to install the best RV sink with contemporary kitchen accessories.

To enjoy camping or outing with a recreational vehicle, you might need to add an RV kitchen sink to your countertop. This sink plays a vital role in keeping the camper’s kitchen space neat and clean.

Quick Comparison: Best RV Kitchen Sinks


Product Name



ZUHNE Modena Undermount Stainless Steel RV Sink

ZUHNE Modena Undermount Stainless Steel RV Sink


Ruvati 15 x 20 inch Workstation Bar Prep RV Sink

Ruvati Workstation Bar Prep RV Sink


ZUHNE Small RV Sink

ZUHNE Small RV Sink


RecPro Stainless Steel Double Bowl RV Kitchen Sink

RecPro Stainless Steel Double Bowl RV Kitchen Sink


Sarlai 23 Inch Single Bowl 16 Gauge Stainless Steel RV Sink

Sarlai 23 Inch Single Bowl 16 Gauge Stainless Steel RV Sink


Top 7 Best RV Sink Reviews:

1. ZUHNE Modena Undermount Stainless Steel RV Kitchen Sink

ZUHNE Modena Undermount Stainless Steel RV Sink

This Zuhne stainless steel rv sink is a state-of-art under-mount sink that can meet your needs. The good thing about the Zuhne brand is that it is known for making incredible fixtures that can withstand corrosion and are rustproof.

It is built with soundproofing and quality technology. It is incredibly sturdy and stylish to be installed in any contemporary or modern kitchen.

Zuhne model is designed using 16-gauge stainless steel that is scratch, dent and corrosion-resistant. Although it is more substantial than other models at 32 pounds, it offers a durable quality.

It can be used in industries and at home. To solve some problems that different sink models have, Zuhne is designed to drain quickly. The sink has rounded corners, making it easier to clean with the drain being set at the rear of the sink for ample drainage.

Zuhne model has a depth of 10 inches, which is much better compared to other alternatives. This implies that you can use in washing many dishes without any issues. Additionally, you will not experience any splashback while you are using it.

A scratch-resistant resistant patina protects the surface of the sink. Therefore, you will be able to use the sink for an extended period without getting any scratches.

It has a deep basin to allow you to wash many dishes. Thick double rubber pads of 3mm protect the underside of the sink. The rubber pads act as sound dampers.

They also absorb the vibrations from the waste disposal and protects the cabinet from condensation. Once you buy this sink, you will get a lifetime warranty. Therefore, you will get support anytime that you need it.


  • Soundproof
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Scratch-resistant


  • You must clean it regularly to avoid rusting

2. Ruvati Workstation Bar Prep RV Kitchen Sink

Ruvati 15 x 20 inch Workstation Bar Prep RV Sink

This Ruvati RV sink comes with all items and accessories required for installation to fix it by yourself quickly. This sink is made with a workstation style with an African mahogany cutting board and a 5-inch deep colander.

The mahogany board has a magnificent finish covering the entire board finish, especially when transforming the sink into a countertop. This sink is long-lasting; it is designed using high-quality materials.

Through the 16 gauge steel, you will realize that indeed it is durable and will serve you many years. This is because the steel material is durable, reliable and less susceptible to bowing and denting.

Ruvati RV kitchen sink has a heavy-duty sound guard coating and thick rubber padding, which can offer insulation against condensation and minimize noise.

The bottom rinse grid of the sink protects it from scratches and serves as a dish drying rack. Additionally, Ruvati designed this sink using a lovely traditional style that works wells and looks good in a significant number of kitchens.

The overall feel and looks make this sink attractive. However, it makes life more comfortable due to its simplicity of installation. In case you wish to replace your current sink, then it is one of the models that you can consider.

Featuring a trademarked Zedge Zero Radius, the sink does not have unfinished or rough edges. It has a limited lifetime warranty, which protects against defects in case the sink malfunctions.

The top mounting design makes it easier to install. It comes with mounting clips and has a single hole for connecting your faucet. This sink is the best for RVs and also works perfectly for an outdoor sink, island sink and galley sink for a live boat.


