Top 5 Best Copper Sink (Reviews of 2020)

Copper is a beautiful material that can add value to any space. Finding the best copper sink is the kind of detail that makes a home spectacular.

Copper is a versatile material that can endure daily use, copper has been used for centuries in everything from cookware to wiring to roofs. When it's used as the main material in a sink you can count on durability, easier installation, and its warm color can brighten up your kitchen.

You don't have to choose between function and fashion when it comes to this type of sink. Though copper sink may require some special care, it has so many wonderful and unique qualities that its worth the extra effort.

What makes a copper sink special? Which one will fit your needs? This guide will walk you through the  best-rated copper sinks we've found so far this year and help you find some answers.

Best Pick

The best overall copper sink is the 901 Offset Double Bowl . Not only will this unique offset double bowl design create a striking look in your kitchen, but the lifetime warranty will give you peace of mind.

This sink's drains come finished and are ready to install. The surface not only has a pretty patina, but it has been treated to prevent corrosion and water seepage.

The beautiful coloring, handsome finish and reasonable price tag could make it the perfect copper sink on this list.

Budget Pick

The budget copper sink is the Sinkology Orwell Undermount Handmade Antique Copper Kitchen Sink. Though this model has an affordable price point, you get a lot for your money.

A hammered finish makes this undermount copper sink stand out from the crowd while remaining easy to clean. Also, the single bowl design allows big pots and pans to be maneuvered in and out of the sink with ease.

The 16 gauge copper is commercial grade and ready for heavy use, making the farmhouse sink of your dreams a reality.

Top 5 Best Copper Sink Reviews:

1. 901 Double Bowl Farmhouse Copper Kitchen Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • The offset bowls can create a striking visual statement in your kitchen
  • Has a hammered, "living finish" surface with a slight patina that will change color as it ages
  • Both drains are finished and made of copper to match the rest of sink
  • Bottom and walls of sink are soundproofed so spraying water and dishes won't make noise
  • Anti-moisture sealant keeps water condensation from building up on surface
  • Double bowl design increases the uses for this sink
  • Thick lip at top makes this sink great for undermount or drop-in installation
  • Thick 14 gauge copper ensures this sink will last for many years without damage

This model has some of the best features available. Indulge your inner artist with this sink's beautiful hammered finish and subtle patina. The patina that is used on this model is called a "living finish" by the manufacturer, as it can change color over time.

This is natural quality of copper and lets everyone know you have a true copper sink. Speaking of quality, this model uses 99% copper so you know it's the real deal.

The thickness of the material is around 14 gauge, which is thicker than the type of copper used in other sinks. When it comes to copper, the lower the gauge number, the thicker the copper.

The superior thickness this sink possesses can be more durable when met with the daily challenges of wear and tear. For example, it may resist denting or scratching better than thinner copper.

Another great feature of this copper sink is the soundproofing pads that have been installed on the underside of the walls and bottom. This padding prevents any ringing or clattering happening when washing the dishes or spraying water.

The dual bowl design can be used to your advantage, and this sink's bowls are extra special. Each one is of a different size, and they are offset from one another for a stylish asymmetrical look.

The smaller bowl can be used as a prep area and the larger bowl could be great for other tasks like dish washing. Both bowls come with a completed drain that matches the patina and color of the surrounding sink.

Whether you've decided you want to undermount sink or use a drop-in model, this sink has you covered. The sizable rim can accommodate either option and looks beautiful either way.

This sink is also easy to clean despite its special finishes. Since it has been treated with a sealant that repels water and condensation, corrosion is very unlikely to occur. In addition to all of these features, a lifetime limited warranty is included with this sink.


  • Condensation barrier sealSoundproof bottom and sides
  • Drop-in or undermount
  • Hammered finish with slight patina
  • Asymmetrical bowl placement
  • Matching drains included
  • Different sized bowls
  • 99% copper and thick gauge


  • Drain assembly not included

2. Rockwell Double Bowl Farmhouse Copper Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Apron front creates a beautiful field of copper within your countertop
  • Double bowl design enables you to multitask when using the sink
  • Subtle hammered finish creates a textured, muted look that's beautiful
  • Each bowl is of equal size for an appealing symmetrical look
  • Can be undermounted or flushmounted depending on your preference
  • Almost pure copper and exceeds industry standards
  • 16 gauge thickness makes it a durable choice that will last a long time
  • Comes with a lifetime limited warranty to set your mind at ease

If you are looking for the best copper sink that will maximize its versatility in your kitchen, this model may be for you. With a hammered finish that is subtle and muted in appearance, this sink makes a statement without being flashy or too over the top.

