Top 10 Best Utility Sink Faucets in 2021

Choosing the best one from utility and laundry room faucets is an important step in building or updating your dream sink. Utility sinks, which are also known as laundry sinks or slop sinks, require a durable faucet that is made for rough and daily use.

However, style does not have to be sacrificed for function when searching for a utility faucet that fits your needs. Many options are available in terms of looks and materials.

You need to consider some features when purchasing a utility sink faucet include one or two handle styles, built-in sprayers, threaded spouts, water flow rate capability and varying construction materials.

What exactly sets utility faucets apart from other types of faucets? What features should you look for? This guide will hopefully answer your questions.

Quick Comparison: Best Laundry & Utility Room Sink Faucets


Product Name


Moen 8277 Chrome Finish Commercial Centerset Utility Sink Faucet

Moen 8277 Chrome Finish Commercial Centerset Utility & Laundry Room Sink Faucet

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Delta Faucet Classic Two Handle Laundry Room Sink Faucet

Delta Faucet Classic Two Handle Laundry and Utility Room Sink Faucet

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Peerless 2-Handle Durable Centerset Utility Sink Faucet

Peerless 2-Handle Durable Centerset Utility Sink Faucet

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KOHLER K-15271-4-CP Coralais(R) Threaded spout and Lever Handles Utility Room Sink Faucet

KOHLER K-15271-4-CP Coralais(R) Threaded spout and Lever Handles Utility Room Sink Faucet

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American Standard Double-Handle Laundry Room Sink Faucet

American Standard Double-Handle Laundry Room Sink Faucet

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Top 10 Best Utility Sink Faucet Reviews:

1. Moen 8277 Chrome Finish Commercial Centerset Laundry & Utility Room Sink Faucet

Moen 8277 Chrome Finish Commercial Centerset Laundry & Utility Room Sink Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy two-handled design
  • Visual flair with hot and cold markers
  • Threaded spout for hose hookup
  • Flared lever handles
  • Solid, raised base
  • Shiny chrome finish
  • Moen limited lifetime warranty
  • High angled spout
  • Brass construction
  • Resists rust and wear

This model could be perfect for anyone who wants their sink to make a statement. With flared, lever-type handles and colorful temperature markings, this Moen utility sink faucet has a bold design. Maximize your vertical space with this high angled spout that is anchored on a raised base.

Living up to its promise of quality, this model is built from solid brass and has a chrome finish with high shine. These elements can endure constant use and daily wear and tear for long periods.

Inside the unit, ceramic valves and cartridges are in place. Ceramic materials greatly reduce the likelihood of rusting and sticking over the life of the unit, which can in turn prevent leaks or other unfortunate malfunctions. Connect the hose or sprayer of your choice to the threaded spout, which has an attractive bell-shape finish. This spout can swivel from side to side as needed.

The slightly elevated base offers some extra height, so filling large or bulky buckets should not be a problem. This utility facet can be easily installed into any center-set mount, and comes with detailed instructions. A limited lifetime warranty can give you reassurance that your model will work and look like new for years to come.


  • Water temperature is clearly marked.
  • Two-handled design creates a classic look.
  • High angled spout maximizes vertical space.
  • Sturdy brass construction.
  • Highly-reflective chrome finish gives contemporary flair.
  • Swiveling spout is threaded for hose hookup.


  • Instructions is unclear.

2. Delta Faucet Classic Two Handle Laundry &Utility Room Sink Faucet

Delta Faucet Classic Two Handle Laundry &Utility Room Sink Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Two-handle style
  • Brass with chrome finishes
  • Threaded spout hookup
  • Blade handles
  • Full 360 degree spout swivel
  • Modern tulip design
  • Faucet and finish lifetime limited warranty
  • Seven-inch high angled spout

Due to its basic function and fashion, this Delta two handle utility and laundry room sink faucet can be an excellent choice for any utility room. The base metal and inner-workings of this model are made of brass.

However, it has an overall shiny chrome finish that can lend a modern touch to any sink. The two handles are rendered in the cap and blade style, which are easy to grasp and maneuver.