  • It’s a large-sized which can accommodate many dishes
  • Easy to install
  • It comes with many accessories such as basket strainer drain, bottom rinse grid and cutting board
  • The brushed steel hides stains and fingerprints
  • The 3.5-inch drain can easily fit most kitchens


  • Requires regular cleaning and upkeep to prevent it from lasting

3. ZUHNE Small RV Kitchen Sink

ZUHNE Small RV Sink

This ZUHNE Small RV kitchen sink measures 15 inches by 15 inches. Thus, it will not take a lot of space in your kitchen. The stainless-steel design implies that this model is designed to last for an extended period.

This sink is corrosion and rustproof. It also resists scratches and dents. Therefore, you should expect the sink bowl to maintain its beautiful appearance for a long time.

The brushed finish can match with any RV design and style. It also makes this model look like the ones installed in high-end kitchen appliances. The sink offers fast drainage since it has a sloppy design.

The bowl has one pre-drilled faucet hole, but you are free to drill another hole if you wish to fit more faucets. There are also dampening pads that minimize noise levels. Since the package includes an instructional manual and mounting hardware, you should install it within a short period.


  • It has a sloppy face that improves drainage speed
  • Minimal noise levels
  • Rustproof
  • Durable
  • Resists scratches


  • It only has one pre-drilled faucet hole

4RecPro Stainless Steel Best Double Bowl RV Kitchen Sink

RecPro Stainless Steel Double Bowl RV Kitchen Sink

In case you are looking for the functional RV kitchen sink, you might find this model to be your perfect choice. This model has a double bowl design. It is made of stainless steel material, which makes it rust-resistant and durable.

Therefore, you will not worry about replacing it within the shortest time possible. The good thing about this sink is that it is self-priming and has a standard design that fits many RV dimensions.

In case you are searching for an affordable sink that is self-riming and will offer you a beautiful look, this is a practical option.

This kind of RV kitchen sinks is made of 18-gauge stainless, which implies that they are incredibly durable. It is resistant to stain and rust. Thus, you will be sure that your sink will remain clean for an extended period, so long as you practice regular cleaning.

As a top mounting kitchen sink, it is very easier to install than the under-mounted sinks, which required more specialty. It includes all cut-out guides and clips for smooth installation. However, a drain is not included, but the ones needed for this case is about 3.5 inches. Therefore, getting one that can match with this sink is very easy.

With the double basins, you will have a lot of space for cleaning and storing your utensils. Therefore, you will face fewer troubles and frustrations. It does not have faucets mounts. Consequently, you must cut the holes behind your sink.


  • Easy to install due to its top- mounting feature
  • The double bowl that increases capacity
  • It is made of 18-gauge steel, which made it highly durable


  • It does not have drain equipment or sunk stoppers

5. JR Molded White RV Lavatory Sink

JR Molded White Lavatory Sink

JR products 95351 is a thin white sink that can be the best replacement for your old lavatory sink in your RV. Its dimensions are 14.9 by 12.4 by 6 inches. It has the same dimensions as the LaSalle Bristol sink, but this one is affordable.

With less than $ 30, you can get all that you need. One of the best things about this sink is that it has a reasonable depth that makes enable you to wash your hands easily without splashing water.

You can take less than 20 minutes to install this sink. However, you might find it challenging to secure all the screws, but if you have a magnetic screwdriver, you will not face any issues.

It comes with screws, mounting clips, rubber sink stopper and 6-inch long tail ABS glue. It is made of plastic.


  • It includes an extended tail flange and ABS glue so that you can use it to attach your sink to the tailpiece easily
  • Very affordable
  • Made using medium weight plastic, but it is not flimsy
  • The sink has a beautiful look
  • Better upgrade


  • It does not have threads below the drains. Therefore, you will be forced to use an adaptor

6Sarlai 23 Inch Single Bowl 16 Gauge Stainless Steel RV Sink

Sarlai 23 Inch Single Bowl 16 Gauge Stainless Steel RV Sink

This is a drop-in to mount sink option for you. It is designed using a 16-gauge T304 stainless steel that makes it to have a fantastic strength. Also, the steel material makes it stain and rust resistance. It has R10 radius corners. It is effortless to clean this sink.