In addition to the hammered finish, this sink's surface is sealed against corrosion from air or water. Since a kitchen sink will be constantly exposed to water, it can be susceptible to acquiring an undesirable green color. Fortunately, that is not a concern with this heavy duty sink.

This model boasts 99.98% pure copper. It is also 16 gauge copper, which means it is thick and durable and able to stand up to daily use. Though it's best to avoid dropping heavy objects, this sink will resist most denting and scratching.

Because of the quality of the materials, this sink is a little heavier than other copper sinks at 48 lb. Even with a casual glance you can tell that the walls of this sink are extremely thick and solid. Both drains are of standard size. No drain assembly is included.

The double bowl design of this model can maximize its utility in your kitchen. Both bowls are of equal size and shape and therefore provide an attractive, symmetrical appearance.

This farmhouse copper sink makes a bold statement with its strong lines and distinctive finish. Along with these features, a lifetime limited warranty is included, so you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product that will stand the test of time.


  • 16 gauge copper
  • Almost pure copper
  • Subtle hammer finish
  • Sealed against corrosion
  • Double bowl design
  • Symmetrical bowls
  • Standard drain sizes
  • Undermount or flushmount


  • Does not come with drain assembly
  • Heavier than other copper sinks

3. Sinkology Orwell Undermount Antique Copper Kitchen Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • 16 gauge copper provides extra thickness and durability
  • Beautiful hammered finish is eye-catching and stylish
  • The reasonable price tag makes this an attractive option
  • Single bowl design makes moving large items in and out of sink easy
  • Easy to clean with only soap and water and nothing extra
  • Undermount design can look beautiful within any type of countertop
  • Comes with standard drain hole already drilled
  • Sealed to prevent chemical reactions with air or water

This farmhouse copper sink makes a statement. Meant to be an undermount sink, this product has a single bowl design that is truly versatile for most homeowners out there. Move awkward and bulky pots and pans in and out of your sink with ease.

The single bowl design provides plenty of room for various tasks without any pesky barrier getting in the way. The single bowl also makes for an elegant style that will always look open and clean.

This sink's simplicity can blend in with minimalist modern or rustic farmhouse styles. The warm color of the copper can complement most decor, especially kitchens with gold and earth tones.

The hammered finish makes this sink stand out. The hammering is small and fine, so the sink remains shiny without being blinding. The detail applied to the hammering process has almost a crackled quality. Though this finish gives a very upscale and refined look, the price tag on this sink is reasonable for all the features it offers.

Installation can be easy since this sink weighs a mere 27 lb. This undermount kitchen sink design can fit into any type of countertop including granite, wood, quartz or acrylic. At eight in. deep it can accommodate almost any kitchen task but won't have you bending over to reach the bottom.

The hammered finish is sealed against water exposure, which will extend the life of this sink. Though natural oxidation from air exposure may occur, it will resist corrosion and turning green from standing water.

This sink comes with a pre-drilled drain hole that is of a standard size. However, it does not come with any drain accessories or a drain assembly. The standard size of the drain hole can also accommodate a garbage disposal.

The lip of this sink may also make it suitable for a drop-in installation if you have a wall- or counter-mounted spigot and handles. Overall, this copper sink is a great choice if you want a striking style at an affordable price.


  • Thick 16 gauge copper
  • Large, spacious dimensions
  • Easy to clean
  • Sealed against water and air
  • Pre-drilled drain hole
  • Warm, vibrant color
  • Hammered finish
  • Affordable


  • Does not come with drain accessories or assembly
  • Expensive

4. ZUHNE Antica Farmhouse Copper Kitchen Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Huge and spacious dimensions can fulfill every kitchen sink need
  • Single bowl design makes this sink great for almost any task
  • 16 gauge copper will stand up to almost any daily wear and tear
  • Black antique color keeps this sink looking uniform even years after purchase
  • Hammered finish provides a unique textural element to this sink
  • Curved apron front has flair and great style that can fit in with most decor
  • Repels moisture with durable sealed surface and prevents corrosion
  • Soundproofed bottom will make most tasks like dish washing quieter

If you want a lot of space in your sink, this copper farmhouse sink model could fit the bill. At a spacious 33 in. across and nearly 10 in. deep, this sink can accommodate almost any kitchen task. Made for undermount installation, this model can also be installed as a drop-in sink with some minor modifications.

The curved apron front is one of the best copper farmhouse sink features out there. Not only does it provide a graceful, rustic look, it also breaks up the monotony of straight edges that can make a kitchen look too utilitarian or spare. The curves of this sink soften the powerful black coloring.

The hammered finish makes this sink look richly textured and sets it apart from other sinks. Likewise, a unique black antique lacquer has been applied to the surface of this sink. While this finish is not permanent, it can be retained by regularly using wax polish.