Everyone likes to maximize their space, and this model offers a spout that reaches seven inches high. Its angled styling gives a classic, contemporary appearance.

You can avoid any space constraints by using the spout swivel option. This faucet can swivel 360 degrees, meaning it can be moved to wherever you need it. The threaded spout head also provides a convenient hookup for the hose or sprayer of your choice.

Because of its simple design, this model is fairly easy to install. It comes with straightforward instructions, as well as a limited lifetime warranty. The Delta name is a well-known brand in the industry, and is usually a good indicator of quality.


  • Appealing shiny chrome finish.
  • Blade handles for easy gripping.
  • Two-handle design.
  • Easy installation.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Classic, contemporary lines.
  • Higher spout ensures more vertical space in sink.
  • Threaded spout hookup for hose or sprayer.


  • Some elements may not be made of brass.
  • The base is hollow and not one solid item.

3. Peerless 2-Handle Durable Centerset Best Utility Room Sink Faucet

Peerless 2-Handle Durable Centerset Best Utility Room Sink Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Center set faucet
  • Shiny chrome finish
  • Square arched spout
  • Hose hookup on spout
  • ADA compliant
  • Two handles that turn sideways
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Inexpensive
  • Simple, sleek modern design
  • Inner surfaces are made with brass

This faucet can bring functionality and beauty to any utility, garage or laundry sink. The chrome finish is sleek and stylish, and it resists rust and daily wear and tear. Its eye-catching shine can bring a sense of cleanliness and freshness to your laundry room or basement decor.

The two-handled design brings reliability and durability to your sink. This faucet is ADA compliant, meaning it has been made to function in accordance with the American Disabilities Act.

Easy to use, these handles turn sideways easily, and their capped style brings a more finished look to the overall design. The squared-off arch of the faucet neck is graceful and modern. Most anything will be able to fit under the spout due to its expansive vertical height.

Though this faucet does not come with a sprayer built into the spout or base, the threaded spout can attach to any hose or sprayer nozzle as needed. This manual attachment can save a lot of plumbing headaches down the line and avoid any long-term maintenance a built-in sprayer may require.

The center-set design makes installing this a snap for DIY handy people and professional plumbers alike. With minimal parts and accessories, you can install this model quickly and get to enjoying and using your new faucet right away. At this price, this unit is also affordable and provides a lot of valuable features.


  • Shiny chrome finish is attractive.
  • ADA compliant handles and setup.
  • Threaded spout can attach to hoses or a sprayer.
  • Elegant angled spout.
  • Two-handled design.
  • Both handles are capped for a finished appearance.
  • Center-set installation.
  • Minimal setup required.


  • Inner surfaces are brass, not chrome.
  • May have limited versatility.

4. KOHLER K-15271-4-CP Coralais(R) Threaded spout and Lever Handles Utility Sink Faucet

KOHLER K-15271-4-CP Coralais(R) Threaded spout and Lever Handles Utility Sink Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Polished chrome finish
  • Lever handles
  • Two-handled style
  • Hot and cold water markings
  • Threaded spout for hose hookup
  • Elegant raised base
  • Six-inch spout swivel
  • High water flow capability
  • Deck-mounted installation
  • Brand reliability

Kohler is a trusted name in the faucet industry for good reason, and this utility faucet is a great example of quality. With its elegant base and highly polished chrome finish, this laundry room faucet provides durability and beauty in one package.

Its stylish design sets it above other models quite literally. Between its refined and modern angled spout and its raised base mount, this faucet can maximize the vertical space in your sink. You should be able to maneuver large buckets or items into your sink with ease.

The two-handle design guarantees long-lasting functionality. The handles are rendered in a beautiful lever style and are easy to grip and turn. A blue and red stripe marking cold and hot water can be a great visual reminder of which handle you’re using. If you like maneuverability, the spout can swivel a maximum of six inches to either side.

The flow rate of water in this model is another plus. This faucet can deliver over two gallons of water per minute when turned on to its maximum capacity, which can save you time and hassle.

