Different Types of Sink Mounting

So, you want to install a new sink whether it may be an outdoor sink or  rv sink. But choosing a sink for your kitchen or bathroom can be a daunting task because of its styles, materials, and mounting applications. After making a decision of style and material, you need to make a decision on the sink mounting type.

What is all the buzz about granite composite sinks, right? They are extremely popular and trendy and can help you with a variety of things, but you don’t know which installation type is right for you? In this article you will know all the sink mounting types whether that is in a kitchen or in a bathroom.

Why are Installation Options Important?

You need to know all the options first before going and try to install a new sink. Doing this will ensure a more easy installation and it will prepare your prep kitchen, bathroom, garage or wherever you are trying to install a sink.

Depending on which installation type you are looking for, this will be your guide when you are installing the sink. Each method has their own way of having to cut your countertops.

Kitchen Sink Mounting Types:

1. Top Mount Sink


  • Easy Install
  • Easy to Clean
  • DIY
  • Less Expensive
  • Works With All Counter-tops


  • Prevention of sweeping water and debris from counter into sink
  • Rim added part that needs to be cleaned
  • Appearance

These are the most common type of sink. So if you see those names it is talking about the top mount. The rimming is visible and it rests on the counter. It is easy to clean and it is the best choice for venting and less expensive than the other options.

2. Undermount Sink


  • Allow to Sweep counter top
  • Easier Clean
  • Smoother look
  • Higher Quality


  • Gunk collects under the counter
  • More Expensive
  • Limiting Size

These are basically the opposite of top since they go “under” (no pun intended). Undermount sinks are attached to the bottom with special clips.

3. Flush Mount


  • Same cleaning attributes as under-mount sink


  • Cost
  • custom order items
  • Difficult to find
  • Hard to fix if incorrectly installed

These are also known as integrated sink, and it sits flush with the counter top and is supported by the base cabinets. It will have a little room around the bowl.

The sink is also made of the same solid material as the counter-top. Another type of flush mount sink is paired with tilted counter-tops, This is where the tile reaches the edge of the sink. This type of installation is not common though.

4. Single Bowl Sink


  • saving space
  • variety of sizes shapes
  • Less expensive


  • Wont be able to sort dishes out
  • Can use more Water

A single bowl sink is basically 1 bowl. It explains it self. This type of sink is perfect for washing larger dishes, pots, and pans. If you are typically the type of person that likes to wash dishes in different sinks then this type is not for you.

5. Double Bowl Sink


  • Great for Dishes
  • 2 Basins
  • Great for Sorting

Double bowl sinks are ideal if you are the type of person that likes to sort things ! They have a divider in which you can set dishes in one side of the sink in soap and rinse them out in the other side.

6. Farmhouse Sink


  • Deep
  • Space
  • Variety of Options
  • Nice appearance


  • Difficulty installing
  • Recommended Professional
  • Expensive depending on the installation

Farmhouse sinks are popular as they help with various activities. They allow more space and the basin of the sink is very deep. You have the option to choose materials like stainless steel, fireclay, copper etc… Farmhouse sinks are convenient if you have heavy pots and pans.

Now that we have talked about kitchen sink mounting types. Let’s talk about the bathroom sink mounting types.

Bathroom Sink Mounting Types:

Bathrooms work a little bit different than kitchen sinks as the needs are different. Let’s take a look at the installation options here.

1. Wall Mount Sink


  • Saves space
  • Installed at Different heights
  • Come with Shroud to hide pipes


  • No noticeable drawbacks

This is self-explanatory, It is basically a sink installed on a wall. This sink is more ideal for small bathrooms because it does not take up a lot of space. It is obvious that wall mount sinks don’t take up any floor space. Depending on your personal preference it can be installed at different heights.

2. Vessel Sink


  • Sylish and has variety of options
  • Comfortable as they are Higher


  • Pop Up Drains
  • Takes up space as since it sits up on the surface

This type is a deep round basin that sits on top of the surface. They can also identify as counter-top sinks. These are for people that are into that modern style as these vessels come with a variety of artistic forms and materials. If you complain about your back hurting, a vessel sink is ideal for this being that you won’t need to really bend over.

3. Pedestal Sink


  • Stylish
  • Wide Basin


  • Little storage space

These type of sinks stand on their own and they have a wide basin. This is a floor-mounted sink and it takes little floor space.

Here come the sucky part about this type. It doesn’t really have a good storage space. The plumbing is covered by the base so that is a good thing.

4. Console Sink


  • Offers storage space
  • Less bulky
  • Great for small bathrooms


  • Lacking style

These are like half-pedestal or semi pedestal sinks. This is what you would get if a wall mount sink and the pedestal sink had a baby.

The sink is mounted to the wall but the base exposed. This is great though because an exposed base offers storage space. The plumbing is covered as well.

5. Corner Sink


  • Saves Space
  • Serves a specific function


  • Plumbing hardware is exposed
  • Can’t be Installed on a Flat wall

The cool thing about this type of sink is that these sinks serves a specific purpose. These types of sinks are useful when there is no room to spare in your bathroom.

These are designed to go (yes you guessed it) in the corner along side of the wall. It is small in size which is great for small bathrooms. However, the plumbing hardware is exposed which some homeowners don’t like.

All sink installations vary and is solely based upon your preference and always do extensive research to make sure you have the right sink for your home and what you are going for.

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