This sink provided X shape radial near the water drainage point, making it easier for water to be drained completely. Additionally, the unique 10 mm radius at the corners of the sinks makes it curved. As a result, the sink is very easy to clean and looks beautiful.

This sink contains the back and front ledges that offer more space. You can use this space as a cutting board. The depth of this sink makes it handle many dishes. The cutting board can cover your sink when you are not using it.

You will also get a lifetime warranty for buying this sink. This sink comes with a rinse grid, drain cover, filter, cutting board and drain basket. It is a multipurpose kitchen sink that you can use to dry your dishes, chop your vegetables and wash dishes.

The heavy-duty soundGuard undercoating and thick rubber padding minimize vibrations and noise. The paint coating makes sure that condensation does not build up as it can damage your kitchen cabinets. Its drainage hole is located towards the back so that you have enough space to accommodate many kitchen items.

In case you are not satisfied with this RV sink, you can get one as Sarlai offers its customers a three-month return policy.


  • Its slightly curved corners make it easier for you to clean the sink
  • The rubber padding and soundGuard undercoating reduces noise
  • The sliding bamboo chopping board is beneficial to the sink
  • Very deep to place many of your dishes
  • The pain coating prevents the build-up of condensation around your kitchen cabinets


  • The dish drying rack is not durable

7. Ruvati Topmount RV Kitchen Sink

Ruvati Topmount RV Kitchen Sink

Ruvati is a stainless-steel kitchen sink made of 16 gauge, making it the best choice, especially for heavy-duty users. It comes with high-quality rubber pads for soundproofing water flow and also reducing condensation.

Other essential parts of this rv sink are the rinse grid, which reduces scratches, mounting clips, cut-out template, basket strainer drain assemble and an installation manual. Even if you cook frequently, this deep and large kitchen sink can accommodate all your needs.

Since it is a drop-in kitchen sink, it implies that you can easily install it in the RV kitchen. It also means that you will not incur a lot of expenses in fixing it. This Ruvati model comes with a pre-drilled hole so that you can easily install the faucet. In case your counters are designed using sensitive material, then this drop-in sink can be the choice for you.

Additionally, this sink is raised from the counters. This means that it can protect your countertops, even though it does not offer the best seamless look. This model comes with a commercial grade finish.

Therefore, it can assist in hiding all scratches which usually occur. At the same time, it will match with your other stainless appliances. Also, the sharp corners at the basin offer this sink a classic look. This sink is packed well for safe travel.


  • Easy to install
  • Large and durable
  • Comes with many accessories such as basket strainer drain, stainless bottom rinse grid and cut out template
  • We protected and insulated
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty


  • Drop-in sinks usually leave an edge on their countertops where water and food can be trapped

Best RV Kitchen Sink for Camping and Outing Buying Guide

Shape and size

The shape and size of the kitchen sink determine the space that you will need to install it. Also, the kind of RV that you have influenced the extent that you will choose. For instance, you need a smaller sink for a travel trailer and camper RV and a large one for Class A, B and C RVs.

You must also consider the size of the cabinet, which is underneath your sink. This is because some pans will fit over 18-inch cabinets while others fit over 30-inch cabinets. Therefore, you should measure the size of your kitchen cabinet to get the appropriate sink. In case you opt to buy a smaller pan, you should get one that is deep so that it accommodates many of your kitchen utensils.


The RV kitchen sink that you choose should suit your personal preferences and complement your RV kitchen. If you want the best pan, you can quickly transform your small kitchen into an attractive place that many people will admire.

If you have a vintage RV, you should buy an old kitchen sink and not a modern one. Additionally, some sinks have a faucet and lid that fold up. When you cover such sinks, they create an additional counter for preparing and eating your foods.