The threaded spout can accommodate any standard sprayer or hose attachment you wish to use. This model is a center-set mount, and would be ideal for larger sinks where sturdy construction is required.

Revive any rustic or aging sink with this contemporary and simple faucet. Kohler’s lifetime limited warranty replaces most faucet parts for free with proof of purchase.


  • Sturdy construction.
  • High-polish chrome finish.
  • High water flow rate of 2.2 gallons per minute.
  • Lever handles.
  • Helpful hot and cold markings on handles.
  • Two-handled center-set design.
  • Raised base provides more vertical space in sink.
  • Easy DIY installation.


  • More expensive than similar models.
  • May leak over time.

5. LDR Industries Universal Laundry Tub Faucet with Pull Out Sprayer Spout

LDR Industries Universal Laundry Tub Faucet with Pull Out Sprayer Spout

Highlighted Features:

  • Shiny chrome finish
  • Affordable price tag
  • Retractable spray nozzle built into spout
  • Clearly marked hot and cold handles
  • Two lever handled design
  • Option to switch from spray to steady stream
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Modern, contemporary look

The universal laundry sink faucet combines convenience and affordability into one unit. Listed at a reasonable price, this model provides two handles for universal use.

Each handle is helpfully marked in color for hot and cold usage, and they are formed in an attractive lever style. Installation is straightforward for most center-set utility sinks.

The most distinctive quality this model offers is the retractable spray nozzle. Leave the sprayer in place for normal use, and control the water flow from a steady stream to a full aerated spray with the touch of a button.

You can also get to hard-to-reach places by extending the nozzle to its 24-inch maximum. In addition to all of these features, you can also remove the aerator from the spout and connect the hose of your choice when needed.

Made of heavy duty plastic, this model is unlikely to ever rust or corrode like metal might. Because of its materials this unit is lightweight, which enables easy maneuvering of the spray head if needed.

The handles are easy to turn, and the spout can swivel to the right and left freely. If you are looking for the best utility sink faucet with sprayer, this model would be the perfect choice.

Lastly, the limited two-year warranty ensures that you will get the most out of this quality product.


  • Convenient swivel spout.
  • 24-inch retractable sprayer nozzle is built-in.
  • Plastic construction will never corrode like metal.
  • Easy, straightforward installation.
  • Attractive chrome finish.
  • Buttons on sprayer are easy to operate.
  • Faucet handles clearly indicate hot and cold water.
  • Affordable price for the available features.


  • Instructions may not be included in package.
  • Plastic construction may not last as long as metal.

6. Plumb Pak 3040W Dual Handle Laundry Room Sink Faucet

Plumb Pak 3040W Dual Handle Best Laundry Room Sink Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Ceramic valves
  • Two-handle knob design
  • Polished chrome finish
  • Threaded spout for hose accommodation
  • cUPC low lead certified
  • Limited lifetime warranty included
  • Spout can swivel six inches
  • Brass construction
  • Hot and cold markings on knobs
  • Raised angled spout

This sturdy Belanger model is made of an all metal construction. If you’re looking for something solid and long-lasting, this utility sink faucet may be for you. Brass fittings comprise most of this model’s inner-workings.

The shiny chrome finish gives it a fresh, contemporary look, and the scalloped knobs are also metal. One thing that sets this model apart is its use of ceramic valves. Metal or brass valves in sink handles can often corrode and rust over time, which can cause leaking and other problems like handles getting stuck.

Since ceramic does not rust or corrode, these problems can be avoided. This model is also certified as being low in lead content due to its extensive use of brass. The knobs are distinctive. This two-handled design utilizes round knobs with clear hot and cold visual indicators. The knobs are scalloped in design, making them easy to grip and turn even with the most slippery hands.

The elegant spout is angled upward and able to swivel from side to side. Its threaded spout can accommodate any garden hose or sprayer of your choice. For those want quality, sturdy construction, and affordability, this utility sink faucet may be for you. Simple yet functional, this Maya model can maximize the look and usability of your laundry sink.