If it is not regularly polished, the finish may wear off in unsightly patches. However, this sink does come with a lifetime warranty in the United States and Canada. That can provide you with peace of mind in case something goes wrong or needs to be replaced.

Another surface-level feature this sink has is a sealant that repels moisture and condensation. Oxidation or corrosion can occur if a copper sink comes into extended contact with water, so this seal is especially useful. It also resists scratches and prevents denting.

The thickness of the copper doesn't hurt, either. The sink is of a 16 gauge copper, so you know it's built to last. While this model does not come with a drain or drain assembly, the hole can fit a standard drain and garbage disposal.

Because this sink is so large and solidly built, it weighs more than the typical single bowl sink. While this should be taken into account during installation, you'll know you are getting a heavy, sturdy product. Overall this copper farmhouse sink can make a statement.


  • Won't change color over time
  • Black antique finish
  • Hammered textural finish
  • Sealed from moisturCurved apron front
  • Large size and depth
  • Nearly pure copper
  • Compatible with standard drain


  • No accessories or drain assembly are included
  • Black finish may wear off over time without steadfast care

5. Sinkology Angelico Drop-In Copper Farmhouse Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Pre-drilled holes for faucet, two handles and a drain make installation easy
  • Hammered finish looks beautiful and rich while still maintaining shine
  • 17 gauge copper is thin but strong enough for most kitchen duties
  • Handmade for a unique look and detailing, and no two sinks are alike
  • Lifetime warranty puts worries to rest about any possible mishaps
  • Spacious and deep single bowl design can help with virtually any task
  • Warm and bright copper color can warm any kitchen decor
  • Affordable for the number of features and quality of product

Stylish options for drop-in sinks can sometimes be limited, but this model keeps things exciting. Treated with a sealant that keeps out water, the surface of this sink is finished with a hammered look.

The finish is so fine that the sink still retains a good bit of shine despite the hammered texture. In addition, each of these sinks is made by hand and not in the factory. Though dimensions are accurate, be aware that this sink may have unique details that make it unlike any other sink.

With three pre-drilled to accommodate a faucet stem and two handles, this sink will stay in place for years to come. The standard-sized drain hole is also pre-drilled and is compatible with a garbage disposal. Because this sink is made from 17 gauge copper instead of 16 gauge it may be on the thinner side.

However, thinness does not equal weakness. This single bowl design can hold and support a great many objects as well as large amounts of water.

The weight of this sink is 25 lb, which is fairly light compared to other sinks. This sink's lightness can make installation a breeze and won't require any additional support other than the countertop.

Though this model does not come with any accessories, all the holes are of a standard size. The corners are slightly rounded for good and fast drainage and easy cleaning. This may make it one of the best copper sink options on the market right now.

Finally, this sink provides a lifetime warranty in case anything may go wrong during installation or regular use. Because this sink has a true copper makeup of 99%, it may be prone to darkening over time, but with daily care and maintenance you can keep it looking like new.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Warm orange copper color
  • Hammered finish
  • Drilled holes for two handles, faucet and drain
  • 17 gauge copper
  • Lots of space and depth
  • Single bowl design
  • Affordable price


  • Does not come with drain assembly or silicone putty

Best Copper Sink Buying Guide

Copper Gauge and Thickness

The thickness of copper, also called gauge, can indicate how durable it will be over time. While this number can vary by manufacturer, the lower the number the thicker the copper. In the case of copper kitchen sinks, the gauge generally ranges between 18 and 14. If the copper is too thin and gauge is too high, it may be more susceptible to bending and denting over time.

Purity of Materials

Because copper is a soft metal that can bend easily, all copper sinks combine copper with another metal for strength. The best quality copper kitchen sinks will have a high copper content with a small amount of zinc. Usually this percentage works out to 1% zinc to 99% copper. Even when sellers say a sink is made from "pure" copper, there is usually always a small amount of zinc mixed in for stability.

Method of Construction

Copper sinks can be hammered into shape by hand. This method gives each sink a unique look that cannot be duplicated. This handmade quality looks beautiful and artisanal, but it can be troublesome when exact measurements are needed.

The good news is that copper sinks can also be poured into molds and factory-produced for a more uniform appearance. Look for welded seams instead of soldered seams. Seams that are soldered together may discolor over time and eventually lose integrity and leak.

Drain and Faucet Holes

Since copper sinks are often formed as a single piece and handmade, it's important to know the size of the drain hole before purchase. Unlike plastic sink that can be easily adjusted with some power tools, copper sinks and their drain holes cannot be tailored as easily.