It is also essential for you to avoid rushing to buy a kitchen sink with two bowls since such a pan is meant for large class A RVs and it will not fit on regular RVs. However, you should know that the RV kitchen sinks have additional features such as bottom rinse grids, roll-up dish drying racks, strainers and chopping board covers.


RV kitchen sinks are designed using a variety of materials such as plastic, acrylic and stainless steel. You can also get kitchen sinks made of copper, porcelain, fiberglass and composite granite.

Stainless steel is usually the best material since it can withstand continuous use and not rust. If you opt to choose a stainless-steel sink, you should check its gauge. Getting a measure of lower numbers means that the steel material is of high quality and thicker.

Also, consider how easy it is to clean the sink and the durability of the material. For instance, plastic sinks can be cheap, but it is difficult to clean and maintain them. Conversely, composite granite sinks are costly but of high quality.

What is RV sink?

This is a sink that is designed to be used correctly to work with the plumbing system of RV. Therefore, it uses flexible pipelines and PVC instead of rigid metal pipes, which you might find in many buildings.

Also, RV sinks can be sized differently such that it accommodates smaller living areas of a motorhome or travel trailer. For instance, you can get the RV corner sink that is small and fits well in the RV kitchen. As a result, the sink will offer enough space to wash dishes and prepare meals without taking a lot of space.

Types of RV Sink Options

Single bowl RV Sink

A single bowl sink has one basin. The basin is usually significant to accommodate many utensils. With this design, you can easily lay a cooking sheet for more natural cleaning.

The single bowl sink is typically available in various mounting options such as drop-in, apron-front and under-mount configurations. This kind of sink matches easily with many countertop surfaces and can complement different kitchen designs.

In many cases, the drainboard with sink comb, under-mount sinks, cast-iron sinks, bar-style sinks are tend to be a single bowl. It is rare to find these designs being double basins. The good thing with a single basin bowl is that it works well in any kitchen.

A significant number of people prefer to install a single bowl with a smaller prep sink in an island region or work of the kitchen.


  • It is effortless to clean this basin since it has few corners.
  • It is the best type of sink, especially for RVs, with a smaller kitchen and cannot accommodate a triple basin or double basin sinks.
  • The bowl can hold large pans and pots.


  • Since it does not have a separation, it becomes difficult for you to multitask.
  • It is hard to wash and risk using a single basin.

Double Bowl RV Sink

The double basin sink is usually divided into two. For many years, sinks of this type have been famous for the RV kitchen. Typically, the bowls are of the same size.

The double bowl model has become famous since many people do not have dishwashers. Therefore, two basins made it easier to wash and rinse utensils. In this case, you can fill one bowl will warm soapy water and the other with clean water. The double basin design is available as a drop-in, apron-front and under-mount configuration.


  • It makes it easier to multitask using two basins. Depending on the size of the bowls, you can easily wash, rinse and drain your dishes.
  • It has been considered as the best design for many years.


  • It takes a lot of counter space compared to a single bowl sink.
  • Usually, the two bowls are too small to accommodate many pans and pots.

Triple Bowl Sink

Triple bowl sink has three distinct bowls. The way on how sinks of these kinds are configured might differ. However, the design includes two-medium sized bowls on either side and a smaller bowl in the middle.

Usually, the middle one is connected with the garbage disposal and can be used to wash hands or do more minor chores. You can fit a dish rack into the more giant bowls on either side. In case, you like multitasking in the kitchen in doing activities such as food preparation, waste disposal use, air drying, dishwashing, and fruit washing, and you can enjoy using a triple bowl kitchen sink. These kinds of sinks are available in apron-front, under-mount and drop-in configurations.


  • It comes in various shapes and styles. Therefore, it can fit any kitchen.
  • The middle bowl can be used for handwashing or food disposal.
  • With this kind of sink, you can soak your utensils in one of the large bowls as you prepare your food in the other bowl.
  • It is effortless to place a dish rack in a bowl.