  • Scalloped knobs are easy to grip.
  • Handles are clearly marked for hot and cold water.
  • Angled spout can swivel from side to side.
  • All-brass construction makes a solid product.
  • High-polished chrome finish provides a modern, sleek appearance.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Certified as lead free.
  • Ceramic valves prevent corrosion over time.


  • Does not come with spray head or nozzle.
  • Does not come with hoses or other items, just the faucet.

7. Central Brass 2-Handle Laundry Room Sink Faucet

Central Brass 2-Handle Laundry Room Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Two-tone brass finish
  • Rustic farmhouse design
  • Two lever-style handles
  • Hose hookup on spout
  • Six-inch swivel spout
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Dryseal inlets
  • Straddle design
  • Comes with O-rings and rubber seat washer

For those who want a rustic design with decent functionality, this utility room faucet may be for you. With its rough cast brass finish, this faucet would fit in with any farmhouse decor. Its no-frills look also has a steampunk, trendy quality to its appearance for those who enjoy cutting-edge style.

Great for heavy granite sinks, this faucet can be a handsome replacement for old, corroded or outdated models. Its sturdy two-handle design provides hot and cold water functionality that is meant to last for a long time.

The spout can swivel from side to side a total of six inches, and its square arch shape can accommodate any large or bulky item you need to place in your sink.

If you need to hook up a garden hose or manual sprayer, the grooved hookup on the end of the spout comes in handy.

The straddle design at the base of this faucet can lock it securely onto large sinks. Nuts and bolts in the back and front make sure that this faucet will not go anywhere once screwed into place.

The brass material can survive long-term hard and soft water use with minimal corrosion and is built to last. For those true handymen and women out there, this faucet comes with straightforward setup and installation instructions. Various parts, like O-rings and other items, are included in the package.


  • Built to last.
  • Rough cast brass finish resists rust.
  • Versatile rustic design.
  • Square arch neck maximizes vertical space in sink.
  • Hose hookup on spout.
  • Paddle level handles are easy to use.
  • Two-handled design.
  • Comes with inner parts that enable easy installation.


  • Level handles may not fit all sinks.
  • Faucet may leak if not installed tightly.

8. Ufaucet Modern Commercial Cen Brushed Nickel Stainless Steel Pull Out Sprayer Faucet

Ufaucet Modern Best Commercial Cen Brushed Nickel Stainless Steel Pull Out Sprayer Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Single-handle lever style
  • Brushed nickel finish
  • Retractable sprayer spout
  • 360 swivel spout
  • Ten year warranty included
  • Powerful 3 gallons per minute flow rate
  • Three-setting sprayer
  • Hot and cold indicators included
  • Convenient all-in-one temp control and flowrate handle
  • Easy installation

Convenience combines with contemporary flair in this Stainless Steel UFaucet model. Always have a hand free for other tasks with this lever-style handle. You can control water temperature and flow rate with one movement or one flick of the wrist.

The hot and cold visual markers are helpful reminders of where to turn the lever. This unit provides a powerful 3 gallons per minute flow rate, which is higher than the standard flow rate. Fill buckets or your sink in a flash.

Another favorable element is the retractable sprayer head. With a touch of a button you can control what type of spray action you want, either a strong, steady stream or a gentler, aerated spray.

The sprayer hose extends about 24 inches, and the heft of the nozzle allows it to retract easily into the spout automatically. The sprayer hose is made of durable rubber that encased in stainless steel.

Style is another asset of this model. Its brushed nickel finish will provide an understated modern elegance to any laundry or utility room. The shape and outline of the spout and handles give this faucet a sturdy but minimalist appearance.

Detailed installation instructions are provided, and a 10-year warranty comes with each faucet. A faucet with this many features is usually much more expensive, but this model has an appealing price tag.


  • Affordable for included features.
  • Muted brushed nickel finish.
  • Contemporary shape and design.
  • Single-handle level allows one-handed control.
  • Hot and cold water sides are marked.
  • Retractable sprayer spout has two settings.
  • Higher flow rate than most standard faucets.