The best way to avoid problems is to make sure the sink's measurements are correct before purchasing. Most standard drain holes are compatible with garbage disposals too. Because copper is not as thick as fireclay, a garbage disposal can usually be attached without an extended flange.

Finishes and Patinas

One of the most attractive elements of a copper sink is its variety of finishes. A hammered sink can bring a beautiful, rich texture to your kitchen, whereas a smooth finish shines and makes a statement. Some copper sinks also come with a patina that can be striking, but these usually require more special cleaning and care.

Copper naturally changes its color over time even with regular cleaning. When it comes into contact with air, copper oxidizes or darkens due to a chemical reaction. This quality can be appealing to some but annoying to others. Some patinas take full advantage of this while others are designed or sealed to keep the warm orange color for longer.

Pros and Cons of Copper Sinks


  • Durable and built to last
  • Strong materials that won't chip or break
  • Lighter weight for easier installation
  • Beautiful and make a statement
  • Can add texture and warmth to kitchen
  • Dishes won't automatically shatter if dropped
  • Does not rust or crack
  • Can be soundproofed with pads on bottom
  • Accommodates standard drains and garbage disposals
  • Attractive finishes can make a statement in your kitchen
  • Resists moisture and oxidation when sealed properly


  • Special care and cleaning is required
  • Can be more expensive than other sinks
  • May be susceptible to dents and scratches over time

What Makes Copper Sinks Special?

1. They can look expensive and classy. Copper is considered a valuable material inside and outside the kitchen.

2. They can "age" with your home and add personality. Because of its unique chemical makeup, your copper sink can darken over time and add rustic appeal.

3. They can interact with certain substances and need special care. Acids and abrasive chemicals can change the look of copper and should be avoided.

4. They come in a variety of colors and finishes that can add texture to your kitchen. From smooth to hammered finishes, copper sinks can run the gamut.

5. They can last for a long time and always look great. With proper care and maintenance, copper will always look good.

6. They can blend in with contemporary or vintage styles. Whether you have a sleek modern style or rustic farmhouse decor, a copper sink will fit in nicely.

7. They are blended with another metal for superior strength and durability. Because copper is a soft material, it is strengthened with other metals like zinc.

8. They can be lighter and easier to install than fireclay or cast iron sinks. Unlike heavier sinks, a copper sink does not usually require extra support.

7 Reasons to Choose a Copper Sink:

1. It's durable.

A copper kitchen sink can withstand long-term use. Most copper sinks are alloyed with other metals like zinc in order to strengthen them. Because of this, copper sinks are able to endure daily wear and tear. Unlike other metals, copper is not as susceptible to rust as other materials.

2. It's beautiful.

There's no denying that a copper kitchen sink makes an impression. Copper has been the gold standard in cookware and kitchenware for centuries, so having a whole sink made of copper can add a "wow" factor to any kitchen. The warm color of real copper also adds a rich and inviting note to a room.

3. It lasts a long time.

Copper can last for years and years if cared for properly. Unlike plastics that can stain or become scratched over time, copper is durable and made to last. Copper is used in other items that are built to last, like roofs, cookware and wiring. Why? Because it can remain intact for a lifetime.

4. It's easy to clean.

Though copper can sometimes be labeled as a high maintenance material, a simple daily cleaning ritual can keep your copper sink looking like new. Take a few seconds each day to wipe it down with a dry towel. These few seconds can save you time down the road and make cleaning easy.

5. It never chips or cracks.

Unlike sinks made from dense, breakable materials like porcelain, fireclay or resin, a copper sink will never chip or crack. Once a sink is cracked, it is difficult to repair it to looking like new. This problem can be totally avoided with a copper sink, which has no fragile parts.

6. It's easy on your dishes.

When a dish slips out of your hand into your kitchen sink, you don't want it to shatter on impact. Dense sink materials like fireclay or quartz can cause this to happen and often require a protective rack. A copper sink does not need this extra accessory. Since it can absorb the impact, it is friendlier toward breakable items.

7. It adds value to your home.

The financial and lifestyle value a copper kitchen sink can add to your home cannot be overstated. Copper has always been a pricey material because of its high quality. While a copper sink can be an investment, it will only increase the worth of your kitchen over time.

So, What's the Best Copper Sink?

If you want to increase the functionality and value of your home, then you deserve to have the copper sink. Unlike other other types of sinks, a copper sink will never chip or crack.

Many different finishes and shades of copper are available on the market, and there is sure to be a sink out there for you. The winner copper sink is the 901 Offset Double Bowl farmhouse copper kitchen sink.

Remember to look at the quality of materials used and construction technique when shopping. Though copper sinks pros and cons can vary, the bottom line is that they are a positive addition to any kitchen. With proper care and maintenance they can stay looking beautiful for a long time.

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