  • It cannot accommodate large pans and pots
  • It can take a lot of counter space.

RV Sink Mounting Options

Undermount kitchen sinks

As the name suggests, these kinds of sinks are installed beneath the counter. This implies that you will bolt it under the counter’s surface with the assistance of nuts and washers included in the package. As a result, the countertop usually runs perfectly with the walls.

The under-mount kitchen sink tends to add a seamless touch to your counter. Many people opt to install this kind of sink due to the elegance that it offers to the kitchen. Various materials can be used to design the under-mount sink, such as fireclay, composite granite, copper, and stainless steel. You can get this type of sink having a single or double bowl

Regularly the under-mount sinks work best with waterproof countertops such as marble and granite. However, this kind of sink is not recommended for use with laminate countertops. This is because the edge between the sink and countertop is usually exposed to water spillage and can be prone to water-induced damage.


  • Undermount kitchen sink provides a sophisticated look to the kitchen due to the seamless continuity from the sink to the countertop.
  • There is no rim between the sink and countertop. Therefore, you can comfortably wipe any small crumps from the counter into the pan.


  • It is harder to install when compared to drop-in sinks

Drop-in kitchen sink

These kinds of sinks are also known as top mount sinks. These sinks have a visible rim along the periphery of the pan, which rests flat on the counter. It is easy to install a drop-in sink since it includes very little labor. In this case, all you have to do is drop your pan into the countertop, cut out space, and lamp the rims using metal clips. After that, you can start using it. However, it can be challenging to clean crumbed residues from the counter. This is because tiny wastes may be trapped in or around the rim of your sink. The good thing is that you can easily modify your sink to avoid such issues.


  • They are inexpensive and involve fewerlabor charges since they are easy to install.
  • If you wish to replace your RV sink, then a drop-in sink can the best option as you will not tamper with your counter cut out.


  • Counter residues get caught under the sink

RV Kitchen Sink Materials

Stainless steel RV Sink

Stainless steel is the most aesthetically pleasing and durable RV material that you can get in the market. Sinks made of this material offer a bacterial resistant, beautiful and high-quality area for carrying out all your culinary activities. In case you wish to get a durable RV sink, then the one made of stainless steel should be your best option.


  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • It comes in a variety of finishes, making it easier to find one that matches your appliances and fixtures.
  • Lightweight
  • Very durable
  • Can be an affordable option


  • Many dent or scratch
  • It can be noisy if you do not install sound absorbing pads.

Acrylic RV sink

These kinds of sinks are a type of plastic, but the acrylic material is shatterproof. Individuals who wish to replace or upgrade their RV sink can benefit from this low cost but durable material. The good thing is that you can even find acrylic RV sinks made of various colors and patterns that can add versatility to this material.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes in various colors
  • You can easily polish the acrylic surface if it gets some scratches.
  • It comes in a variety of shapes.


  • The plastic material on metal joints is prone to vibration, leading to leakages
  • It gauges and scratches easily, mainly if you use abrasive materials such as steel wool.

Plastic RV sink

The plastic RV sink is one of the least resistant options that you can get. A significant number of RVs are installed in a plastic RV sink. This is because many manufacturers install plastic sinks since it is a vital amenity. However, one of the problems with plastic RV sink is that it can be damaged easily with the slightest inconveniences and movement. These kinds of sinks have also been found to crack easily. Therefore, one will be required to install a new one.


  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Can be modified
  • Easy to replace
  • It can be molded into favorite shapes.


  • It can break easily.
  • Not easy to clean.

Replacing Your RV Kitchen Sink

Before you replace your sink, you should confirm all the measurements to ensure the new sink will fit properly. Next, you must turn off the water source so that you can disconnect the water supply pipes.

You should also remember to turn off the drainage pipes. For you to align everything, you must disconnect the pipes properly.

Suppose you think that you might forget how the pipes where connected, you can take pictures before you disconnect. After you have disconnected the drain and water pipes, you can unscrew your old sink. Ensure you clean the area so before you install your new sink.