  • May leak around handle after installation.
  • Inner metal valves may rust over time.

9. American Standard Double-Handle Laundry Room Sink Faucet

American Standard Double-Handle Laundry Room Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Swivel spout.
  • Threaded end.
  • Simple design.
  • American Standard reliability.
  • Brass construction.
  • Two handles.

American Standard has always been a known name in the sink industry, and this model is proof of their excellence in design. Perfect for laundry sinks, garage sinks or outdoor kitchen sinks, this faucet offers great looks and functionality at a reasonable price.

Though this model offers modern styling with its geometric lines, all the sharp edges are softened into curves to keep a polished overall look.

Made from brass and finished with a mirror-like chrome, this unit is easy to clean and will stay looking great for years to come. As with most American Standard appliances and fixtures, this model comes with a lifetime limited warranty on the finish and parts.

That means you can purchase this with your mind at ease in case something were to go wrong. However, this faucet’s ceramic valves will ensure that the handles will turn easily and won’t rust like other faucets with metal inner workings.

Though a sprayer and hose are not included, the faucet spout comes with a threaded end that can accommodate a hose. The simple two-handle design is ADA compliant and easy to use. The spout also swivels 180 degrees, which can be a major asset in the kitchen or laundry room.

Though the spout is not a high arc, it still has enough height to comfortably move bulky items in and out of the sink. Overall, this faucet can be an affordable and attractive option for people who want a model that will stand the test of time.


  • Chrome finish over brass provides a high polish finish that looks clean.
  • Inner ceramic valves will never rust or corrode like other metal models.
  • A limited lifetime warranty on the finish and parts gives you peace of mind.
  • Compliant with all rules according to the American Disabilities Act.
  • Design is functional but elegant with a low arc spout that still offers plenty of room.
  • Curved lines soften the contemporary feel of this faucet for updated kitchens.


  • Chrome finish over brass may wear off or chip over time.
  • The spout may not offer enough height to maneuver super large items into sink.

10. Speakman SC-5811-RCP Commander Service Durable Utility Faucet

Speakman SC-5811-RCP Commander Service Durable Utility Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Brass vacuum breaker.
  • Ceramic cartridges.
  • Modern design.
  • Matte chrome finish.
  • Brass upper brace.
  • Faucet brass construction

Whether you need a faucet for commercial or private use, this Speakman Commander model can do double duty. With its unique utilitarian design, this faucet can make an impactful style statement within a home. Its distinctive handles and upper brace will certainly catch the eye.

In commercial applications, this faucet has a rough chrome finish that will keep it looking clean and modern.

Made from heavy duty brass, this faucet has a chrome finish that has an attractive lighter color but lacks the typical mirror finish. This understated look can look great. Within the faucet are ceramic valves that do not rust and will keep the handles turning freely.

Each handle is marked with a helpful hot and cold color markings for quick and easy use. The spout end is threaded for a hose. The hose must be bought separately since this package does not include that add-on.

With a five year limited warranty on parts, this faucet is built to last. Great for awkward spaces or plumbing arrangements, this faucet can make a small space look stunning.

The center set faucet can easily connect to pipes above or below it. However, though all parts and instructions are included in the box, installation may be a little more complicated than the average DIYer may be used to.


  • Five year limited warranty can reassure you that you’re getting a quality product.
  • Faucet is great for commercial use in kitchens or laboratories as well as at home.
  • Quarter-turn handles and ceramic valves keep everything turning smoothly from within.
  • Super contemporary design can make a style statement in a bathroom or laundry room.
  • Comes with all parts so assembly is easy with no extra items required during installation.
  • Threaded spout can accommodate a standard sprayer hose if needed.


  • No hose attachment is included with this package.
  • Complex systems may not be for beginner DIY plumbing installation.

Things to Consider When Buying Laundry & Utility Room Sink Faucets

Design and Finishes

The right faucet can be the crown jewel to any sink, and provides you with an opportunity to show off your design sense. Be sure the finishes match your room decor or personal aesthetic.