In case you are installing a drop-in sink, you will be required to place the pan correctly and screw in the hardware using clips. Conversely, if you are installing an under-mount sink, you must go underneath the sink so that you can attach it.

Once you are through, you can attach the faucet. Then you can install the garbage disposal, drain and filter. You must apply the sealant properly before you connect the water supply. Once you are through, you can turn on the water source and garbage disposal.

Additionally, if you have a new faucet, you can also set it up. Try wiping off any dirt between the countertop and sink. After you are done, you can test your sink. In case you notice any leakages, you can fix them before you use your RV sink.

Depending on the kitchen that you buy, replacing the old one is very simple, provided you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. However, you must know that the above steps are standardized and may not apply to all sinks. To avoid any inconveniences, you can check the manual of your new sink.

Tips to Maintain Your RV Sink

In case you travel regularly using your RV, there are high chances that you use your RV kitchen sink frequently. Continuous use can cause your sink to malfunction and clog.

Consequently, the debris in the clogged drain may produce an unpleasant smell, making it uncomfortable to use your RV.

To prevent your drain from clogging, you should clean it regularly using baking soda and lemon juice or dishwashing soap. Alternatively, you can use three tablespoons of baking soda and one cup of white vinegar and allow the solution to stay overnight. Later on, you can clean your sink using warm or hot water.

Additionally, you should avoid dumping oils, grease and butter in your kitchen sink drain. Other guidelines for maintaining your RV sink are:

  • Use a sink stopper and kitchen sink strainer to collect food debris so that they don’t get to the drain.
  • Use enzyme drain cleaners in eliminating decaying food components from the hard to reach areas of the sink
  • You should consider cleaning your dishes using dishpans so that you can maintain a clear sink drain.
  • Avoid using bleaching agents, caustic drain cleaner and other harsh cleaning agents that can damage your sink.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you put a regular sink in an RV?

You can provide the kind of sink that you wish to install fits the dimensions of the pan that you want to replace in the RV. There is no limitation on the type of sink that you should invest in your RV since many sinks are compatible with the plumbing systems of RV.

2. Can I use any material for replacing or upgrading my RV sink?

Yes, it is possible. However, you must know the advantages and disadvantages of each material. It is suitable for you to take the time to choose a material that can last longer and meet your other needs.

3. How much do stainless steel, plastic, and acrylic RV sinks cost?

The price of acrylic RV sinks ranges between $35 to $150 and sometimes more depending on the style and size. Conversely, the prices of plastic RV range between $12 to $30 depending on size and style. The cost of both stainless steel RV sinks ranges between $45 to $150. Some times the price might be more depending on the style and size

4. Are RV faucets standard size?

Yes. In many cases, you will get RV faucets made of standard sizes such that the wholes can easily match well with the plumbing equipment. Therefore, if you have an RV and wish to replace your RV, you must double-check so that you do not accidentally buy a faucet that cannot match your plumbing system.

5. Which sink is perfect for your RV?

The most aesthetically pleasing and durable RV sink option can be stainless steel. Some of the reasons why stainless steel sinks are the perfect option reason are that they resist bacteria, add a beautiful touch, high quality and durable. Many companies have invested in producing stainless steel RV sinks.

6. How much counter space is enough for RV Sink?

The amount of space that you need depends on the number of means that you usually make in your RV. In case you make large meals, then you need a more extensive space for your food preparation. It is possible to increase your counter space using stovetop covers and sink.

So, What’s the Best Recreational Vehicle Sink?

Many people think that the RV kitchen sink is completely different from the regular kitchen sink. Durability and affordability is what you should take note of when choosing the best RV sink.

RV kitchen sink is one of the vital elements in your RV and your lifestyle. The sinks are both beautiful decoration pieces and functions tools which can make the kitchen of your RV to have an attractive look.

Amazingly, the lightweight and easy installation process make the RV sink attractive and functional for any camper. Cheers!

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