Also consider the shape of your faucet spout. A straight spout may be sturdier, but a high arch provides more vertical room in the sink. If you are frequently moving a lot of bulky or large items in or out of your sink, you may need to consider a faucet with a high neck. A swivel spout can also add maneuverability since you can push it out of the way if needed.

Brushed nickel or copper finishes create a more muted and understated look, and can have a rustic appeal. On the other hand, highly reflective chrome finishes evoke cleanliness and newness. Most contemporary designs have sleek, graceful lines. Weigh the pros and cons of each feature according to your needs.

Sprayer Capability

A sink sprayer is essential to the utility sink projects. Most built-in sprayers detach from the faucet spout, but some are separate and require separate hookups on installation.

Many sprayers come with buttons and different levels of water pressure, and some even have a pause button. If you prefer a hidden sprayer, look for ones that blend in seamlessly with the faucet spout.

Utility sink faucets that lack sprayers have threaded spouts for hose hookups. This feature does offer versatility that a built-in sprayer may lack, as you can hook up items like a basic garden house or a manual sprayer head to the spout.

Though manual hose hookup may be less convenient, fewer inner parts are required when a built-in sprayer is absent. Fewer parts can mean fewer opportunities for your unit to malfunction over time.

Materials and Overall Construction

Rust and corrosion are the worst enemies of any faucet. Be sure to note the materials and finishes of your faucet. Look for stainless steel, nickel, and other durable metals that resist such wear and tear. Avoid low quality items that may chip or scratch over time. If your faucet has a warranty, check to see if rusting is covered.

The materials used for inner-workings are important too. Ceramic valves and cartridges are not prone to rust like metal parts are, so handles are less likely to stick due to corrosion or mineral buildup. Often the simpler the materials and construction, the sturdier your faucet will be. The convenience and added features can make all the difference, however.

Single Handle vs. Double Handles

Though most older sink faucets have a two-handle design, many newer models offer temperature and water flow control in one handle. A single handle can maximize convenience and time.

However, because a single handle concentrates its functionality into a single mechanism, it may run into more problems over time. With proper care and maintenance, these problems can be avoided.

Two handles offer a more symmetrical look, whereas a single handle is popular with those who prefer minimalist styles.

What’s Special About a Utility and Laundry Sink Faucet?

An utility sink faucet combines convenience, functionality, and durability. Most faucets are larger than other types of faucets. They usually prioritize function over fashion, though many are quite stylish. Some other unique features of a utility or laundry sink faucet include:

  • A built-in sprayer or hose hookup: A sprayer for a laundry sink can be very helpful. The sprayers that are built in to faucets are usually larger and more powerful than kitchen sink sprayers. A threaded spout can hook up to a garden hose or a manual sprayer. These can come in handy when doing big jobs like bathing pets or washing large items.
  • A movable or swivel spout: A utility sink is usually large and able to accommodate big, awkward items. A swiveling faucet spout enables you to push it out of the way as needed, or to move it to a correct area when the item itself cannot be moved.
  • High water flow capability: Whether you need to fill a bucket or tub full of water, you want to do it fast, which requires a high water flow rate. For that reason, water usually flows out from a sink faucet faster and stronger than it might in the typical kitchen or bathroom sink faucet.
  • Sturdy handles: The handles get a lot of use, and are often turned to their full capacity. Because of this heavy use, you want these controls to be able to endure regular twisting and turning. It’s also helpful when the handles are easy to grip and turn with dirty or wet hands.
  • Large, solid construction: Due to the high water flow rate, frequent use and occasional rough treatment, these sink faucets should be solidly constructed. Though many are very stylish, a laundry sink faucet often features fewer delicate design elements in favor of thick spouts, bases and handles.
  • Durable materials and finishes: Materials like brass, nickel and stainless steel can last a long time and resist rust and corrosion.


Overall, utility and laundry room sink faucets should maximize your convenience and provide you reliable functionality for years to come. Choosing the best utility sink faucet for your needs can make your project perfect.